Ways to reduce period pain - reduce period pain

How to reduce period pain is very well arranged in this article today. This article will help you with ways to reduce period pain.

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 Today's article is about ways to reduce period pain. Every girl is born with premenstrual pain. But if you can reduce that pain a little, you feel a little peace. Today I will talk about how to reduce period pain. 

Ways to reduce period pain - reduce period pain

The word period is an English word. The Bengali meaning of the term period is Ritushrab. Period is a precious gift given by God to girls. A girl has to go through many steps to become a mother. Among these steps, the first step is the period. If there is no period, a girl cannot become a mother. Allah said in the Holy Quran Sharif that the heaven of the child is under the mother's feet. The first step of a girl becoming a mother is the period. So period is called a precious gift from God. Today I will discuss ways to reduce period pain inshallah. 

Why do period pains occur?

Girls have various problems during periods. Girls get their period every 1 month. During the period, dirty blood comes out from the girls' body. And when this dirty blood comes out, the girls' stomach hurts a lot. Due to this disorder, girls cannot focus on work properly. Girls cannot study with attention during periods. Girls have various problems during periods. 

Ways to reduce period pain

 During periods, women have severe pain in the stomach. At this time, applying hot water on the stomach will reduce some of the pain. Those who have severe pain should take medicine according to the doctor's advice. Some use cloth while others use stomach during period. Among those who use clothes during their period, it is seen that they dry the clothes in the shade instead of drying them in the sun. Then the germs attack the clothes. And these clothes are used again. As a result of reusing this cloth, women get cancer in the uterus. If there is cancer in the uterus, girls will never be able to become mothers. Therefore, those who use clothes during periods should clean the clothes well with hot water and soap or germ cleaner and dry them in the hot sun. The clothes cannot be attacked by germs when they are dried in the hot sun. There will be no cancer and girls will be able to become mothers. 

Since period is a precious gift given by Allah to girls, it can be said that girls should act carefully during period. During this time, girls become very weak due to heavy bleeding from the body. Therefore, during this time, girls should eat more vegetables and fruits. One should refrain from doing heavy work. Since this time is very painful, one should take medicine as per the advice of the doctor. Hot water splash also reduces the pain. Those who use cloths during periods should use clean cloths. Girls should move carefully during periods.

Medicines to ease period pain

Are there medications to reduce period pain ? Which food will reduce your pain a lot Ginger is very useful for preventing period pain. Drinking ginger tea is very beneficial at this time. Besides, you can boil a few pieces of ginger in hot water and drink it three to four times a day with honey and sugar. Eating papaya is very effective in reducing period pain. You can eat raw papaya regularly during period. Raw papaya reduces period pain.

Medicines to relieve period pain

What is the medicine to reduce period pain? When your pain is unbearable, you can take non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs that are available over the counter (OTC) such as diclofenac, ibuprofen, acetaminophen, etc. These medicines help in reducing the levels of prostaglandins in the body and therefore relieve menstrual pain.    

Although these medicines do not require a prescription, you should not take these medicines if you have stomach ulcers, kidney disease, liver disease, heart disease, asthma, etc. In such cases, we suggest you to consult your doctor about an alternative medicine to relieve your menstrual pain.

Dua to relieve period pain

Know the dua to reduce period pain: Everything is fine, but suddenly stomach ache started. Don't know what to do. The pain needs to be reduced a little before taking the necessary medication and treatment. So it is easy if you know the dua to reduce stomach pain. If someone feels sick or has a disease, Islam has encouraged to seek medical treatment. Various prayers and deeds have also been recited. Many supplications from the Prophet (PBUH) have been narrated in the hadith. It is narrated about Uthman Ibn Abul As-Saqafi (RA), he once told the Prophet (PBUH) about a stomach ache. "The pain made me restless," he said. Then the Prophet (PBUH) said, 'Put your right hand on the place of your pain and say Bismillah three times. Then say seven times-

عاوئُ باللهِ و قُدرتِه من شرِّ ما أَجِدُ و أُحاذِرُ

Pronunciation: 'Auju bi-izzatillahi wa kudratihi min sharri ma ajidu wa uhajiru.'

Meaning: I seek release from what I feel and suffer by the dignity of Allah and His power.

Exercises to ease period pain

There are some period pain relief exercises that will help you reduce the pain a bit, so let's take a look at the period pain relief exercises. 

* Research says, free hand exercise, aerobic exercise, stretching, sports reduce the symptoms of dysmenorrhea.

* Stand straight on the floor and fold the upper body from the waist in such a way that the upper body along with the hands are parallel to the floor. Do not bend the knees. Stay in this position for five seconds.

* Stand straight on your toes. Now stretch both hands forward. Stay in this position for five seconds.

* Sit in a half squatting position and stretch your arms forward. Stay in this position for five seconds.

* Stand with your feet on the floor. Now try to hold the heel of the left leg with the right hand. At this time try to raise the left hand and look to the left. Stay in this position for five seconds. Do the same exercise with the other hand.

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