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Mahayatra mohajatra pdf download

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He has no peace until he can communicate with Nirjhar. how is he The last time we talked, he had a fever. After a few days was recovered? The fever did not increase again? What does Nirjhar think about it? Couldn't tell anything before coming! After getting to know about Nirjhar at home, his parents immediately brought him to his grandmother's house. He was kept under house arrest for a month there. Then my father admitted me here.

Here, no one is allowed to go out, no one is allowed to use a mobile phone, if someone from the family calls the TNT phone in the hall, they are called. Even if you send a letter, check whether it is super and then send it. Then he will not be able to communicate with Nirjhar at all. Will Nijhar search for his phone or will he misunderstand him?

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Even if he can contact after a long time, will Nijhar wait for him until then? Or someone else will come to Nirjhar's life? Will an accident mess up his life? Will break all his dreams? Where will he get the answers to these questions? He himself did not realize when his shawl started getting wet with tears. He is only thinking about Nirjhar!…From Mahayatra Volume 1

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It's late at night. But there is no sleep in Prano's eyes. Very uncomfortable. Because of the discomfort, Tanvi made him a pillow. Although he did not put his foot on the body, but he gave his hand. In this 16-year life, since the age of 4, Prano has slept alone in a big bed in his own house. He has no habit of sharing bed. Prano got up from the bed and put on a shawl and left the room. The huge dining hall is now empty. Some people are sitting and studying in the reading room. A little further, he saw a huge kitchen, a few big ovens made of cement. There are also a few small stoves.

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Prano realized that there was no other room for students except their hall on the ground floor. He walked slowly to the dining room. There is no one here. Prano sat alone on the bench with his arms and legs folded, still hot in Dhaka. But it's getting cold here since evening. This thin shawl does not tolerate winter. But it feels good here. I don't want to go into the sound of so many people snoring in the house. Of course, there will be no special benefit even if you go, you will not get sleep.

Mahayatra mohajatra pdf download

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