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I love only you - Emotional love story - Emotional love story

Love Only You - An Emotional Love Story 

An emotional love story

Emotional Love Story Episode 1

They first met one spring afternoon.
Blue jeans with sky blue panjabi, glasses on his eyes and gold thread poetry book of Kabiguru Rabindranath Shuvhra looked so beautiful that Sriyanka could not turn her eyes. But she called Shuvhra.
What do you think? First year? Can't find the class. - Good 
No, I mean Sriyanka
I mean, why do you mean? There is a notice board hanging there, the routine is written on it. Go and see how many rooms are class-white. 
I read in the third year, says Sriyanka
So why are you looking like that? You look like you have just come to college-Shubra 
Actually I am ---- Sriyanka
Go, go to class - says Shuvra and leaves.
For a moment Sriyanka could not understand what had happened. Who is this boy? I have never seen him in college. Sriyanka goes to class thinking about all this.
Sriyanka is a third year student of Bangla Honors. She lives in Kolkata with her mother, father and sister.
This year she has entered her third year. Sriyanka is a very bright student in her studies. Sriyanka is loved by the teachers of the college. She is loved by everyone not only for her studies but also for her sweet nature. But Sriyanka's only fault is her anger. Of course she has a reason. Some reason. If he gets angry with someone and apologizes to Sriyanka, then Sriyanka cannot turn away. But if no one breaks that anger, then the mountain of anger keeps growing. And it turns into pride. Which is very difficult to break.
As she was about to enter the class, her friends surrounded her.
Why didn't you come yesterday?-Moni
Why what happened? Did Srabanti madam explain any reading yesterday?-Sriyanka
What are you talking about, honey, who knows anything except reading - Suparna
What was the matter?-Sriyanka
Yesterday, one of our new sirs took class - Moni
Yes, you don't look like sir - Suparna
But there was no sir in our department.-Sriyanka 
Yes, new join this year.-Money
Not permanent, but as a part-time lecture, four days a week class-suparna
Sriyanka started to think if it was the one whom she met a little while ago. It could be because she had the golden string of their text this time.
  GOOD MORNING SIR--The students of the class said.
                     GOOD MORNING ALL --
Sriyanka is surprised to see who has come in the classroom. What she thought, the person she met a while back is now standing in front of her.
Everyone sit down. Maybe many people don't know me. Everyone who came yesterday knows. I am a new member in your college. I will teach you the golden thread. - Shubhru
Many people say I know sir. And those who don't know are looking at their friends curiously. On the other hand, Sriyanka is just watching Shubhra. Shubhra has started teaching. Shubhra is teaching so beautifully that Sriyanka is looking mesmerized. In fact, Sriyanka fell in love with Shubhra at first sight. It looks beautiful, walks on it, talks and teaches incredibly beautifully
Any girl will fall in love with Shuvra. This is what happened to Sriyanka.
Shubhra notices that a girl is looking at him strangely. There is no book in front of her. She looks like she is not listening.
After observing for a long time, he said to Sriyanka - What is your name?
But Sriyanka has no idea that Shubhra is telling her something. She keeps looking at Shubhra.
Moni pushes from the side and says - This is Shri, Sir is calling.
Sriyanka returns to Moni's shock.
What the hell, what happened - Sriyanka turns to Moni.
Sir is calling you - Sriyanka
Sriyanka looks at Shubhra. She sees Shubhra looking at her angrily. Srianka stands and bows her head.
Why did you come to college if you don't want to study white?
Why are you silent?
Sriyanka-No, I mean 
Shubhra-tell me which poem I am teaching.
Sriyanka remains silent.
Shubhra-don't look like this from next time. Sit and keep the book in front of you.
Sriyanka nods her head and sits. On the other hand everyone in the class looks surprised. Sir scolds Sriyanka! The best student of the class who is praised by the college madams. Panchmukh Sir scolds her.
Meanwhile, the hour falls. Sriyanka's girlfriends surround her when Shuvra leaves the class.
Sriyanka was still looking at the book.
Suparna- What happened?
Sriyanka asks to keep the book in the bag - nothing. Come on, let's go and show what Chanda Ma'am had written.
Moni-I showed it yesterday.
Suparna-I will show you tomorrow.
Sriyanka- Well, then I am going.
Even as he goes, he comes back again.
Sriyanka-Oi, why didn't Mampi come?
Suparna's body is bad.
Sriyanka-hmm, I heard you had a fever. Has it gone down?
Moni-you know her condition. There is no father, everything is on mother. So after a long time, the doctor showed her. I heard that the doctor showed her to be a bit healthy.
Sriyanka-o, today after the college vacation, I will go to their house?
Moni and Suparna-Yes 
Then Sriyanka left. She went to the door of the teacher's room and looked inside to see if Chanda madam was there. Finally, she saw madam and said - I will come.
Chanda ma'am-come
As Sriyanka entered the room, she saw Shubhra also sitting there.
Sriyanka bowed her head and went to Ma'am.
Chanda Ma'am - Sriyanka will say something.
Sriyanka- I have written what you had written.
Chanda ma'am - well, take it before the holidays.
Sriyanka was leaving the room. Chanda calls ma'am. Sriyanka turns around.
Chhanda Ma'am-College has to have a freshman wedding ceremony. So this time also all the responsibilities are yours.
From the side, Srabanti Ma'am laughs and says - I want the program like last time.
Sriyanka- Yes ma'am, I will try.
Showing Sriyanka, Chanda ma'am says to Shubhra, she is our third year student. Very good girl. How do you see her taking their class?
Sriyanka and Shubhra looked at each other. Sriyanka lowered her eyes as Shubhra met her eyes.
Shubhra looks at Sriyanka surprised by Chanda Ma'am's words.
Sriyanka- Then ma'am I come. There is class.  
Chanda ma'am-yes come.
Sriyanka leaves. Srabanti Ma'am says - really the girl is very good. Studying, besides she is equally interested in all events.
Chanda ma'am-yes, what you said.
Shubhra listens to them. He starts thinking that he praised the one who came to Bok a while ago! Then what girl did he misunderstand.
Shubhra says in her heart - why am I thinking so much. It was Bakchi's fault. Besides, I have only come here to teach and not for long.
Actually, this is not a permanent job for Shubhar. He is studying for something better. He lives in Calcutta on rent. His parents live in the country. He has been seeing the hardships of his parents since his birth.
The duty is to remove the pain of parents. So Shubhra leaves Sriyanka's thoughts and leaves for the next class.

Emotional love story episode 2

Today is Sunday, college holiday. Sriyanka likes to stay at home on this day. It's fun to stay at home together. But today she doesn't feel like staying at home. One thing to go back. When will the college open.
After hearing all that, his sister said- she left yesterday.
Sriyanka doesn't say anything even after hearing that. She keeps her eyes outside the window. But she also thinks why she feels like that.
The next day Sriyanka comes early to college. Because the previous day they went to Mampi's house. Mampi needs a book to read. But he is sick and cannot go to college. So Sriyanka comes alone to the library to pick up a book for Mampi. Moni Suparna has not come yet. So she goes to take Moni's book to take a book for herself and sees that someone else will take the book. She is none other than Shuvra.
Shubhra can't take his eyes off Sriyanka today. A milk colored top, a white long skirt and her hair lightly tied with a clip. She looks amazing even in such a simple outfit.
Sriyanka-sir you take the book.
Sriyanka's words made Shuvra regain his senses.
Shubhra-No, ok. I'll take it later.
Without saying anything, Shubhra passes the book to Sriyanka. While handing the book to Sriyanka, Shubhra's hand touches Sriyanka's hand. Sriyanka gets excited. It feels like something is happening inside her chest. Taking the book in her hand, Shubhra looks at her leaving.
She comes to the classroom and sits quietly in her place. Moni Suparna has also come to college.
Suparna saw him and said - What the hell, where did you go?
But Sriyanka is not in this world then.
Moni comes forward - look at Suparna, Sri is getting more and more worried.
Suparna-You shut up. This Sri---
Moni-what did I say. Look, wait--
Saying this, Moni shakes Sriyanka's shoulder.
Who is Sriyanka?
Sriyanka-Why did you do that?
Suparna-to bring you to this world. What happened to you?
Sriyanka - Nothing.
Suparna - where have you been?
Moni- don't you remember, he said he will go to pick up books for Mumpi. We will be late today so he said he will go.
Moni-Ai Kaushik was looking for you today.
Forget about Sriyanka.
Kaushik comes forward in between their words.
Kaushik - Why didn't you come the day before yesterday?
Moni sarcastically - why didn't you come yesterday?
Sriyanka- shut up Moni.
Kaushik- As I told you---
Sriyanka-Kaushik you go now.
Kaushik falls in love with Sriyanka. For many days he tells Sriyanka that he loves Sriyanka. But Sriyanka says no many times. But he doesn't listen.
Kaushik is about to say something, madam comes to the classroom. Then the class starts. And on the other hand, Sriyanka is assigned the responsibility of the freshman, who starts listing the names of those who are enthusiastic to participate in any function. For that, he goes to the second year classroom. But he does not see Shubhra. Shubhra. Someone was looking at a book at the back of the class room. Sriyanka entered the class. Sriyanka entered the classroom and said as soon as she saw Shuvra -
Sorry sir, actually I didn't understand.
Saying this, he was leaving. Shubhra called from behind and said, "What will you say?"
Yes, I came to know who will participate in Navinvaran - Sriyanka
Then I will come later - Sriyanka
Why? When you come take the names - white
Then Shubhra addresses everyone and says all of you who want to participate go to her and say her name. As soon as Shubhra says, many people surround Sriyanka saying Sriyanka di, Sriyanka di. Shubhra is surprised that everyone knows the girl, everyone loves her. Requests everyone to shut up. Because he doesn't understand anyone's words. But who listens to whom. Everyone keeps talking in the same way. Again and again he asks everyone to shut up.
But when no one listens, Sriyanka suddenly shouts - no one has to do anything. I will not take anyone's name.
Shubhra was looking at a boy's account for a long time. Shubhra saw Sriyanka's screams and his eyes turned red. Shubhra understood. So Shubhra said first in a quiet environment - tell him who you are going to do one by one.
Sriyanka says-sir, they will come with names later. You take the class.
Sriyanka leaves the room without letting Shubhra say anything. Shubhra is surprised by Sriyanka's behavior. Seeing so much anger in her manner is not understandable.
On the other hand, Sriyanka comes to her classroom. She sits quietly in her place. Moni and Suparna see her eyes and understand that something has happened. And as soon as she comes, Kaushik comes again.
What the hell, what are you doing? - Kaushik
Sriyanka is silent.
What's up Mr. Kaushik
How many times have I told you not to call me Mr. - Sriyanka
Because he doesn't want anyone except his close people to call him that name. He says it so loudly that everyone looks at them. Kaushik goes away.
Then the second year boys and girls come and write their names. Then their classes start. Sriyanka goes to talk to the madams about the program during the break. And tells her friends to go to the bus stand and wait for her. And when they get the bus, they leave. They don't want to go. But Sriyanka pushed and sent.
While coming down the stairs from the madams, bumped into someone
But someone caught him. Two strong hands grabbed his shoulder. It was none other than our fair sir.
Shubhra is looking at Sriyanka. Sriyanka closes her eyes. And Shubhra is looking at Sriyanka.
Suddenly he released Sriyanka and said - open your eyes. You did not fall. You are fine.
Sriyanka opens her eyes and pulls herself away.
You can't go on watching. - Good
A mistake has been made - Sriyanka
Well, go - Shubhra says looking at the clock. I think I will get the bus today.
Shubhra gets the bus. And gets a place to sit. Suddenly a girl from behind him says - Hey Moni, come here, there is less crowd here.
The girl is Suparna. Shuvra sees Suparna a little behind her. Calling Moni. And a little further away from them is Sriyanka. She is smiling and talking to a baby boy.
Moni came in front of Shuvra and said - Sir, you?
Yes, do you return by bus every day?
Yes, sir-money
Well, you sit down. - Good
Saying this he got up. When he got up he saw Sriyanka looking at him. Their eyes met. Sriyanka lowered her eyes.
No, sir, you sit down. - Money
You sit down sir. I am going to them. - Money
Shubhra sits down and looks at Sriyanka, seeing her looking outside.
Then Sriyanka, Moni and Suparna get down. Shuvra is still in the bus. She has to go a little further.
will continue
Important thing-
Those who are reading the story now or will read it later will encourage me with their feedback on each episode.

Emotional Love Story Episode 3

Mother, hurry up. It will be late. - Sriyanka.
Ugh, the girl can't stand it anymore.- Sriyanka's mother Shatarupa Devi.
As if going on a mission.-Sriyanka's sister Srirupa.
Srirupa, don't say that. Didi is yours. - Says Sriyanka's father Subrata Babu wearing the paper.
Look how silly you are playing sister, how did you like it - Sriyanka says to Srirupa.
Srirupa frowns at Didi. Sriyanka again chases mother. Actually Sriyanka will go to college. So she chases mother for breakfast.
Here, I will eat the whole thing. - Shatrupa Devi.
Hmmm, says Sriyanka.
If you don't go today, you can. I will go to my aunt's house in the afternoon. - Shatrupa Devi.
You go and come around. The freshman ceremony in the college will be rehearsed today.-Sriyanka.
Then Sriyanka goes out. And Shatarupa Devi says to Subrata Babu - we should tell Sri everything now.
Subrata Babu took a breath and said - Hmm, I will. But I will not do anything against the opinion of Shri.
Shatarupa Devi - We should have told her long ago.
Subrata Babu-Yes, but I won't let him suffer. I have to be small, I will be.
Shatrupa Devi - Yes, you are right.
On the other hand, Sriyanka comes to the college. The class starts. But her eyes keep looking for someone without knowing. She has no mind to study. She came thinking that a class is going to start. But no, she gets disappointed.
Finally, he sat down and said, when is the class of Mr. Shubhra?
Why don't you sleep at night? You haven't seen the routine. - Moni.
Why? - Sriyanka.
Mr. Shubhra doesn't have class today. - Moni.
Oo-says Sriyanka upset.
Then they start rehearsing the show. He and Moni start rehearsing the dancing girls. Then they see Kaushik and his friends standing outside.
Moni goes towards them and says- what are you doing here. You don't know that girls are rehearsing here.
We will also play. - Kaushik.
I know, but I heard that only boys will do it there. - Moni.
By now Suparna and Sriyanka have come.
You should rehearse somewhere else.-Sriyanka.
Kaushik goes to say something. Then someone comes and says - What are you doing here Kaushik? Let's start the rehearsal in another place.
Thinking who is this again. This is Rahul. Not like Kaushik. Very polite boy. So polite that he could not tell Suparna that he loves her for two years. And Suparna also understands everything. But she does not express it.
Look at Rahul, how he is looking at Suparna. - Moni goes to Sriyanka and says slowly.
Don't shut up Moni. Everyone will hear.-Sriyanka.
Meanwhile, Suparna is also looking at Rahul. Rahul looks at Suparna once while leaving. Everyone goes home after the rehearsal like that day.
The next day Shubhra sees Sriyanka and her friends going towards their class and Shubhra comes from the opposite direction. Seeing Sriyanka, he feels a love in his heart. When Shubhra passes by him, his legs don't move. His body feels like electricity. On the other side, Shubhra sees Sriyanka. As if everything is messed up. He gets uncomfortable. Looking into Sriyanka's eyes, he loses it.   
Sriyanka is very happy today. She talks all the time.
What happened to you? Tomorrow you are upset, today you are doing so much - Moni.
Nothing. - Sriyanka.
Shubhra comes after a few classes. Sriyanka looks at her in the same way as on the first day. Her eyes don't move. Shubhra recites poetry so beautifully that everyone else wants too-
                "How far will you take me?
                             Oh beautiful?
                 Tell me, which way will you come? 
                              golden thread
                  When Shudhai, O foreigner,
                  You just smile, sweet smile-
                  I can't understand what I know 
                               in your mind."
Shubhra is reading the poem and saying the meaning. Shubhra saw Sriyanka looking at her. But every time she looked into her eyes, she lost her desire to read. And said - yes, what were you saying?
Saying this, he started reading again. But today he couldn't say anything to Sriyanka. Every time he looked at her, he felt uncomfortable.
The class ends. Shuvra leaves. And Sriyanka says - today the class ended quickly.
Suparna-Yes Ray, from now on the class will be two hours long.
Sriyanka- That's right.
Then he saw that they were laughing. He could understand what he had said. To turn the conversation around, he said, "Let's go to the rehearsal."
They start rehearsing. Moni, Srianka and some girls will dance in the group. Her practice is going on. One girl keeps making mistakes. Moni asks her to drop.
Sriyanka says to the girl - I am doing it, you see.
Sriyanka is dancing.
                 O Rangavati re Rangavati 
                  Hey Rangavati Kankalata
                  Say something in Hassi terms
                  Hey, shame on you, shame on you
                  Hey shame shame shame shame
                   I'm ashamed of my head 
                   Don't, don't talk.
At that time, Shubhra was going from there. As soon as his eyes went towards the house, he stopped. Sriyanka was dancing to the rhythm of the song. Anyone would stop and look at the strange posture during her dance.
When Sriyanka finishes dancing, Moni comes forward and says - Sri can't do it.
Many people say yes to Moni's words. The girl who is saying it stands silently.
Sriyanka will also learn. If you practice for a few days.
Sriyanka pulls the dancing girl close and says - she can do it. And on the day of the ceremony, you will be amazed by her dancing.
What did I say right? He looked at the girl and said. The girl's eyes and face brightened.
The girl says yes, Sriyanka Di.
Shubhra was listening to them for so long. Really, the girl is strange. This calm, this anger, again lovingly pulling her closer.
That night, Shubhra sat down to study. But Sriyanka's face appeared again and again. On the other hand, Sriyanka also had the same situation. She could see the picture of Shubhra's teaching even if she closed her eyes.
Nishuti night two Narnari sitting on both ends remember their first love unconsciously. Will they realize that this is their love? Will this love turn into love? No, will it remain elusive?

Emotional love story episode 4

Like every day, Shubhra set an alarm on his phone last night. This morning, Shubhra's phone rang. He hurriedly got up and turned off the alarm. But he was shocked to see today's date on the phone. Such a mistake! Today is an off day in his college. What is he thinking in his mind? Thinking that such a mistake was made, he lay down again.
On the other hand, one wakes up, checks the routine on the phone and informs her friends that she is only going to the rehearsal. She is our Sriyanka.
The first step in love is to forget what is done regularly. If the person you love is not present, there is no other person.
The day goes on like this.
The freshman comes to the college. The day before the freshman, the preparations to decorate the college are going on. Now it is the responsibility of Shubhra and Chanda madam to see if everything is going well.
But today Chanda madam didn't come. So all the responsibilities are Shubhra's. He goes to see how things are arranged.
Shubhra is about to enter the college hall when she hears two songs together and sees Suparna and Sriyanka singing.
When the song is over, Suparna says - Look, Mr. You could also sing with me.
Sriyanka-No, my singing voice is not as beautiful as yours.
Suparna - who told you?
Meanwhile Shubhra saw Sriyanka and stood up. Shubhra also came to the house. Everyone was sitting. Everyone stood up after seeing Sir.
Shubhra tells everyone - sitting and talking. Is the work done? Are you doing the responsibility you have taken correctly?
Even though Shubhra tells everyone, Sriyanka understands that he is listening to Sriyanka. Because Sriyanka is responsible for most of the work.
Rahul says yes sir it will be done.
White is good. I will see before the holiday. Call me if you need anything else.
Rahul-Yes sir.
Shubhra leaves. But before leaving, Ragi looks at Sriyanka with angry eyes. Sriyanka bows her head.
Today is Naveen Baran ceremony in college. Sriyanka wears light green Jamdani. Light makeup, kajal on eyes, small tip on forehead, small earrings in ears, narrow chain around neck, hair is so beautiful that any boy will fall in love with her.
Moni said as he came to the bus - I will faint when I see the college boys today.
Money sees you.
Suparna-what is it in the college, now see how that boy is looking at Sri.
Moni-Yes, yes.
Sriyanka-Not at all. He is looking at you.
The boy was looking at Sriyanka. Sriyanka is looking very beautiful today. So many eyes of the bus were on her.
Then they come to the college. The previous day the college was half decorated. Today it was the responsibility of the boys to do the rest. So they have already come and done it. Sriyanka has to look around to see if everything is fine. Seeing Sriyanka, Kaushik comes forward.
Kaushik-what the hell is right?
Sriyanka-Okay. But white flowers here would have been better.
Kaushik- Hmmm, you have a habit of catching my flaws.
Sriyanka-I didn't say that. Well, let it be.
Sriyanka was leaving. Hearing Kaushik's words, she stood up.
Kaushik- You don't feel like Hebby.
Sriyanka takes one angry look at Kaushik and leaves because she doesn't want any trouble today.
Then he meets the madams. From there he goes to see if those who are going to perform the show have arrived. But the sir madams ask Rahul to start the show. But the host is Sriyanka. Not finding her, Rahul announces Sriyanka's name on the mike. As if she is coming now. .
Sriyanka hears it and comes running. But while coming, she bumps into someone. Sriyanka was walking but manages herself. And the person she bumped into hits her hand. She looks at her hand and starts saying without looking at Sriyanka - you can't see. .
But Shubhra can't take her eyes off the one she sees. She looks so beautiful even in such a simple dress! Seeing Sriyanka, she gets confused. 
Sriyanka's eyes are teary seeing Shubhra. She realizes that she yelled loudly. She doesn't know what to say.
Shubhra - May it not happen from the next time. Watch and walk. Next time, but----
Sriyanka cries and says - no more.
Sriyanka leaves. Shuvra stands there for a while. Then the show starts. Srianka starts the show. Every now and then she glances at Shuvra. Because Shuvra is sitting in the front. Srianka and the other girls perform the dance together. Shuvra sees the girl whom many Nebe said no. But it doesn't look like she is dancing worse than everyone. Maybe she doesn't understand much about dancing. But when Srabanti madam says it's good. Because Srabanti madam knows good dance. Then it is understood. Then comes Suparna's song.
Suparna actually Rahul went ahead and said - you have sung very beautifully.
Suparna smiles.
Moni goes to Sriyanka and says - when will they tell?
Sriyanka- I think we have to do something.
Saying this, both of them started laughing. The ceremony was over. Everyone left for home.
Sriyanka and her girlfriends also boarded the bus. Today Shubhra is also in the same bus. Sriyanka's girlfriends move inside today. Sriyanka can't go. She gets a seat in front and sits. But a boy is standing and keeps moving closer to her body. Sriyanka clothes. She hugs him and tells him to stand back. But he doesn't listen. She is afraid of Shubhra. Shubhra realizes that she was standing today. She comes forward and pushes the boy a little and stands there herself. Srianka sees Shubhra. But she doesn't understand that his problem came for. Because the bus is very crowded. He might not have seen it in the crowd, he was at the back.
Will Sriyanka understand or what? Shuvra didn't catch it. She stood next to Sriyanka and just looked at her phone.
Sriyanka goes down. But even Shubhra doesn't look at her.
Sriyanka comes home and remembers Shubhra. Because today Shubhra also looked beautiful. She noticed that. On the other hand, Shubhra remembers Sriyanka's crying face. Unknowingly, she laughs and says - crazy one.

Emotional love story episode 5

Today is very happy. Because today Mampi came to college. Four friends got together after a long time. Their story seems to be never ending. But it can be seen that after a while Rahul and Suparna are standing a little far away and talking.
Mumpi says what are they now?
Moni-No, Ray. Listen to what they are talking about.
Sriyanka- You secretly listened to them.
Money is a little bit.
Sriyanka: It is not right to do that.
Moni- Well ok. I won't listen anymore. But listen to what they are saying.
What is mummy?
Moni-Rahul says you sing very well, how young you are learning music, from whom you learned music, why you want to learn music, what kind of music do you like----
Sriyanka-what is saying this!
Moni-Yes Ray.
Mampi-Aaj Rahul will write a book on Suparna's songs.
They started laughing after hearing Mampi's words.
Moni says - Shri, you have to do something for them.
What is Sriyanka?
Mampi-Yes, he is right. Rahul talks to you. You say.
Sriyanka-But what can I say?
Mumpi-tui bhav and we think too. Let's see what can be done.
Moni laughs and says yes, this silent lover is for lovers.
They keep smiling. Then all the madams and sirs of their department come to the class. Because they have done such a beautiful ceremony in the freshman year that they come to congratulate them. Also they are not in college for long. So greet them all to make them happy. And they talk about college. Remembers. Because if they remember the college, the college will remember them.
Then praised everyone. Suparna's song, Moni and Sriyanka's dance, and Sriyanka's conductor, and many others.
But even if everyone says something, Shubhra doesn't say anything. Sriyanka looks at Shubhra. She wants Shubhra to say something. But she doesn't say anything, she leaves.
Then the class starts. One time Shubhra comes to the class. Today he asks everyone to read a poem and tell its meaning. One by one everyone says. Now it's Sriyanka's turn. Sriyanka is a bit scared. But Shubhra points her with her eyes. There is no anger in those eyes today, there is hope
Sriyanka starts reading-
             "Return to me, O Vasundhara
             The child of the lap but inside the lap
              Vast region-under. Ogo Ma Mrinmayi,
              Pervaded in thy soil;
He also tells the meaning. But everyone is surprised. Even Shubhra. He sees her reading poetry and saying the meaning. She reads the poetry exactly the way Shubhra reads it. In the same tone. Because the way Sriyanka Shubhra reads poetry, she used to practice it at home. And the meaning It says the whole way Shubhra explained. Not a single line is left out.
Shubhra is surprised. He doesn't know what to say. Sriyanka looks at him for a while and says - very good.
Sriyanka can't believe hearing this from Shubhra's mouth. Shubhra leaves.
Sriyanka then goes out of the classroom to do her work. Descending the stairs, he suddenly saw Shubhra coming from the other side. He stood up. Then while passing by, Shubhra stood up a little. And said - the ceremony was very good.
Shubhra goes away. Sriyanka stands for a moment in surprise. What did she say! She can't believe her ears. What is happening to her today. First class then now----
But Sriyanka's mind danced. Anand couldn't hold her anymore. She started hanging out with her friends. After sitting with her friends for a while after the class, she stood outside the class to be alone.
   This is the spring season. This season sometimes floats in the tide of joy. Sometimes it takes to the land of sorrow. But why is sorrow not many people know the answer. So Sriyanka's mind suddenly becomes bored. So she stands alone outside. And remembers Shubhra. Unknowingly started laughing.
  The magic of the cuckoo on this quiet spring afternoon   
  In the strange game of losing your mind at the call of the unknown       
  I just want to lose because of the addiction of losing.
                                          (my own thoughts)
This is happening now in Sriyanka's life.
At that time, someone came to the side.
What the hell, what's the matter?
Sriyanka looked to the side and saw Kaushik standing.
He said in his heart - it came again. What irritation.
Kaushik-why are you laughing?
Sriyanka- Nothing.
Kaushik - Your dance was very good yesterday.
Sriyanka-thank you.
Kaushik-what do you think?
Sriyanka- you started again. See if you say these things then don't talk to me.
Kaushik goes to say something. Seeing them, Shubhra goes to another classroom. Suddenly seeing this, they can no longer stand back. Shubhra looks at them once and leaves without saying anything.
After the holiday, everyone was standing for the bus. White too.
Actually, everyone started getting on the bus, but Shubhra didn't get on.
Moni asked - Sir, will you not go?
Shuvra - you go. I need it.
Sriyanka sees Shubhra. He is looking away. The bus leaves. That day Shubhra does not board the bus. He does not know why.

Emotional love story episode 6

Sriyanka returned home that day and remembers only Shuvra's face. And thinks that she talked so well all day but did not even look at her when she came.
Phew, I don't feel good anymore. It's hard to understand what it's made of. It sucks. Sriyanka said unknowingly.
On the other hand, Shubhra returns home by the next bus. And he is late to return home. He is very aware of time. He does not waste time for no reason. He does not understand why he did not catch the bus that came on time today. Shubhra is thinking about that. And while reading something, he is just flipping the pages of the book. Today, the book is also unknown to him.
     Actually Shubhra saw Sriyanka talking to Kaushik today and thought something else. So he didn't talk to Sriyanka anymore, didn't even look into her eyes. But Shubhra did all this without knowing.
What kind of love do you think? In love, you have to say it. Yes, this kind of love happens. Not many people are lucky enough to understand their first love. The biggest thing is that not everyone can express it. And when they understand, their path can be seen. It has taken a different direction. Such incidents happen in many people's lives.
                 express love 
                              Many cannot.
                  approach with love
                              Not many people can.
                  love the word 
                              If in secret
                   The man of love  
                              Remains in the heart.
                                     (my own thoughts)
Will this happen in their life? Or, what can they say - I love you only.
A few days passed like this. After that day, Shubhra did not talk to Sriyanka anymore. He did not talk to Sriyanka. He did not look at Sriyanka again. And again one day when he saw Kaushik with her, he did not look at her even when he went to class. Meanwhile, Sriyanka is not understanding anything.
Teacher's Day is held in the college. A cultural program is organized. Then gifts are given to the teachers. And the students are handing it to their favorite sirs and madams. Everyone is giving them one by one. And strangely Shubhra's gift is in Sriyanka's hand. Sriyanka's hand is Shubhra. Takes it. But does not look at Sriyanka. Turns back and says - thank you.
Tears come to Sriyanka's eyes. But she somehow controls herself.
This is how time goes on.
And on the other hand, Moni and Mampi make Sriyanka restless to do anything about Rahul and Suparna. Because they are not in college anymore. And Suparna is sitting upset now. That's why she is sitting today.
Moni says to Sriyanka - what the hell have you thought?
Sriyanka- Yes I thought. But where is Rahul?
What about Moni-Rahul? Don't say what you thought.
Sriyanka- I am saying later. But Suparna can say it. While Rahul is not saying it. She understands that Rahul loves her.
What do you say to Moni and she will say. She can't become a boy or become a girl----
Sriyanka-why not say?
Moni-Shri, this is what you say. I can't think. The girl has grown up.
Saying this he keeps laughing. Sriyanka doesn't say anything.
Moni says again - well sir if you like someone you can tell.
Mumpi was listening to them for so long. She thinks that now Sri gets angry. So she pushes Moni and says - you will shut up.
But Sriyanka doesn't say anything. Today she doesn't have an answer to Moni's words.
Meanwhile, Rahul enters the class. Mampi says - that's Rahul coming.
Sriyanka- Well I will come soon.
So she goes to Suparna first. Goes and says that Sriyanka-Janis is in love with Rahul Koel.
What is Suparna?
Sriyanka-Yes, see how he is smiling and talking.
Actually, she was talking to Rahul Koel. Seeing that, Suparna lowered her head and started crying.
Now Sriyanka goes to Rahul. Says - Hey Rahul, I have something to talk to you about.
Rahul-Yes, don't say.
Sriyanka-Not here. Go outside the class.
Rahul-Go on.
Two people came out and stood.
Rahul-say what? What is the problem?
Sriyanka- Yes it happened. Very big problem.
What is Rahul?
Boy watching from Sriyanka-Suparna's house.
Rahul Anat gets up and says - what?
Sriyanka-Hmm, and what I understand is that you are Suparna----.What are you saying right?
Rahul bowed his head and said yes.
Sriyanka- But when will you tell me. When the college is over.
Rahul-Believe me I would have said. But Suparna----
Sriyanka-You are a donkey. Nothing will happen to you.
(Sriyanka and Rahul are very good friends, only Sriyanka talks to Rahul like this. So even if Sriyanka calls her like that, Rahul doesn't mind. Because Rahul respects Sriyanka very much, considers him a good friend.)
Rahul-What are you going to say these things now?
Sriyanka-Balbi, I love only you.
If Rahul doesn't do it, then----
Sriyanka-Then I will find a girl for you.
Saying this she started laughing. Rahul also started laughing at her words.
Meanwhile, Shubhra has come to take their class. Rahul sees it and says - This is Mr. Sir, coming. Let's go.
Saying this, Rahul leaves. But Sriyanka can't go. Her legs don't move. By this time Shuvra has come. He sees Rahul and Sriyanka laughing together from a distance.
Sriyanka comes in front and says - what is the whole year will spend standing here smiling? Do you want to study?
Sriyanka goes to the house. But her eyes are filled with water. So she somehow wipes away. And Shubhra goes to the class and says that no one should come out after the class. Stop standing outside and chatting.
Sriyanka knows that the white words are speaking to her. Tears flow from her eyes and start wetting the pages of the book.
Sriyanka doesn't do class that day after Shubhra's class. She says to her friends that she has some work. Saying this, she comes home.

Emotional Love Story Episode 7

Sriyanka returned home that day and only cried. After returning from college, she locked herself in the room and did not open the door. Parents came and went back from the door. They realized that something happened in college today. So they did not say anything to her. She knew that when she got angry, she slowly It will come out by itself.
At night, Sriyanka came out. Srirupa called. Because Srirupa said one thing, if you don't come, we will not eat tonight. So Sriyanka came out. But she didn't say anything. Stays. Tears roll down his eyes. He decides that he will never look at Shubhra again. Today he has to be scolded for no fault of his.
Then there are two days of college vacation.
Today Sriyanka goes to college but today she is very quiet. She doesn't say anything. But Moni is going on bakar bakar. Because of her bakar bakar because Suparna and Rahul said they love each other. So she keeps telling Sriyanka that. But she is not listening. .
But don't you want to hear? The silent love story that I started. It needs to be told how it was fulfilled.
After Sriyanka told Suparna and Rahul that day, Suparna kept her head down and cried. On the other hand, Rahul came to talk to Suparna.
Suparna I have something to say to you.-Rahul
Suparna raised her head and looked at Rahul once. Then she lowered her head again. Rahul saw that Suparna's eyes were red.
Hey, what happened to you?-Rahul
Suparna gets angry now. She says why are you disturbing since then.
Rahul- I am disturbing. I am just----
Suparna cries and says - why here, don't go to your koil.
Rahul-my quail!
Suparna-Yes, you are a quail. A bad boy.
Rahul gets angry - what a bad boy I am. You called me bad. I knew you thought that about me. I told Shri that this girl doesn't love me. And Shri says I am stupid----. You are very bad.
Suparna gets angry. Says - you called me bad. And you are a fool. I don't love anyone, I only love you. Go away from here, bad boy.
Rahul listens to Suparna's words and looks at her. He says-what did you say.
By now Suparna realizes what she has said. She remains silent. Rahul then smiles a little and says I have your phone number. Today----. Saying this he leaves.
Suparna kept seeing Rahul. That night Rahul also told Suparna his heart.
Suparna told Monika everything. So she continues to tell Sriyanka. But Sriyanka has no clue. And today Shubhra has class. He comes to the class. Starts teaching. Another thing he notices is that today Sriyanka never looked at him. Her eyes are on the book. But today Shubhra gets angry. When he returns home, he remembers Sriyanka's face and starts fuming with anger. And he says to himself - So much anger. How can you blame yourself? Nothing can be said.
Not only that day, but after that day Sriyanka didn't look at Shubhra anymore. And Shubhra is getting very angry inside.
Exams are organized in college. Up front they have test and final exam. So this system is for how much students are studying. Two exams are left. Sriyanka doesn't skip studies. So she studies by heart. Today Shubhra comes to their house. Exams start. But after some time Moni's health starts to deteriorate. She calls Sriyanka.
Hey, Mr. How am I doing? - Moni
Why, what happened? - Sriyanka
When they are talking Shubhra sees them. Then he shouts and says - what is happening. Why come to take the exam without studying?
Sriyanka goes to say something.
Shubhra-What happened? How long have you been writing. I am telling you. You can't hear.
Sriyanka and Moni stand up. In the middle of all this, Moni gets sicker. She was going later. Srianka takes it. She sees Moni's fever. Shuvro also comes running.
What happened? - White
Meanwhile, Sriyanka cries seeing Moni. Crying, she says - Sir, she has fever----
Shubhra holds Moni and sees that the fever is really coming.
White-don't cry. I see.
Shubhra calls the other madams. Moni is given medicine. Takes her away. And others are told to take the test. But Sriyanka is scared seeing Moni. She can't write. Shubhra understands and comes forward and says don't worry. You write It will be fine.
Sriyanka looks at Shubhra. Shubhra gestures and tells her to write. The exam is over. Mampi and Suparna are calling Moni's house to find out how she is. But Sriyanka is sitting there. Shubhra sees her and walks towards her. She says go home.
Saying this, he was leaving. But he came back again. He went in front of Sriyanka and said that it was a mistake. In fact, I said that way.
Can't say anything else. Because then Sriyanka looked into her eyes. And looking into Sriyanka's eyes, Shubhora lost her words.
Then Sriyankai says no, ok.
Shubhra leaves. But that day they meet again. Sriyanka, Mampi, Suparna and Shubhra in a bus. Shubhra talks to them for the first time today.
Shubhra asks Suparna - What's up with Moni?
Suparna-Sir, I called you are a little better.
Shubhra-O well.
Saying this he looks at Sriyanka. She also looks at him. Shuvra looks at him and looks at the other side.
That day Shubhra returned home and noticed that Sriyanka was not looking at him for so long. Then why was he angry with Sriyanka. Why was he hurt by Sriyanka's pain today? These are the questions he was thinking today. Why couldn't he look into Sriyanka's eyes today. Why? Why? And When Sriyanka spoke today, why did it feel like a stone was removed from inside? What is happening in her life? Then what am I? I am thinking about everything. I have a lot of responsibility towards my parents to make them happy. All these thoughts do not suit me.
While fulfilling his duties, he put black cloth on the eyes of love and gave the name wrong thought.
On the other hand, Sriyanka saw something else in Shuvra's eyes. Will Srianka be able to read Shuvra's eyes?

Emotional Love Story Episode 8

Everyone is familiar with the word 'mind'. Many people are not able to understand this messy room. And it is exactly the opposite of how you want to arrange it. Controlling the mind is often beyond one's ability.
The same has happened to our Shubhora. In fulfilling his duties, he is advancing himself against the mind today. But will he be able to control the mind?
Today is the last day of Sriyanka's exam. Shubhra is in her room today. Their exam guard. The exam guard will give Shubhra! Can catch if someone cheats. What do you know! Whose own mind was stolen but released after being caught will give exam----. Let's see. what happens
The exam has started. Sriyanka has a different smile on her face today. The exam questions are not good for her. Seeing the guard in the exam hall. An unknown wave is playing in her mind.
Shubhra on the other hand decided never to see Sriyanka. Not to look into her eyes. Because he noticed that those eyes made him forget everything.
But what is this! Sriyanka is busy giving exams and Shubhra is looking at her. Today she is defeated by her mind to control her mind.
Shubhra is looking at Sriyanka. Today Shubhra is looking at her beautifully in a yellow kurti, pink party dress and veil. She is not paying attention to anything today. Suddenly----
Sir, give the page----
Shubhra was shocked to see a boy standing in front of his table.
sir, page----
Yes, yes, this now—signs the white page. Takes the boy away.
Seeing Shubhra, Sriyanka looks at him. She has a smile on the corner of her lips. Seeing Shubhra, she turns away. Sriyanka smiles more seeing Shubhra. But she has to take the exam. She starts writing.
The exam is over as usual. Shuvra starts taking the notebook. Sriyanka is still smiling while going to Moni and taking her notebook. Shuvra gets a little angry.
Moni-Balo sir.
Shubhra-Okay. Stay tuned.
Sriyanka comes to take the book and says - what is the reason for so much laughter? Friend is fine, so why is he not enjoying it? Or he says he will fail.
Sriyanka glances at Shubhra at Shubhra's words. But Shubhra leaves without looking at her.
Sriyanka starts roaring in anger. Says such big courage, I will fail.
Meanwhile, Shuvra who thought that he will not look at Sriyanka, will not speak. What did he do today! He could not control his mind.
                      Mind is big freak
                                  Do not listen to any ban 
                        Runs by its own rules
                                 Don't listen because
College starts again. On the one hand, the excitement of the exam is over. It's like the finals between them. On the other hand, Suparna and Rahul are floating in the ocean of love. That's why college didn't come. And Moni and Mampi also didn't come. Sriyanka didn't feel good all day in college. That's why she's in the library today. After spending some time there, he left to go home. The bus actually got up, but seeing Eki going to sit, someone sat on the next seat. He also looked at Sriyanka.
Why do you stand and sit?
Sriyanka doesn't know what to do. After sitting down. After a long silence, Sriyanka speaks first - Sir, did you go somewhere?
Yes, you understood correctly, Shubhra is sitting next to him.
I needed a little. So I went to a place. - Good
Actually Shubhra was not in college today. So he went to another place. When he came, he was returning in this bus. And Sriyanka also boarded in this bus.
Sriyanka too.
Then both are silent. How long can be silent like this.
So Shubhra says how is the study going?
Silence for a while.
Again Shubhra says - Your name is Sriyanka. But many people call you Sri in college. So no----
Sriyanka continued to say as soon as Shubhra finished - Yes, people close to me call me Sri. You can call me too.
As soon as Sriyanka speaks, Shubhra asks her direction. By now Sriyanka realizes what she has said. She starts abusing herself in her mind. What did she say. Don't get angry now.
But Shubhra doesn't know what to say. She keeps silent. Sriyanka also bows her head. She keeps her head down till she goes down. She doesn't understand what to say while going down. Because Shubhra then looks out through the window. Srianka goes down.
She knows even if Shubhra looks away. But she doesn't look.
Returning home, Shubhra started to think in what kind of net is she getting involved in. The more I think about going away, the more I feel like----. Why can't I. No, I have to. I have to do more things. Those who don't feed me in this Calcutta city. How can I stand in front of them? There is no point in wasting time thinking about all this.
In fact, thinking about all this, Shuvra no longer studies. He realizes that he is evading. The future that he thought about is leaving a gap in the future plan. So don't worry anymore. He will not make this mistake. In fact, Shuvra, who grew up in trouble, will never be this. Love did not give importance to love. The dream in his eyes is missing somewhere today. The reason for his understanding is that he went to take a government job exam today. 
He has understood his situation. That's why he made this decision today.
On the other hand, Sriyanka comes home and thinks how did she say such a thing today. And thinks what else Shubhra will talk to her for saying this.
(Then what will be different in their lives. Shubhra will stop talking to Sriyanka. Along with duty, love also goes away. Shubhra will not understand that. What will he say to the person he loves. It is his mind.)

Emotional Love Story Episode 9

Sriyanka starts blaming herself for what she said that day. Because Shubhra has not spoken to Sriyanka since that day. So Sriyanka starts to feel pain. She thinks that Shubhra may be acting like this because of her words.
On the other hand, Shubhar does not make any mistakes in his job preparation. He is determined on his goals. He is busy with his studies even in the off time of college. He has done the same today. He was solving some questions in a paper.
White face raises and says - yes, from 12 o'clock. It's late.
Chanda mam-12 o'clock 10 o'clock.
Shubhra looks at the clock. And says - sorry, I couldn't understand. Thank you.
Chanda ma'am-okay.
Shubhra leaves. But will enter the class. What is it all together - HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU 
Shubhra doesn't understand what is happening. Meanwhile, seeing Shubhra, everyone becomes silent.
White-what's going on?
Moni says-sir today is mummy's birthday so we are friends----
Shubhra doesn't know what to say. He doesn't want to upset anyone on his birthday.
So Shubhra says - do what you were doing.
After getting sir's permission, everyone asks Mumpi to cut the cake. But one of them is standing silently. Moni comes and says - what's up sir, keep quiet why come here.
Sriyanka looks at Shuvra and sees him looking away.
Mumpi's cake is cut. Mumpi gives it to Shubhra and then to everyone. One of them is speechless. He doesn't even eat the cake given by Mumpi. His throat feels swollen. He says he will eat later.
Shubhra goes to class like himself.
The days went on like this. Durga Puja, the best festival of Bengalis, came. Everyone was busy preparing for the arrival ceremony of the college.
On the day of the festival, Sriyanka wears a yellow color saree. The ceremony also has to start. But Sriyanka keeps looking for one person. But he does not come.
Shubhra comes much after the ceremony starts. Sriyanka's mind dances with joy seeing Shubhra. But he doesn't see him before the end of the ceremony. Because Shubhra leaves before that. Actually Shubhra realizes that if he is there, he must see Sriyanka. And Sriyanka looks so beautiful today that White eyes were moving towards him.
Sriyanka gets upset.
The puja holidays are over. The playing of the dhaka used to make their hearts happy. Today that playing is making them sad. Because they will not meet again.
Sriyanka's heart started to get upset. She stopped going to puja with her girlfriends. But even though she went out one day on the insistence of her parents, her mind was not in the puja pandal.
On the other hand Shubhra is also in the same situation. Yes, our Shubhra and Mankharap. When he saw Sriyanka he used to look away. Today he is scrambling to see her face once.
In fact, when he was near, Shuvra wanted to push him away. Today, the futile thought of bringing him close to him is hurting him. Even if he goes home for puja, he does not stay for long.
The two spend the pooja thinking about each other. Shuvra realizes that in these few days it is impossible for her to leave Sriyanka. She thinks she will tell him. But another thought creeps into her mind. Well, Sriyanka also feels the same way about her. Thinking. And if not----.
But after the holiday of Puja, his mouth does not speak. How can he say it. What will Sriyanka think?
Moreover Sriyanka's test exam is ahead. What will he do?
Meanwhile, their test exam is done. Sriyanka also starts to suffer. Before the final exam, the girlfriends insist that they all go for a day together.
Sriyanka comes from uncle's house that day and stands at the place told by them. But there is no name for them to come. Meanwhile, Akash's condition is also bad. He keeps calling. But no one's phone is picking up. Finally Moni picks up the phone - Hey, Sri, it's raining a lot here. .I couldn't get out. Why did you leave?
Sriyanka-Yes, and what about them?
Mani-Suparna went to Mampi's house. They said they would go together. But they could not be together.
Sriyanka- Well, the situation here is also very bad. The electricity is flickering.
Moni would say, what do you do?
Sriyanka-Don't worry. I am going back home. Tell Suparna when you get her on the phone.
Moni - Well.
Sriyanka puts down the phone. Meanwhile there is lightning. She is very afraid. Sriyanka is very afraid of lightning and lightning.
Just about to cross the road. He saw someone coming towards him from the other side of the road. He was white.
Are you here?
In fact, the girlfriends will come----Sriyanka
Oh, where are they?
They can't come. They are stuck in the rain - Sriyanka.
You brought an umbrella?
In fact, it was raining then. That's Sriyanka
Meanwhile, the sky turns black. White does not understand what to do.
After a lot of hesitation, he suddenly said - if you stand here, you will get wet. So I am saying if you don't have any problem near my house, then----.
Sriyanka didn't expect such a thing from Shuvra. So it takes time for him to understand.
Shubhra sees Sriyanka's silence and thinks that she may have said something wrong. So, let's stand inside that shop.
Sriyanka hesitates a little and says - let's go, your home.
Shubhra looks towards Sriyanka.
Sriyanka-Rain has started.
Yes, let's go
Shubhra brings Sriyanka to his house. Meanwhile, the rain is coming down heavily and both of them are getting wet.
Sriyanka sees a small room. But it is very nicely decorated. She is attracted by Shuvra's bookshelf. How many books. She starts looking at the books. Meanwhile, Shuvra brings it. But he was uncomfortable.
Sriyanka says to look at the book-what are you here----
I live in white.
Sriyanka-house is very beautiful.
Meanwhile, Sriyanka sees a little water falling from Shubhra's hair. And Shubhra is rubbing her head. She has opened her glasses. She looks more beautiful.
Meanwhile, water is also falling from Sriyanka's hair. Shubhru sees it and says to bring a towel and wipe it off.
Sriyanka-No, ok. My veil will be done.
White-cold may stick. So----. Your test is ahead.
What will Sriyanka do? She takes the towel. She wipes her hair and says, "When do you read so many books?"
Shubhra laughs and says - what else is he?
This is the first time Sriyanka sees Shubhra smiling so beautifully. Sriyanka looks at Shubhra who looks more beautiful when she smiles.
Suddenly the current goes off. Sriyanka gets scared as the light goes off.
Shubhra says-wait, I have lit something.
Takes the deshlighta and lights a candle and puts it on the table and turns to Sriyanka.
Suddenly there is a sound of lightning somewhere nearby and Sriyanka runs and hugs Shubhra in fear. Sriyanka is very afraid of the sound of lightning.
Shubhra is surprised. Sriyanka's face on his chest. Knocking and shaking. And hugging Shubhra with both hands. Shubhra tries to reassure Sriyanka. But with the sound of another lightning, Sriyanka grabs Shubhra. She can't let go of Sriyanka. He can hear the sound, the breath is falling on Shubhra's chest. This is an unknown feeling. The man of love is so close to him today. Shubhra is no longer in himself.
Sriyanka is told that there is nothing to fear.
But Sriyanka doesn't say anything. Holds Shuvra tightly.
Shubhra unknowingly slowly lifts Sriyanka's face. Sriyanka's face is now between his hands. Sriyanka does not open her eyes. Shubhra keeps looking at Sriyanka. Shubhra goes into a strange daze. Slowly Shubhra's lips move towards Sriyanka's forehead. Shubhra's lips touch Sriyanka's forehead. Shubhra Sriyanka opened her eyes to touch. Good Sriyanka looked at the eyes of both of them.
Again the sound of lightning strikes and Shuvraar wakes up. He realizes what he has done. He pushes Sriyanka away and stands on the balcony.
Sriyanka then stands there like a clue. What happened. What did Shuvra do? What will Srianka do. Her legs are not moving. On the other hand Shubra is shrinking to herself for her work. What did she do? What does Srianka think of her. Maybe she is thinking that this is why she has brought him here. .How will he stand in front of Sriyanka.
Meanwhile, the rain has subsided. Sriyanka waits for Shubhra but he does not come. She is forced to leave the house. She sees Shubhra standing in the dark. Srianka does not call. She leaves. But Shubhra does not notice.
After some time Shubhra came and saw that Sriyanka was not in the house.

Emotional love story episode 10

Shvra goes to the room and sees that Sriyanka is not there. Sriyanka is gone. She sits down. There is unbearable pain in her chest. She could not tell Sriyanka that she did not want to. She is getting smaller by herself.
She is wearing the towel given to Sriyanka. She picks up the towel in her hand. Her eyes start to burn. Today Shubhru feels how much she loves Sriyanka. She clenches her fists and starts hitting the bed. She starts hurting herself for her mistakes.
After sitting for a while she decides no more. She will tell Sriyanka her heart tomorrow. Holds the towel tightly and says - I have fallen in love with you Sri, very much in love. You are my first love. I love and will love only you.
On the other hand, Sriyanka's uncle was supposed to go home. But he comes home. When mom, dad asked why he came back, he said that he did not feel well. He returned home and sits quietly in his room. He still feels the touch of Shuvra's lips. Eyes. If you close it, the white eyes seem to be floating.
Meanwhile, Shatarupa Devi noticed something in the girl's behavior. So Subrata went to Babu and said - this time you should tell Sri. Otherwise, it will be too late.
Subrata Babu - But I am very afraid. How can I tell Shri. If he misunderstands me.
Shatarupa Devi-But Sri has grown up now. We should have told you long ago.
I can't do anything without Subrata Babu-Sri.
Shatrupa Devi - Well, ok. Let's tell Sri everything today.
Subrata Babu was shocked. - Today!
Shatrupa Devi-Yes, tell them to tell the little one too.
Subrata Babu said quietly, "Well, I'm calling you. You go to Mr.'s room."
Shatarupa Devi went towards Sri's house. She saw Sri sitting. She still hasn't changed her clothes. Entering the house, she said - what the hell, body is bad?
On mother's call, Shri looks at mother. But does not say anything. Meanwhile, Subrata Babu also comes. He comes to Shri and puts his hand on his head.
What happened sir, your clothes are wet. Change them. You will get cold. - Subrata Babu
Shri gets up at Baba's words. He goes and changes. He comes and sits next to Baba. But he does not say anything.
Subrata Babu kept saying - Mr. Now you have grown up.
Shatrupa Devi said by pointing.
Subrata Babu-Sri I have something to say to you today. I don't know if you will talk to this father of yours after hearing it.
Sriyanka now says - what happened father?
Subrata Babu-Sri Do you know the house on the other side of the big road----
Sriyanka-ka's father.Mrittika's home.
Subrata Babu-No, Nilud's house.
Sriyanka-Yes, I know. What happened, father.
Subrata Babu - It was not Nilud's earlier.
Sriyanka-But I have been watching Neelu since I grew up.
Subrata Babu - It used to be a house of children.
Who is Sriyanka-Chottu's father?
Subrata Babu kept saying - then your mother just got married. I came here because of work. Some time later Mamata Devi and Kalyan Babu came there with their elder son Sagnik. You were not born then. We developed a very good relationship with them. Sagnik. He was a little older. Then his younger brother became younger.
Saying this, Subrata Babu stops a little. And Sriyanka looks at her father. As if she is listening to a story. But what the outcome of this story is going to be beyond her thoughts.
Subrata Babu started saying again - after a few years of being a little boy, you are Holi. We would have been surprised to see the friendship between the two of you when you were playing with him. Even at that young age, there is no quarrel between you over toys. You both gave food to each other. And Sagnik didn't want to go to school with his brothers and sisters. But---- everything ended.
Sriyanka-why father?
Subrata Babu-Kalyan Babu's company suddenly shut down and two days later Sagnik died in an accident.
Subrata Babu - Then they went back to their country house from here. We told them to stay but they did not listen.
Sriyanka listens silently.
And in childhood they used to call you Chutki along with the name of Chotto.
Why father?-Sriyanka.
We decided to see you and Chottu together, to tie you together. To marry you. This is what we said to both families. - Subrata Babu said in one breath.
Dad!-Sriyanka shouted.
Again the storm came outside. A big tree fell nearby. Suddenly, something twisted inside Sriyanka's chest.
Hmm, mother, as I promised. And they did not come here again. That's why we did not meet you. They did not come even when we asked them to come. They did not come here again after losing their eldest son. So we left your uncle's house and went to their country a few years ago. They haven't told their son yet. We don't want you to have any rights. We haven't seen the little one again. When I went to the country, it was many years ago. Now I heard that he is studying in Kolkata. He is trying for a job. It is difficult to stay in the country. He does not give. He is forced.
Sriyanka's head started spinning after hearing this.
Subrata Babu patted Sriyanka's head and said-I won't do anything without you sir. I promised. You think about it. And if you want to talk to the little one then----.I understand you should have told earlier.
Saying this, he left. Shatrupa Devi also patted the girl's head and left.
Sriyanka's head started spinning. Today the storm is not outside but inside her chest.
Sriyanka starts crying. What happened. What is happening with her today.
What shall I do, what shall I do.-saying this, she starts crying. After thinking for a long time, she realizes-she cannot live without Shubhra. So she will tell Shubhra about her thoughts tomorrow. Because she understands that Shubhra also loves her. There was no ill intent. His eyes said so.
That's how he will say it to Shubhra. And he thinks that what his father said will be what he says. Who is this little one! What a bad name. Where is Shubhra. How beautiful. Thinking of this, a smile appeared on his lips. He thought that Shubhra would not do him.
Sriyanka kept saying - I love you. I can't love anyone else except you. I love only you, and I will love you.
A different feeling started in his mind. He started thinking about when morning will come.
On the other hand, Shubhra is also eager to tell her heart to the person she loves. Meanwhile, the phone rings. She is startled by the sound of the phone. She gets up and picks up the phone.

Emotional Love Story Episode 11

Sriyanka couldn't sleep all night. All night she only thought about Shubhra. She thought about how she will tell Shubhra about her heart. She thought that Shubhra might not be able to tell. She loves him too. So she decided to tell him about her heart. Meanwhile in the morning when her girlfriends called her. He says he will not go to college today. On the other hand they also say that he will not go.
Sriyanka will go to college. But today she hides from her girlfriends. She takes a bath in the morning and spends half an hour thinking about what dress to wear. Then she goes out wearing her favorite dress.
Going to the college, his eyes were looking for only one person. But he did not meet. The mind became restless. Meanwhile, Shubhra has no class today. Sriyanka thinks why he did not come. The time of college vacation came. Sriyanka could not stay any longer and went out to look for Shubhra. Sara. Even after studying hard in college, he is unable to meet him. In the end, he is disappointed when he comes to his classroom and meets the man he loves. On the one hand, Anand feels cold on the other hand.
Shubhra comes from the other side. She also notices Sriyanka. Sriyanka comes right in front of Shubhra. She has decided to tell Shubhra today. She blocks Shubhra's way in such a way that Shubhra can't go. He also stands up.
Sriyanka is silent for a while and says - I have something to tell you.
Shubhra looks at her. On the other hand Sriyanka's voice is not coming out of her throat. She keeps her head down.
With a lot of difficulty she kept saying-Kal means----I love you----
Shubhra understands what Sriyanka is saying. So he finally doesn't listen anymore.
Stops Sriyanka and says - What are you saying? Don't be ashamed. Come to college to do these things. Don't study, drop it. But what are these? And what is the meaning of love? Came to talk about love.
Shubhra says the words very loudly. As a result, many people in the college are looking at them. Many can guess what is the matter. Meanwhile, hearing Shubhra's words, the ground beneath Sriyanka's feet seems to move. She looks at Shubhra. Shubhra is looking at her with angry eyes. Sriyanka Everything becomes blurred in front of the eyes. Meanwhile, the white words go away.
Seeing Sriyanka, many people are looking at her. She immediately goes to her class. Somehow she leaves with her bag.
He doesn't know where he's going. He keeps on walking. Tears are pouring from his eyes. Curious eyes on the street are looking at him. But he doesn't care. After a short distance, he comes to a park. .Shuvra's words are still ringing in his ears. There is a lot of pain in his chest. He sits silently.
Meanwhile, the evening comes. Sriyanka did not return home, her parents began to worry. So they called Sriyanka's phone. The sound of the phone brought Sriyanka to her senses. She picked up the phone. From the other side - what the hell, where are you?
Sriyanka doesn't say anything. Again from the other side - what the hell, you can't hear.
Now Sriyanka says yes, say.
---- What the hell where are you? When will you return?
----Yes, coming. Saying this he hangs up the phone.
He didn't notice it for so long. It was evening. He closed his eyes.
Sriyanka says to herself - I hate you. Love is far away. I hate you. I will never see your face again.
Saying this he cries again. Again he says to himself - why am I crying. I will not cry. I will not cry. Saying this he wipes his eyes and steps towards home.
He goes home and goes to his own room. He doesn't talk to anyone. Meanwhile, Sriyanka's parents start thinking. Sriyanka doesn't come home so late. What happened?
Sriyanka comes to Sriyanka with these questions. Sriyanka is standing by the window. Subrata Babu comes and stands beside Sriyanka. But Sriyanka doesn't care.
Subrata Babu puts his hand on Sriyanka's head. Subrata Babu is very worried about Sriyanka. He thinks that Sriyanka's words may be hurting Sriyanka.
What are you doing, Mr. Subrata Babu?
Sriyanka looked at her father and kept her eyes outside and said nothing.
How is your exam preparation?-Subrata Babu
Good father Sriyanka
Subrata Babu looks at the girl for a while. Then he says - what are you suffering about yesterday's words. See Mr. I will not do anything on your behalf. If you someone else---
Saying this, Subrata Babu stops. Sriyanka looks at Baba and says - what's the trouble, Baba. I know that whatever you do is for my good. I will do whatever you say.
Subrata Babu-that means you---
Sriyanka-Yes, Dad I will keep your promise.
Subrata Babu - you thought well sir?
sriyanka-what's the matter with bhabhavabi.but dad i don't want to get married now.want to do master degree.
Subrata Babu-Yes, I will not give any obstacle to your studies. Whatever you want will happen.
Sriyanka remains silent.
Subrata Babu started saying again - if you can meet Chas Chottu.
Sriyanka-no, dad no need for that. I have exams ahead.
Subrata Babu - Well, fine. Whatever you want.
Saying this, Subrata Babu left. And Shri looked through the window and said one thing in his mind - I thought you were wrong. What a big mistake I made in life. I hate you. I hate you so much.
Tears rolled down from Sriyanka's eyes. She wiped them. And sat down to read.
On the other hand, why did he do this? Why did he remove his love? For what? What is going on in his mind? Earlier, he had blinded the eyes of love by thinking of responsibility and duty. But now why?
One was hurt by love and took his father's promise to himself.
Meanwhile, Sriyanka's exam comes. She didn't go to college before the exam. She considers some time of life as bad time of her life. She hardens her mind.
Thus his third year examination was done and he cleared the examination with flying colours.
Sriyanka and her girlfriends joined the university for Masters.

Emotional love story episode 12

Time never stops. It flows on its own.
                      Time flies 
                 Floats like itself 
                   Does not mean any prohibition 
                  Do not listen to any reason.
               This life is tied by a thread
               It opened for thousands of reasons
               Blow the closed bird
                 Wipe away the pride
                 Unchained and let fly
                      do it yourself
                               (my own thoughts)
Our Sriyanka also left the life. To flow on her own way. She did not hold the life as her own anymore. She wanted to forget the thing called mind. She wanted to forget the sorrow found in life. But did she succeed? And in life she is the only one. Most hated. He is white.
Meanwhile one and a half years have passed. Sriyanka has changed a lot in this one and a half years. Now she is very calm. Her relationship with girlfriends is very loose. Sriyanka who loves to be with girlfriends now loves to be alone.
Sriyanka is doing Masters now. The university is far from her house so she lives at aunt's house. Because aunt's house is next to university. And the biggest reason is that she doesn't like to stay at home. Because her marriage is coming up and there is a lot of talk at home. She spends a week at home. He goes once. Because he has opened a children's dance school. So he runs away again from one night. Even if his parents ask him to stay, he does not listen. He also teaches dance to some children at his aunt's house. This is how he has organized his life.
In the meantime, his mother-in-law came to meet him. They began to caress Sri very much. 
But he didn't even sit in front of them for ten minutes. He was so happy that they sent him home. He thought he was ashamed. What was he really ashamed of? No, something else.
Sriyanka's father talks about Sriyanka's meeting with Chottu. Sriyanka avoids saying something every time. At the end he says - Dad you have seen.
Once talking about bringing home, Sriyanka says she will be late from college.
Sriyanka's father thinks that maybe Sri is telling the truth. But meanwhile something is burning in Sri's eyes.
She is also indifferent about going shopping for marriage. She goes according to her parents' advice. But she doesn't say anything.
If Shatarupa Devi said - like it?
He shook his head. He kept shaking his head at everything.
Meanwhile, seeing Sriyanka, Srirupa says - Didi likes everything. The whole shop seems to be taken away.
On the other hand, Sriyanka's father starts to see what is best for Chottu. Sriyanka can't sit anymore. He leaves.
Everyone has gone to university today. They are sitting and talking because the class is off. Rahul is also there. Now Rahul has come to know about Suparna at their house. And he has accepted their relationship. Even though everyone is sitting and chatting, Sriyanka is silent. Her girlfriends are afraid to talk to her now. Before. This was not the case. Earlier, Sriyanka used to get angry for a reason, but now she gets angry for no reason. Suparna heard about that day, but did not ask Sriyanka. She did not want to hurt her friend. Besides, she did not see it with her own eyes, so she did not believe it.
Everyone is sitting and talking, suddenly a boy comes towards Sriyanka. He comes and says that he loves Sriyanka. Sriyanka looks at him for a while. Then he says that there is no such thing as love. These are lies.
The boy is surprised. His girlfriends are with him. Meanwhile, Moni says - who are you talking about love, he will get married after a month. The boy works in government.
Saying this he laughs. The boy leaves. But Rahul Suparna looks at each other.
Rahul says - Hey Shri, what are you talking about! There is no such thing as love?
Sriyanka- No, that is a mistake of the mind.
Rahul- But I know you matched us. It is for you that we are here today.
Sriyanka doesn't say anything. She says - I will give you your wedding card tomorrow, everyone come.
Suparna says - the people of Rahul's house will come tomorrow.
Meanwhile, Mumpi says - she can't come either.
Sriyanka says - I think I will not come again before marriage.
Rahul- Look sir, we will go even if you say no. What's in the card.
Money-you don't give me the card.
Sriyanka- Well.
Meanwhile, the next day Sriyanka gave the card to Moni. Sriyanka was given the card by her aunt. She did not open the card. And Moni, you know what Moni is like. A little mischievous, a little sly. She also did not open the card. She took the card and put it inside the bag. And said- What will happen after seeing the card. Everything is known from the date of marriage.
Shree said. They were insisting so much. He said what he heard from aunty.
Today is Sriyanka's wedding. But she is so quiet that she is not supposed to talk. She sits in her own room. As she grows up, she becomes more and more calm. Subrata Babu is very sad to see the girl.
Come to Sriyanka and say - What is the problem?
Sriyanka's eyes started rolling.
Subrata Babu put his hand on the girl's head and said - What are you thinking? Chhottu lives in Kolkata. He has bought a new house. You will stay there. I will come when you want.
Sriyanka howls and cries.
Evening comes. Sriyanka is dressed up. She looks so beautiful that it is beyond imagination. But Sriyanka's chest is very painful. Meanwhile, her friends also come. Seeing Suparna, Rahul can't turn his eyes away. All the eyes are on her. Meanwhile, our eyes are on Moni. After some time. It is a name on the wedding gate. He sees the name. But he doesn't think anything.
Meanwhile, the groom also comes. They are all surprised to see the groom. Sriyanka runs to tell the news.
Moni-Janis Sri your husband----
Sriyanka does not listen to anything else. She is in a bad mood since morning. She says, "You see, groom, go now. Please leave me alone. Please, please go away."
Sriyanka didn't used to behave like this before. Now she does. So they don't say anything anymore.
The marriage has to start. The priest comes to take Sriyanka. Even though she doesn't want to obey, she sits on the straw. Goes to the wedding hall. With the sound of conch shells all around, it seems that her life is gone. After seven pankas, it's the turn of the auspicious. Sriyanka doesn't look up. On the other hand, the one with whom he is married is also told to look. He is in the same situation. In the end, due to the insistence of many people, he first looks at his future wife. But he does not wear his eyelids.

Emotional love story episode 13

Sriyanka is asked to ask for good luck but she doesn't ask for her future groom. On the other hand, everyone insists on her future bride. But she doesn't wear her eyelids. She can't believe her eyes. What is she seeing! What is she? Can't understand what's going on.
Who is she looking at in red tuk tuktuk in Banarasi wedding dress in front of her! The head keeps bobbing. Meanwhile Sriyanka keeps her eyes down. She doesn't want to look forward at all. One just stares at the other side. How beautiful. Can't look away. This is the face she has seen all her life. Wanted. But could not hold ----.
A different kind of love works. He can't understand. That this is a rush and this is his first----. He can't think anymore. The mind becomes restless. A wave of joy plays inside the mind.
Meanwhile, the garland exchange starts. But Sriyanka does not raise her face. One wants her to raise her face to see him. But no, Sriyanka does not raise her face. She changes the garland with her face lowered. If there was someone else in place of the one who is changing the garland, maybe she would have worn the garland properly around her neck. No. But the one who is there now is wearing the necklace properly. Because she is wearing the necklace by herself. Although Sriyanka's hand goes to the other side, the necklace is still on her neck.
Everyone kept shouting - raise your face. You must be so ashamed. The groom is looking at you.
One started waiting. Meanwhile, Sriyanka started sweating. Her body was paralyzed with fear. Her hands and feet became cold due to everyone's screams.
Sriyanka's girlfriends also see Sriyanka. They are surprised by her behavior. As there are many people near Sriyanka, they cannot come near Sriyanka. They stand far away.
After exchanging garlands, both of them are seated facing each other. Sriyanka sits with her head down. Her aunt sees Sriyanka like this and comes to her.
Hey Sri, what happened? Why are you doing this? - Sriyanka's aunt Annapurna Devi
Sriyanka doesn't say anything.
Tell me what is this? Tell me what everyone is thinking. -Annapurna Devi
Sriyanka bowed her head and held the kajalalata in her hand tighter in her hand. And said - Aunty actually feels bad. So----
Annapurna Devi gets scared.
What happened?-Annapurna Devi
How is the body - Sriyanka
Feeling very bad?-Annapurna Devi
No, aunty is nothing like that.-Sriyanka
Well, there is not much left for marriage. Take care of yourself. You haven't eaten anything since morning so maybe this is happening.-Annapurna Devi
Sriyanka shakes her head. 
Meanwhile, one is watching. He waits eagerly. This time he raised his head, this time he saw. But he kept getting disappointed. He thought he would call once. But no, what will everyone think. He kept waiting.
Purohit places the groom's hand first on an incident. Asks Sriyanka to give her hand. But Sriyanka doesn't say anything. Sriyanka's sister is standing by. She offers Didi's hand. Sriyanka puts her hand on hers. One keeps all the loving moments in one's mind.
Sriyanka hardens her mind. Thinks what happens is for good. Says in her heart - I hate you. I will never forget the pain you caused, the humiliation I became. I will try to forget. I will start life anew. Never to see the face of a man like you. I hate you more than anything in life. I HATE YOU, I HATE YOU 
Meanwhile, all the rules and rituals of the wedding are done one by one. This time comes the turn of Sindur donation. One more wait. But no, Sriyanka does not look. All around, the bells and conch sounds. Someone gives her name sindur to Sriyanka's urn. Sriyanka's face is covered with a cloth.
All the children clapped their hands.
Sriyanka's girlfriends see Sriyanka and how beautiful Sriyanka looks. Sriyanka's Sindhi painted in vermilion. She looked beautiful before marriage but now she looks even more beautiful.
A little vermilion has fallen on her nose. Many people are saying - Look, Sriyanka has vermilion on her nose. You know what happens then. The groom loves her very much.
Saying this they started laughing.
The wedding ends. They are taken home. One is asked to eat. He says no. But Sriyanka sits quietly. Nothing comes to her ears.
Annapurna Devi came and said - Shri, eat something, it will harm your body.
Finally, under the pressure of everyone, both of them eat sweets. Sriyanka looks at the other side. She does not look at the person next to her even once. Now everyone starts shouting that she will wake up in the night.
Sriyanka's girlfriends are also the same. So they all sit together. One of the groomsmen says - What are you talking about?
Moni was sitting next to Sriyanka. Suddenly Moni looked at Sriyanka and said - I don't know what to call your groom.
Sriyanka doesn't understand anything.
Moni looked at the groom again and said, what should I call you, I mean, you were our sir before, now you will be Sriyanka's groom, so you will be grandfather or son-in-law. Tell me what to say, sir.
Meanwhile, the one who is talking doesn't say anything. But Sriyanka is surprised by Moni's words. She turns to Moni.
Moni says - What should I say to your husband? Sir, should I say it?
Meanwhile, Rahul says-yes, what will I call Ray?
Sriyanka now slowly looks towards her groom. Seeing him her head starts spinning. She faints there.
Everyone rushes to see what happened. And one of them is scared to see Sriyanka's condition.
Meanwhile, everyone says to take Sriyanka to another house. The newly wedded wife is taken in her arms and brought home. Sriyanka's aunt starts splashing tears in her eyes and mouth. Parents are scared to see.
After a while, Sriyanka regained consciousness. Meanwhile, Chottu's father came to Sriyanka and said, "What happened, mother? Is your body bad? You rest alone in this room for a while."
Sriyanka's father says - where is Chotto?
And he is outside. There were so many people here that---- Chottu's father
Meanwhile everything clears for Sriyanka. Everyone leaves the room. She sits quietly looking down.
He kept saying in his mind that means this is the little one and this is the white one.
Hold the bed sheet tightly with both hands.
What will Sriyanka do now?

Emotional love story episode 14

Sriyanka gripped the bed sheet tightly with both hands. The body was trembling. Sitting silently.
Meanwhile Sriyanka's aunt Annapurna Devi came to the house - how is the body?
But Sriyanka is silent. Looking down.
Annapurna Devi lays her hand on Sriyanka. Sriyanka regains consciousness.
Say something?-Sriyanka
How is your body?-Annapurna Devi
Hmmm Sriyanka shakes her head.
what are you there
Sriyanka does not let Annapurna Devi finish her speech.
Saying aunty, I will stay here for a while. The head is hurting very much.-Sriyanka
But you will stay here and your bride--- Annapurna Devi.
Ok, let's go - Sriyanka
Sriyanka goes to the living room. But everyone is tired so no one wants to stay up at night. Shubhra sees Srianka and looks at him. Srianka goes and sits next to Shubhra. Sriyanka's friends also ask if she is okay. She also shakes her head. But no one wants to stay up at night. No. Everyone gets a place and sleeps.
Shubhra looks at Sriyanka. How beautiful she looks. But Sriyanka is not talking. Shubhra goes to say something. Sriyanka lies back on her side. Shubhra stares and does not understand. What to do. How to talk to Sriyanka.
Everyone sleeps. But Shubhra can't sleep. He comes out of the house and stands outside. Seeing the enchanting form of the silent nature of the night in the moonlight, Shubhra seems to get lost somewhere. He closes his eyes. Sriyanka's face floats in front of his eyes.
Shubhra kept saying in her heart - this is really fate. This is God's play. The person I thought I would run away from is with me today. I am very happy today. I really loved her. I wanted to keep her with me. But that day's phone call. Changed all my thoughts. So the next day I gave her back by hurting her like that. So that she forgets me. I suffered more by hurting her. I couldn't look into her watery eyes. How do I know that Chutki is Sriyanka. How will I know? That's why I didn't want to go to college after hurting him. I thought about how he was doing again and again. But I couldn't see him anymore. Then I left the college job. Because it would have been very difficult for me to go there.
Shubhra sighs and says that's why I didn't want to meet before marriage. I didn't want to get married. But how could I do what my parents told me. That's why I didn't want to take any responsibility for my own marriage. So I gave everything to Ashish Dar (son of Shubhra's aunt). .everything from wedding cards to pandals.
Wedding card!
Ish, if I had seen the marriage card earlier---- but what did Sriyanka know? She is not saying anything. Most importantly she is not looking at me. But why? Why is she doing this? I have so much to say to her. - white
She kept silent for a while and said to herself - Yes, she has a lot to say. I have to say my love. I love you very much, sir, I love you very much. I love only you.
Shubhra looks at the sky. It seems that it will rain today. The sky is bad.
On the other hand, Sriyanka lies down. But she does not sleep. How will she sleep? She keeps thinking what happened! She clenches her teeth tightly and closes her eyes. But she does not sleep at all.
After a while Shubhra comes to the room. She sees Sriyanka is facing the other side. She is sleeping. She also comes to the side and lies down. But she keeps a lot of distance between them.
At the end of the night, the two tired eyes fell asleep. Dawn came. The morning light came into the house through the window.
Shubhra wakes up. In his sleep he turns to the other side. He opens his eyes and sees Sriyanka's sleeping face. She is also lying facing Shubhra. Shubhra is looking. Her hair is messy. The vermilion on her head is a bit too much as if it is sticking to her forehead. The saree is also a bit messy. Shubhra sees Sriyanka's eyes have light. In that light, his newly married wife looks even more wonderful.
Sriyanka's friends wake up. Moni wakes up and starts calling Suparna. Everyone wakes up when Moni calls. Sriyanka too. She sleepily stares. Shuvra's eyes close. But she quickly gets up and leaves. towards
The moment of farewell came. Sriyanka continued to cry. Her parents also started crying. Shuvra repeatedly told her to take care of Sriyanka. Shubura agreed. Sriyanka left with tears in her eyes.
Shubhra buys a small house in Calcutta after getting a government job. Sriyanka is brought there. Mamata Devi receives her grandmother very lovingly.
Everyone takes care of Sriyanka all day long. But Shubhra can't go near Sriyanka. Night falls. Shubhra stays in a separate room for Kalratri and doesn't talk to Sriyanka.
The next day too Shubhra tries to talk. But she can't go to Sriyanka.
Shubhra hands Sriyanka the rice cloth at the rice cloth ceremony. Unknowingly Shubhra's hand touches Sriyanka's hand and Sriyanka removes her hand.
At the reception party at night, Sriyanka is dressed up. Shuvra can't take her eyes off of Sriyanka. Sriyanka's beauty in pink saree is worth watching.
Seeing Shuvhra, Sriyanka is smiling and talking to everyone. She has adopted everyone. Shuvhra is very happy to see her. The night is getting longer and people are leaving.
Sriyanka is brought to Shubhra's room. But Shubhra can't enter the room. She keeps pacing outside. After a long time, she comes home. She sees Sriyanka sitting on one side of the bed. Shubhra closes the door and slowly walks towards Sriyanka. Her hands and feet are also cold. Can't understand what to say. Sits in front of Sriyanka with great difficulty. Sriyanka keeps her head down.
Shubhra's voice does not come out. With a lot of difficulty, he says - how are you?
Sriyanka doesn't say anything.
Shubhra says again - how are you?
Sriyanka now raises her eyes and says - what did you think I will be bad.
Shubhra looks into Sriyanka's eyes. In those eyes where earlier she felt something else, now she sees something else.
Sriyanka again says - what happened, what did you think I am very bad.
I didn't say that
So what do you mean? And yes, you knew I was getting married?-Sriyanka
No, I didn't know. Actually----Shubra
Sriyanka stands up.
I know because of what I said to you that day I---. I knew the day before that so you---- good
Sriyanka doesn't let Shuvra finish.
That's why you insulted me in front of everyone. That's why. You told me your heart on the good news of your marriage. You showed your face. That's why - Sriyanka
Shubhra starts watching. Sriyanka's eyes are full of fire. Sriyanka can't understand this. Her eyes and face are red with anger.
I didn't say those words on purpose that day
Now I know you will make up a lot of words Mr. Subhra Roy.-Sriyanka
Shubhra is shocked to hear such words from Sriyanka's mouth.
Shubhra comes in front of Sriyanka and says - believe me I love you. I loved you even that day.
Sriyanka started laughing at Shuvra's words.
Why don't you love me? I know you love me
Sriyanka laughs at Shuvra's words and says-what is love again? Besides, I don't understand what love means? Right? And there is no such thing as love. It's all lies.
Shubhra is surprised by Sriyanka's words. Sriyanka returns Shubhra's words to Shubhra.
Shubhra also tries to convince Sriyanka. Says- I really like you----
Sriyanka says - why are you dressing so well now? What do you mean? And one more thing since then, I love you. You keep telling lies. Well, you said that you don't know that you are getting married to me. That means you didn't come to marry me, you came to marry someone else. But luckily, I am the one. So I understand this plan. To play love with me. But you are a very good player. What did I say right?
Shubhra can't believe his ears. This is Sriyanka! What is he hearing? It seems that the ground under his feet is splitting into two.
But Shubhra doesn't get angry. When he comes to Sriyanka and grabs Sriyanka's hand to say something, Sriyanka pushes Shubhra and says - What are you trying to do? Show your husband's rights? And touch me with such great courage. What do you think when you touch me? I am so don't fall
Sriyanka's words made the sky fall on Shuvra's head.

Emotional love story episode 15

Sriyanka's words made the sky fall on Shuvra's head.
Shubhra said with a lot of difficulty, what are you saying?
I'm telling the truth, what do you think of me? I can be touched whenever I want. And I can be pushed whenever I want. Don't try to come near me at all. - Sriyanka says the words in one breath.
Shubhra looks at Sriyanka. She has no difficulty in understanding what Sriyanka is saying. Sriyanka is talking about that stormy night.
White loses the power to speak.
Sriyanka comes to the front and says - No matter how clever you think I am, I will not fall into your trap. I can't forget the insults I got in my life. On the day of the exam, everyone laughed at me. Many people laughed at me. I was wrong. I did. Life's big mistake.
White-my word----
Sriyanka doesn't let Shubhra speak. She keeps saying - I hate you. I hate you the most in life.
Sriyanka's every word rings in Shuvra's ears.
Sriyanka smiles a little and says-tonight is a special night for all the boys and girls. The day to start a new life. You might have thought a lot for your new bride. Look what happened from the words. Everything got ruined.
Sriyanka keeps smiling.
Shubhra-What are you saying? And what do you know about getting married to me?
Sriyanka-No, I didn't know. If I had known, I would not have married you. I would have never married.
White-then why did you come with me?
Sriyanka-What did I say to my parents? That's why I came.
white-you love me
Sriyanka-please shut up I don't feel well.
Believe it or not, I am----
Sriyanka- Listen to one thing, never try to come near me. Actually, it will not be good Mr. Shubhra Roy.
White - try to understand a little.
Sriyanka- What will I understand. What. How many mistakes will you explain. Please go away from me. I can't bear you anymore. Please. 
Saying this, Sriyanka ran to the bed and started crying.
Everything goes wrong in front of Shuvra's eyes. He leaves the room.
Sriyanka starts crying. Shubhra goes to the roof there. Goes to a corner of the roof in the dark and stands there. Thinks what happened. He dislikes me so much.
One of Sriyanka's words comes to Shuvra's mind.
I hate you, I hate you more than anything in life.
Shubhra Dukan pressed and said - you hate me so much. I could not think.
Shubhar started to suffer a lot today.
I thought you would be happy to see me. But----. You can't stand me. How can I convince you that what I did that day was not intentional. You came with me today. That's why I also-- --. But how to explain. You are not listening to me - Shuvra
Shubhra stands silent. And says - I will explain to you that I love you. But how to explain. How to remove the anger that I saw in your eyes and face on me. I do not understand anything.
Meanwhile, Sriyanka starts crying. Says - why did this happen. How can I stay here.
Both of them don't sleep that night. Sriyanka leaves to freshen up in the morning. And Shubhra comes down from the roof behind everyone's eyes.
Not seeing Sriyanka, he realizes that she has gone to the washroom. So Shubhra goes and stands on the balcony. Sriyanka comes out and stands in front of the mirror and combs her hair. Meanwhile, Shubhra sees that Sriyanka has gone out. He watches Sriyanka from behind.
Sriyanka is wearing a red colored jamdani. Her hair is down to her waist. And she is wearing vermilion on her head. She looks at Sriyanka. She says to herself - You look very beautiful.
Meanwhile Shubhar's PC's daughter Lily comes home.
Boudi, what are you doing? - Sriyanka
This is Sriyanka
You are all ready Boudi-Lily
Hmm, let's go downstairs. Is everyone up? -Sriyanka
Saying yes, Lily looked around the room.
Grandpa, where is Boudi?-Lily
Sriyanka doesn't know what to answer. Just then Shubhra comes out.
What happened? - White
Sriyanka is surprised to see Shubhra. When did he come again.
Calling you down.-Lily
Lily is leaving. Sriyanka says - let me go with you.
Sriyanka leaves with Lily.
Shubhra stood for a while and left to freshen up.
Sriyanka In fact, everyone keeps saying to Sriyanka - how sweet you look.
Meanwhile, Mamata Devi came forward and said - you will not pay any attention to my chutki.
Saying this he bites Sriyanka's finger. Sriyanka just keeps looking.
Kalyan Babu sits next to Sriyanka and says - call us if you have any problem.
Sriyanka does not understand. Why do you call?
We will return to the country today. Chottu and you will stay here - Mamata Devi
Why don't you stay?-Sriyanka
We don't live here. We live here because Shubhura works. We live in the country.-Mamata Devi
But you---Sriyanka
What have you been doing since then? You say and mother says - Mamata Devi
Sriyanka doesn't say anything. Meanwhile Shubhra also comes.
Seeing Shubhra, Mamata Devi says-today we will leave. Be careful.
Shubhra-ma, I am telling you to stay here. And you are just saying to leave. Stay here.
No, we are right there. -Mamata Devi
But mother will not go today. She will go tomorrow. - Good
But---- Mamata Devi
None but not
Well, Mamata Devi
Kalyan Babu comes up from Sriyanka's side and says - you will not give any trouble to Chutki. If I find out, but----
Hmmm, absolutely. If I know that he is suffering from something, then you have news. - Mamata Devi
Shubhra looks at Sriyanka. And says to herself - I have already caused her a lot of trouble. I don't know how I can remove that trouble.
Meanwhile, Ashish's wife Neelima asks Sriyanka - do you know how to cook?
Sriyanka doesn't know what to answer. She can't cook that well.
Mamata Devi then said - why should he cook? Shubhra will cook. He used to live alone before. He has a habit.
Mamata Devi looked at Shubhra and said - what should I do?
Meanwhile, Sriyanka also looked at Shubhra. Shubhra looked at Sriyanka and said - Hm, I will do it.
Sriyanka lowered her eyes as she met Shubhra's eyes.
Breakfast is arranged. Mamata Devi asks Sriyanka what she would like to eat and prepares the food she likes.
Everyone sits down to eat. Neelima sits next to Sriyanka and Ashish sits next to Shuvra.
Neelima says to Sriyanka slowly - What gift did Grandpa give yesterday?
Sriyanka gets angry at Neelima's words. But she doesn't say anything. On the other hand, Ashish says to Shubhra - Why did you wake up so early today?
At first Shubhra can't understand the words. Why?
Ashish pretends to be a little surprised and says - why? Last night we were playing Ludo. So it was late to sleep. So I asked. Why did I get up so early.
Shubhra now understands the meaning of the words. As soon as he has put the food in his mouth, Ashish's words startle him. He starts coughing.
Mamata Devi offered the glass of water. Shubhra took the water. Shubhra could not think that Ashishada could ask such a thing.
Shubhra sees Sriyanka once. He sees her eating. He does not look at her for once. Ashish says - what are you talking about, grandfather.
Dad is so shy. Listen, I got married too. But I was not shy like you. - Ashish
Shubhra doesn't say anything. Stays silent. Looking at Sriyanka's hard expression, she doesn't say anything more.
The whole day passes. But Sriyanka talks to everyone with a smile. But for once she doesn't look at Shuvra. Seeing this, Shuvra sighs and leaves.
This evening, Ashish, Neelima, Lily, Shubhra and Sriyanka sit together and talk. But Sriyanka did not want to come, Neelima forced her. Again Jor sat next to Shubhra.
Neelima says if Sriyanka doesn't want to sit, don't be ashamed. I know you want to sit next to your grandfather.
Sriyanka no longer speaks.
Lily wishes everyone would play a singing battle together.
First Neelima sings-
                 Do you remember me?
                  I don't remember him.
Neelima continues to sing and Ashish listens. When Neelima finishes singing, Ashish says - It's very beautiful. Neelima gets shy after hearing that.
Ashish says - see I will sing with my own letters.
Everyone agrees. And says this will be like this. But Shubhra Sriyanka both are silent.
Ashish started singing-
                    Wear what I want
                    You are, you are
Ashish looks at Neelima and starts singing. Neelima gets shy and lowers her face. Shubhra also looks at Sriyanka. But Sriyanka is looking at the other side.
Now Lili also sings. Then it is Shubhra's turn. But Shubhra doesn't want to sing.
Neelima says - our grandfather will not sing. If one does not say.
At Neelima's words, Sriyanka looks at Shuvra angrily. Shuvra bows her head. And starts singing-
                 love love 
          This tune plays near and far on land and water 
                        Plays the flute 
                  love love
When Shuvra's song ends, Neelima Ashish and Lily clap their hands.
Ashish - I didn't know you sing so well.
Lily-Yes, very nice.
Now Sriyanka is asked to sing. But she doesn't sing at all. At the end, Lily says, "Dada, you sing for Boudi."
What do you do? - Ashish
Shubhra started singing-
              You were hiding in my heart
             I could not see
             I didn't get to see you
            You were hiding in my heart
Shubhra sings the entire song-
                  with all my love 
                  All hurt, all hope 
                  you were there for me
                  you were
Shubhra sings this line and then Sriyanka looks at Shubhra with a frown. Seeing Shubhra stops the song.
Why did Ashish-Thamli stop? It was so good.
White doesn't say anything.
Meanwhile, after Neelima, Ashish and Lily's song, it's Shubhrar's turn to sing again. But Lily says - Dada is no more, now she will sing Boudi. Please, please don't sing Boudi.
Sriyanka says I can't sing.
Lily-Sing as you can. We will listen.
Sriyanka can't do no more because she can doubt it.
He started singing-
                 Sakhi, Bhabna Kaare says
                Sakhi, Yatna Kahare says
                You say Day-Rajni,
                'Love' 'Love' ----
                Sakhi, how many love!
                What he is only suffering!
Sriyanka starts singing and Shubhra looks at Sriyanka.

Emotional love story episode 16

Sriyanka starts singing and Shubhra looks at Sriyanka.
Shubhra is surprised to hear Sriyanka's song. What is she singing! He tries to look into Sriyanka's eyes. But he can't. He lowers both eyes. Sriyanka's song ends.
You said you can't sing. What a beautiful song you sang.-Neelima
Yes, Boudi, your singing voice is very beautiful
Shubhra thought that the first day she stood outside the door and heard Sriyanka's song. Then the voice of the two songs were together so she did not understand.
Shubhra says in her heart - You sing very beautifully indeed.
Meanwhile, Ashish looked at Shubhra and said, "Why don't you say something? You have been listening with your heart so far."
Shubhra does not know what to answer.
What did you not hear? - Ashish 
Shubhra Amata started to amata.
I saw how you looked - Ashish 
Meanwhile Sriyanka doesn't say anything. She doesn't answer anyone's words.
Shubhra realizes that Sriyanka is getting angry.
Dada is shy to say in front of us.
Shubhra then says - very beautiful.
Everyone laughed at Shubhra's words and Sriyanka looked at Shubhra angrily and turned away.
Meanwhile Mamata Devi comes to call everyone for dinner.
Sriyanka comes to her and says - Why is she like that? Are you upset about home?
Hearing about Sriyanka's house, his heart gets upset. His eyes start burning. But he can't cry in front of everyone. So he lowers his head.
Mamata Devi sits next to Sriyanka and says - don't be upset. When you want, tell the little one and he will bring it.
A drop of water falls from Sriyanka's eyes. She wipes it somehow. But Shuvra's eyes don't avoid it. Shuvra is very sad to see Sriyanka.
Mamata Devi patted Sriyanka's head and said - I saw you so small but I was surprised when I saw you in the service. How big that day has become. I am very happy to have you.
Suddenly Sriyanka says - then why will you leave tomorrow?
Shubhra is surprised by Sriyanka's words.
Mamata Devi laughs and says - I don't like living in this city. It's very difficult to stay here after Sagnik leaves. I wouldn't even let Chhottu come. He is forced.
Sriyanka falls silent.
Mamata Devi says - don't worry. I will come again. If you are upset, I will tell Shubhra.
Sriyanka doesn't say anything.
Mamata Devi laughs and says, "What is the anger of my mother when she hears that I will leave?"
Mamata Devi cried saying this.
Sriyanka can no longer remain silent.
Why are you crying, I am fine.- Sriyanka 
Mamata Devi wipes her tears and says - you said it again.
Sriyanka looks at Mamata Devi's face.
What a re-Mamata Devi
Ok, I will call you Mani from now on - Sriyanka 
Neelima says - Mani is very beautiful. But again you said you.
Mamata Devi laughs and says - a crazy one.
Sriyanka also keeps smiling at Mitch. Meanwhile, Shubhra keeps looking at Sriyanka. How quickly he blends in with everyone.
Everyone goes to have dinner. Sriyanka and Shubhra go to their room after having dinner.
Sriyanka comes to the house and starts sleeping on the floor. Shuvra does not understand at first. Then she understands and says - why are you sleeping on the floor?
Sriyanka doesn't say anything.
What happened, you lie down on the bed. I am lying down
Sriyanka looks at Shuvra and says yes, you will say that. Finally sleep on the floor and talk to me later.
You think I'll do that-Shubra
You don't seem to mind. But you can do so much. It's beyond imagination. -Sriyanka
Shubhra becomes silent. What else to say.
Meanwhile, Sriyanka is taking the pillow. Shuvra then goes and takes the pillow away and says - you stay on top, I am lying on the bottom.
Sriyanka gets angry - tell me what you think. I will do whatever you say.
Saying this Sriyanka took the pillow from Shuvra and lay down.
Shubhra starts looking at Sriyanka. She says in her mind - she is getting angry at everything I am saying.
Seeing Shubhra, Sriyanka is lying down. After standing for a while, Shubhra also starts sleeping on the floor. Sriyanka gets more angry when he sees it. He gets up and says - what is going on?
Shubhra says while making the bed - you lie on top.
Sriyanka doesn't say anything. She goes to her place and sleeps. She sees Shuvra. She doesn't say anything. Shuvra also goes to bed like herself.
In such a place, the two should sleep on one side of the bed. If they turn to the other side, they will face each other.
Sriyanka did not understand. She turned to the other side. As soon as she saw Shubhra, she turned to the other side again. And started rumbling in anger. Meanwhile, Shubhra understood and turned to the other side.
Slowly both of them fell asleep. It was morning. Meanwhile, both of them turned to one side. The first to fall asleep was Shubrar. He looked at Sriyanka's face. But he couldn't stay long. Outside the door - it's grandfather, grandfather, it's eight o'clock.
Shubhra quickly gets up. He goes to open the door. But what did he think? He comes back. He comes to Sriyanka and says - get up.
But Sriyanka is asleep. Shubhra doesn't understand what to do. Two beds when she opens the door. Then what will happen. Again she calls Sriyanka. But Sriyanka doesn't get up. Shubhra decides what to do. But hesitates. She goes and comes back again and again. Meanwhile, Lily continues to call. So, seeing no other option, she picks up Sriyanka and puts her on the bed. Sriyanka remains asleep. Shuvra looks at Sriyanka. Removes the hair on her forehead. Sriyanka moves a little. Shuvra gets scared and backs away.
Lily is still calling from outside. Shuvra quickly opens the door after removing the two beds.
What the hell, come down. I've been calling since when. - Lily
I was in the washroom
Oo, Boudi-Lily
He is sleeping - white
You come quickly. Since when are we waiting-Lily
Saying this, Lily leaves. Meanwhile Shubhra sees Sriyanka still sleeping. What will she call. If she gets angry again.
Shubhra continues to think. He comes to Sriyanka and calls again saying that she is calling downstairs.
But this time Sriyanka got up and sat on the bed and said - what happened?
White-down everyone is calling.
Sriyanka rubs her eyes. Shuvra is going towards the washroom.
Then Sriyanka said loudly - how did I come up? I was sleeping downstairs.
Shubhra stood up after hearing it. But he did not look back. He said in his mind - it is done. What will happen this time.
Sriyanka comes in front of Shuvra and says - why are you silent? How did I go upstairs?
Shubhra Amata Amata says - how do I know?
Sriyanka-You know. You didn't pick me up and put me to bed.
White-No, I mean----
Sriyanka- tell the truth. what did you do.
Shubhra knows that she will get angry if she tells Sriyanka. Because she will not believe me. I have called her so many times. So she says - you know why.
Saying this she hurriedly entered the washroom. Srianka looked and wondered when I came upstairs.
Meanwhile Shubhra comes out. Sriyanka goes to talk then Shubhra takes the phone and starts calling who. Srianka can't say anything. He goes to get ready.
When Sriyanka leaves, Shubhra hangs up the phone and says, "Let's go. Uff, what will I do with this girl. Where does she keep so much anger?"
Both of them get ready and come downstairs. Meanwhile, when the breakfast is done, Shubhra's parents and everyone gets ready to leave.
Kalyan Babu and Mamata Devi say to Sriyanka - be careful.
Sriyanka is very sad thinking that they are leaving. And now he has to stay alone in this house.
Sriyanka shakes her head.
Shubhra is asked to take care of Sriyanka. Everyone leaves. Srianka goes to the room. She starts to feel bad. Meanwhile Shubhra goes to his study room. Even after getting a job, he couldn't give up his addiction to reading books. Also, he knows that Sriyanka won't talk to him. If you want to talk, you will get angry.
After sitting for a while, Sriyanka couldn't think of what to do. So she went to the balcony and stood up. She came back to the bed and sat down. Finally, she started moving around the room. She didn't understand. She entered Shuvra's study room. Shuvra stood up after seeing Srianka.
Say something, I mean you need something?
No, I have come by mistake. - Saying this, Sriyanka is leaving. She comes back and says - But I remember that I did not go and sleep on the bed alone.
Shubhra eats Virmi. Sriyanka still thinks she remembers. But doesn't say anything.
Sriyanka stands for a while looking at the books. Because Sriyanka loves to read books.
Shubhra sees Sriyanka and says - If you want to read, you can take it.
Sriyanka suddenly gets angry. She says no need. I don't need you for anything.
Saying this he comes to the house. Shuvra gets upset. He keeps looking at the book. He can't read. Meanwhile Sriyanka comes to the house.
But he can't think of what to do. He turns on the TV. But he turns it off again. Meanwhile, the call comes on Shubhar's phone. But he doesn't hear. He takes the phone and goes outside a little while saying hello, hello.
Meanwhile Sriyanka sees Shubhra going outside. She rushes to Shubhra's study room. Brings a good novel book of her choice. But she doesn't understand. Shubhra has come just as she was looking for the book. He sees her and stands behind.
Sriyanka leaves with the book. Shuvra says- so much anger on me. When I said you-----.
Shubhra takes a breath and says that's good. You have taken the book. I am happy about it.

Emotional love story episode 17

Shubhra takes a breath and says - that's good, you have taken the book. I am happy with that.
Shubhra goes inside the study room. Stands by the window. And thinks how to fix everything. Nothing comes to his mind.
After thinking a lot, Shubhra decides - no more, I will not convince him that I was right, I will convince him how much I love him. He told me about loving me. He explained it in different ways. But what did I understand that I love him. I could not explain it. I could not even say it. So now I will make him feel that I love him. So that he will come and talk about love. Well, can I?
Shubhra asks herself. Then she sits on the chair. Takes a book in hand.
Meanwhile, Sriyanka sat on the bed with the book. As if she had done something great. No one could catch it. And it was as if Anand was not catching. She opened the book and started reading.
Meanwhile, the afternoon passed.
Shubharar also does not care. He also went to another world after reading.
Mamata devi called. Shubhra regained consciousness. He picked up the phone and said - Yes, tell me. Have you reached?
Yes, what are you doing? - Mamata Devi
i--- this book
Mamata Devi does not let Shubhra finish his speech.
Are you reading a book! - Mamata Devi
No, mean-white, says Amata Amata.
Where is Chutki? - Mamata Devi
He seems to be white in that room
Did you leave him alone and sit down to read a book - Mamata Devi
White is silent.
This is what you have done - Mamata Devi
No, I mean Ma----Shubra
I understand what you are. You left the girl without food. What will you come and say that I am hungry - Mamata Devi
Shubhra understands that mother is angry.
You are angry. Ok I am going now-Shubra
Which is early.-Mamata Devi
Shubhra also says once-mom don't get angry.
Mamata devi-yeah, I am not angry. I will call later.
Saying this he hung up the phone.
After getting up Shubhra went to the front of the room and saw that Sriyanka had fallen asleep while reading a book. The book was open and Sriyanka was sleeping next to her.
Shubhra goes near. He is sleeping and will call later. Again he fell asleep without eating. So he comes closer to call.
Can you hear Sriyanka. This is Sri-Shuvra
Sriyanka sleeps better.
Get up and eat. You can hear this. - Good
Sriyanka wakes up. Alpa opens her eyes and looks.
After seeing Shubhra, he got up quickly.
Come eat - Sriyanka 
I will not eat.-Sriyanka
Please don't do this. If you don't eat, your body will get sick. - Shubhru
What about you? You go - Sriyanka
Meanwhile, Shuvra's mother called again.
Shubhra picks up the phone and says - Yes, tell me 
Mamata devi-what the hell are you going to eat? Where is Chutki? Give her the phone.
The white phone moves to Sriyanka.
Sriyanka looks curious.
Mom, wants to talk to you. - Good
Sriyanka touches Shuvra's hand while taking the phone. Hastily removes her hand. Shuvra understands and puts the phone down.
Sriyanka takes the phone and says - Yes, give me money.
Have you eaten yet? - Mamata Devi
Sriyanka remains silent.
Listen, it's your home. So eat when you feel hungry. One person doesn't have a name for food. Reading a book doesn't have an appetite. So if you don't want to eat, you eat. - Mamata Devi
Sriyanka listens silently but doesn't say anything.
What did you hear? - Mamata Devi
Sriyanka now says - Well, Mani
All right, eat what both of you eat.-Mamata Devi
Mamata Devi hangs up the phone. Sriyanka hangs up the phone. Shubhra takes the phone.
White-you come.
Saying this, he leaves the room. And Sriyanka also tears in her eyes. Sriyanka doesn't notice that Shubhra is seeing that she brought the book. Because the book was next to her.
Shubhra came to the kitchen and started looking at the food. Mamata devi had made the food and left it in the fridge. After getting the job, she bought a small fridge herself. Because she got a very good job. Mine is also very good. So after getting the job, she did a lot of things. Bought a house, that too the house. New. Did a lot more.
Shubhra used to prepare food once and put it in the fridge. And then heat it up and eat it. But not in the microwave. Ashis got the microwave in the marriage and set it in the kitchen. So Shubhra came and started heating it.
Sriyanka comes and stands. Shuvra doesn't see it. She heats the food and lights the gas. To make egg poach for both of them.
Seeing Sriyanka says - I can do mine.
Shubhra takes one look at Sriyanka and says - I am doing it.
Sriyanka came to me and said, look, you can't act like a good person. I said I will do it.
Shubhra doesn't say anything more. He takes a poached egg and moves away. He stands far away.
Sriyanka goes to make egg poach, but it is not egg poach. When she picks it up on the plate, she sees Shubhra looking at her. Srianka does not say anything. She goes to the table and sits down. Shubhra also sits. remains
Shubhra looks on. Sriyanka is looking very sweet. She keeps looking at that. Sriyanka is wearing a yellow saree. Her hair is loose. Some hair falls in front. And the gray head still indicates that she is newly married. In her hand is Shankha, Pala and Filled with theft. His squealing sound is heard. The more he moves his hand, the louder it gets.
Shubhra sees Sriyanka put the egg on her cheek. And immediately Sriyanka's face becomes different. And she drinks the water. Shubhra realizes that the egg has too much salt.
Meanwhile Shubhra can't say anything.
Shubhra says to eat - there are eggs there, you can fry them.
Sriyanka looks at Shuvra and says - why?
There is too much salt in your eggs
Who said the salt is too much? -Sriyanka says angrily.
When Shubhra goes to say something, Sriyanka says, "I didn't talk to you about anything. How many times do you have to tell me. You don't talk to me."
Shubhra goes silent.
Sriyanka eats and leaves. Shubhra looks at Sriyanka leaving and says - You are very angry. I will break this anger.
Sriyanka comes to the house and sleeps. Meanwhile, Shuvra also comes to the other room and sleeps. But he does not sleep.
After a while Shubhra falls asleep. Sleep breaks towards evening. Meanwhile Sriyanka wakes up and stands on the balcony.
Shubhra gets up and freshens up. Then she comes to another room and sees that Sriyanka is not there. She gets scared. While walking around the room, she sees Sriyanka. She doesn't say anything. She comes out of the room. She goes to the study room again.
Sriyanka comes from the balcony and blocks the window of the room. She is very afraid of ghosts. Although she is in a separate room in her house, her sister sleeps with her at night. Very rarely she sleeps alone in the room. When she gets angry, she is also afraid of her. gave
Sitting on the bed, he opens the book of the novel. But before reading, he keeps looking here and there. When he hears a noise somewhere, he suddenly gets scared when his phone rings. He sees that his father has called.
Hello, how are you mother. - Subrata Babu.
Sriyanka comes by the throat. She also manages herself and says - I am fine, how are you?
I am fine, mother. - Subrata Babu
Meanwhile, Sriyanka's sister and mother say they will talk. Sriyanka talks. Then Subrata takes Babu's phone and says - where is Chottu? Don't give him a little.
Sriyanka doesn't understand what to say. So she takes the phone and starts looking for Shuvra.
What is the matter - Subrata Babu
Yes, father, I am giving - Sriyanka
Sriyanka was searching and saw Shubhra. Seeing Sriyanka, Shubhra came forward.
Sriyanka puts the phone forward. Shubhra holds the phone and puts it to her ear. Shubhra knows that if she touches the phone, Sriyanka will
So he took the phone very seriously.
How are you, little one, Subrata Babu
Shubhra realizes who called.
Yes, I'm fine. How are you? - Good
We are fine. I say take care of Sriyanka. What is she crying? - Subrata Babu
Shubhra looks at Sriyanka and sees Sriyanka looking around the room.
Yes, that's fine. You don't have to worry. - Good
Well, ok. Be careful. - Subrata Babu
Subrata Babu hangs up the phone. Subrata Babu says to Shubhra. Now Shubhra has grown up so you can't tell.
Shubhra forwards the phone to Sriyanka and says - the phone
Sriyanka looks at Shuvra's words and then leaves with the phone.
Meanwhile, night comes. Dinner is not prepared. Shuvra goes to the kitchen. Sriyanka will ask what to eat. But again if she says she will prepare her own food. Shuvra does not go to ask anymore.
Make egg curry.
         Nayan kisses the dream in half sleep.
         Calm and calm.
        The shadow of the forest is nothing but a companion of the mind--
      By the side of the road without wanting to sit back and back--
Shubhra went to the front of the room and saw Sriyanka lying on her back. The book was placed in front of her. And she was humming.
Shubhra looks at Sriyanka and does not call him even once. Shubhra likes Sriyanka's expression very much. On the other hand, Sriyanka suddenly turns her eyes towards Shubhra while singing, sits up quickly and hides the book.
Come eat white.
This goes on.
Sriyanka hides the book and leaves. Goes and sees that the food is ready.
I will cook my own food - Sriyanka
Eat it today. Will make it yourself from the next day. - Good
Sriyanka keeps saying no, no. But she is very hungry so she says - ok. I will cook my food from next day.
Shubhara shook her head.
Sriyanka and Shubhra sit down to eat. Sriyanka takes her own plate and starts eating. Shubhra looks on.
On the other hand Sriyanka said while eating - I didn't have to eat very well. Very bad to eat.
Shubhra looks surprised.

Emotional Love Story Episode 18

Sriyanka said while eating and eating - I didn't eat well at all. Very bad to eat.
Shubhra looks surprised. The food seems to stick in his throat. Meanwhile, Sriyanka comes to the house and starts to lie down. Shubhra comes and says - you don't have to sleep below.
Saying this, Shubhra leaves. Sriyanka lies down on the bed. But she does not sleep. Sriyanka is afraid of her alone in a room she does not know. She does not turn off the light. She closes her eyes with difficulty. Meanwhile, when a nearby dog ​​calls, Sriyanka sits up. Sits upright. Meanwhile, a strong wind blows outside. It starts making noise in the closed windows. Sriyanka gets up from the bed. Goes to the window and looks carefully at the window cracks. But everything is fine. Again she sits on the bed. Beside. He took the bed cover and wrapped it and lay down. But he did not close his eyes. He tossed from side to side. Meanwhile, he began to sweat due to the wrapping. Finally, he sat up.
Sriyanka kept saying - it seems like a ghost's house. Baba Go where did I fall?
Saying this, Sriyanka folded her hands and bowed.
So leaving me alone. I understand. So I'm scared. Where is the bad guy. I can't sleep here. And maybe he's sleeping for fun. -Sriyanka kept saying to herself.
It's fun.- Saying this, he opened the door, turned on the torch of his mobile phone and started walking slowly towards the other room. And sometimes he looked back.
Meanwhile, Shubhra fell asleep. She was sitting in the study room for a long time. Then she came home.
Sriyanka goes in front of Shubhra's house and knocks on the door. But she doesn't say anything. But Shubhra is in deep sleep. She doesn't hear. Meanwhile, Sriyanka's condition is very bad. She stands outside the door and starts sweating and bangs on the door.
Uff, I don't like it anymore. So much Kumbhakarna. - Sriyanka said while standing outside the door.
Meanwhile he can't even turn on the lights. He can't find where the switch is.
Sriyanka now knocks on the door loudly. It wakes up Shubhra. He gets up in a hurry and turns on the light. He can't understand what happened. Meanwhile, the knocking gets louder. Shubhra goes and opens the door. He is a little surprised to see Sriyanka in front of him.
What did you think was a ghost.-Sriyanka
No, but-white
Hey, listen, you didn't know there are ghosts in this house.- Saying this he passed Shuvhra and entered Shuvhra's room.
Shubhra was more surprised.
What did you know?-This Sriyanka started looking around the room with fear. As if the ghost is nearby.
Ghost! What are you talking about?
Yes, yes, ghost. That's why you tell me to be alone. So that I die of fear. -Sriyanka
Listen, don't do anything. I know what you want. So I will stay here. -Sriyanka
Shubhra does not understand what to say.
Well, you stay in this room. I'm going to another room
Sriyanka suddenly shouts no, you will stay in this room too.
Shubhra listens and looks at Sriyanka.
Why are you looking at me like that? I know you want me to be scared. But I'm not. You stay here. -Sriyanka
But you are the one who said it
Yes, I said. But now I am saying this. - Sriyanka
But where to sleep? Here is the only white bed
Why! Down. I'll lie down. You're in bed. -Sriyanka
One more thing.-Shuvro gets a little angry.
Don't be angry with me at all.-Sriyanka
Shubhra says in a calm voice - If you lie down like this, you will get cold.
Nothing will happen.-Sriyanka
Then you stay up-white
Sriyanka looks at Shuvra with angry eyes.
Shubhra says nothing more. He goes downstairs from the other room to fetch the bedding. Then Sriyanka does this once near the door and once in the room.
Shubhra brings everything. Sriyanka takes the bed like herself. Meanwhile, Shubhra also continues to bed downstairs. Srianka comes to Shubhra and says - How much more will you act. I don't feel good anymore. You won't get any work in this act. You understand, so you Lie down on it.
Saying this, Sriyanka goes to her place. And lies down. Shuvra looks at her. Then she also lies down. But she does not want to fall asleep.
Shubhra wakes up early in the morning. Sriyanka is still asleep. She looks at Sriyanka's face. Then she laughs thinking about last night.
Shubhra says in his mind - So much fear! But this fear has done a job. You and I are in one room.
Shubhra doesn't sit for long. Because he has office today. He didn't take long leave. He leaves to freshen up.
Meanwhile, Sriyanka also gets up. She will also go to university. She gets ready in a hurry and comes downstairs.
Shubhra is busy cooking.
Stands a little away and says - I will cook myself.
Shubhra takes one look at Sriyanka. But he doesn't say anything because he understands that there is no use in preventing.
Shuvra finishes cooking. She goes to the room. When Shuvra leaves, Sriyanka enters the kitchen. She doesn't know what to do. She looks around the kitchen. What is there. Suddenly a pasta cutter catches her eye. Sriyanka happily takes the pasta cutter.
That's what I'll do. Pasta is easy to make. -Sriyanka says to herself.
But she has never made pasta. She started thinking what to do. She came to her mind. She hurriedly brought her mobile phone and started looking at the recipe of pasta. But it doesn't mean that the pasta will be beautiful just by looking at it. Because even if Sriyanka lets the pasta boil in water, it doesn't take long. The pasta remains raw. That's how she makes the pasta. When the pasta is done, Sriyanka says - Oof, how beautiful it looks. I didn't know that I can cook so well.
Meanwhile, Shubhra comes ready to go to office. Sriyanka sits down to eat her own pasta.
Sriyanka gives the pasta in his mouth with great joy. But he can understand how good he is in cooking. But Shubhra is in front of him so he starts eating. But Shubhra realizes that it is not good to eat pasta. He will say something. He remembers what Sriyanka said last night. So he does not say anything. Shubhru has to make other arrangements. Otherwise, Sriyanka will never eat. Meanwhile, Sriyanka eats hard salted pasta with a lot of difficulty. And sometimes Shubhru wants food prepared by Shubhru. Because Shubhru can cook well. And the smell is also beautiful.
Shuvra gets fed up. He starts taking out the bike. After getting a job, he bought an old bike. He goes back and forth on it. Sriyanka also starts going out. Shuvra realizes that Sriyanka will go.
Sriyanka is handed a house key. Sriyanka takes it.
Shubhra says to Sriyanka- you will be late to get the car from here. Come on I will drop you.
Cars are rarely available from Shubhra's house. And Sriyanka has to change two cars to go to college. So Shubhra says this to Sriyanka.
Sriyanka heard - I will go in your car! How did you think that?
Look, you will have trouble getting a car from here. It will also make you late to go to college
Sriyanka gets angry and says why are you doing this? I don't feel good. How many times I told you don't say anything about me. You have no right.
Shubhra goes silent. Meanwhile Sriyanka stands. Not a single car comes. Shubhra doesn't say anything. But she doesn't go either. After a while a car is seen coming.
Sriyanka says - I will not get the car again.
When the car came in front Sriyanka stopped and got up. Shuvro also left with the car.
Sriyanka University is actually surrounded by everyone. They keep asking many things. They are very curious about her marriage. But Sriyanka is silent.
Everyone says - why did he come today?
But Sriyanka doesn't say anything. Even though the class starts, Sriyanka doesn't pay attention. Her stomach starts running. Meanwhile, Sriyanka gets hungry. She goes to tiffin canteen and eats chicken burger to get peace.
Meanwhile Shubhra comes to the office and starts worrying about Sriyanka. She is weak without eating anything. It's time for college vacation. Sriyanka returns home. Along comes Moni, Suparna, Rahul and Mampi. To see Sriyanka's house. Sriyanka is also happy.
Everyone comes and asks Sriyanka when Shubhra will come. But Sriyanka can't say.
Everyone started chatting. When evening came Shubhra also came.
Sir, how are you? - Seeing Shuvra, Moni spoke first.
Yes, I'm fine. You? - Good
Shubhra comes fresh. Then everyone gets up saying they will leave.
Shubhra says - Hey, where are you going? Just go to the mouth?
Rahul-But sir----
Hey boss, boss. I am coming.
Mumpi says - how angry sir used to be. But how good sir.
Moni-Yes Ray.
Sriyanka listens to them. Meanwhile, Shubhra goes to the kitchen and makes pasta for everyone and comes back in a while.
Rahul saw - did you make it sir?
Shubhra hears this and laughs. Everyone starts eating. Sriyanka too. Can't say no in front of everyone. Sriyanka realizes that her morning pasta was not pasta at all after mouthing the pasta. But feels angry. Shubhra made pasta to insult her. I didn't think so.
Meanwhile, Rahul said while eating - I will tell you something, sir.
Hmmm, ball-white
Sir, can I call you grandfather instead of sir?-Rahul
Shubhra laughs and says - of course. I don't teach you anymore.
Everyone agrees to Rahul's words. Everyone leaves. And Sriyanka goes to her room and Shubhra goes to the study room. Sriyanka does not eat anything at night. And Shubhra also does not eat anything when Sriyanka does not eat.
The next morning, Sriyanka's father calls them to go. Shubhra says he will go in the evening. Meanwhile Shubhra leaves the office. Sriyanka does not go to college today. She is not happy to go home. But she does not know what to do from home. Meanwhile, she does not eat the food prepared by Shubhra. Even if he makes something himself, he cannot give it to his mouth.
Shubhra comes back a little early today. He sees Sriyanka getting ready. Shubhra also leaves to freshen up. He hears Sriyanka's voice while coming out of the washroom.
Sriyanka says to herself - I don't like it. Where did it get stuck. All my hair is tearing.
Shubhra sees that Sriyanka's necklace is tied in her hair. And Sriyanka is pulling. She can't get rid of anything. After watching for a long time, Shubhra comes forward and says - What can I do to help?
Sriyanka looks at Shuvra and says no need.
Saying this again he tries to leave but can't.
Shubhra says again - move your hand, I am fixing it.
Sriyanka realizes that she can't do it. She takes her hand away. Shuvra comes behind Sriyanka and starts removing her back hair. On the other hand, Sriyanka closes her eyes at Shubhra's touch. Shubhra starts untying the necklace. Shubhra's hand touches Sriyanka again and again. .
It has been said that the white rate has been exceeded.
Shubhra's words opened Sriyanka's eyes and looked at each other through the mirror. Both of them were looking at each other's eyes. Sriyanka's heart was pounding. Sriyanka could not look any longer. As she hurriedly left, she bumped into Shubhra's back. Shubura takes it. Sriyanka closes her eyes.
Sriyanka looks away. Shuvra says - remember what I said?
Sriyanka is surprised and says what 
Three times about this. I have said before and once but then----Shuvro
Sriyanka understands what she is saying. Shubhra catches her thrice with this.
I didn't want to wear it. And why were you standing near me?-Sriyanka
Who beat the loss? - White
Sriyanka is leaving without saying anything. Then Shubhra says - if it happens one more time, I will not leave.
Sriyanka looks back and says - what to do?
I'll see what I do. - Good
But you are too extravagant----Sriyanka
Shubhra doesn't let Sriyanka finish. She says it's getting late. What do you want to go? You can stay if you don't want to.
Saying this, Shuvra leaves the room. Sriyanka starts fuming in anger.
Sriyanka also comes out of the room. Both leave the house. Meanwhile, Sriyanka is surprised to see Shuvra.
What about the bike?-Sriyanka
Why? We will go by bike. - Good
What! Bike! I won't go on a bike.-Sriyanka
Oh, then you go in another car. I will go by bike. And if you ask something there, you will say why we went separately.- Shubhru
Hmm, now see what to do. - Good
Saying this, Shubhra sits on the bike. Sriyanka stands silently. Her eyes and face turn red in anger.

Emotional love story episode 19

Sriyanka stands silently. Her face turns red in anger. She pretends not to see Shuvra.
What happened to go? Or I will go. - Good
I said I will not go.-Sriyanka
Ok, then I am going, you come.-Shubra started the bike saying this.
Sriyanka says - are you really leaving?
No, I am starting the bike like this. I have a sudden desire. Well, what is your problem? If you say this, go away. And now----.- Saying this, Shubhra got off the bike and looked at Sriyanka.
We can also go in another car.-Sriyanka said with her head down.
No, I can't go. If you have a car, why another car? You can go in another car. - Saying this, Shubhra goes to get on the bike, then Sriyanka says - I will go.
Shubhra looked at Sriyanka and said - what?
Sriyanka angrily says don't pretend not to hear at all. I agreed to go because----
Without letting Sriyanka's words end Shubhra says- I know what the people of the house will think if you agree.
Sriyanka nods her head and says - Rightly said.
Shubhra sits on the bike. Meanwhile, Sriyanka says that she will get up, but she hesitates.
What happened?
Sriyanka looks at Shuvra and says - you can drive it.
White-hmm, trust me a little.
Sriyanka's eyes got stuck in Shubhra's eyes. Sriyanka quickly removed her eyes and sat on the bike. Shubhra started the bike. Meanwhile, Sriyanka was not holding anything. Suddenly the bike went forward, she grabbed Shubhra in fear. But she moved again.
Shubhra notices it. Shubhra feels good. His first love is his wife who is so close to him today. But Shubhra thinks Sriyanka is not sitting by her own will. She is sitting because of what everyone thinks.
Shubhra continues to ride the bike. But sometimes the road is so bad that Sriyanka sometimes catches Shubhra for fear of falling behind.
Shubhra stood a little before Sriyanka's house. Sriyanka said - Why did you stop?
Shubhra doesn't say anything. She goes to a sweet shop nearby and comes back in a while. Meanwhile, Sriyanka sees a fuchkar shop next door and can't handle the temptation anymore.
Sriyanka leaves before Shubhra can say anything. Shubhra also goes back and forth.
Sriyanka goes to Fuchka's shop and says - Kaku will make Jhal jhal.
Shubhra understands the reason for Sriyanka's coming here. Seeing Shubhra, Sriyanka starts talking like a child. 
Seeing Sriyanka, the man from the secondhand shop said - Hey didi bhai. How long did you come?
Sriyanka-Yes, Kaku, I miss your shop very much.
Meanwhile, the man takes a good look at Sriyanka and says, Didi Bhai, when did you get married? How sweet you look.
Sriyanka looked at Shuvra and turned back to the other side.
The man looked at Shubhra and said - this is grandpa?
Saying this, he looks at Sriyanka. What will Sriyanka do? She shakes her head. Seeing Shuvra, Sriyanka does not want to say anything. Shuvra is very sad.
Meanwhile, the man starts giving sriyanka puffs. Srianka once says no jhal to give jhal. Again she says less sour. That's how she continues to eat puffs. Shuvra is surprised. Suddenly the man says - grandpa, you don't eat too?
White - no, no, ok.
Hey, don't try it. Aunty eats my puffs from here. Try it, you'll like it. - The man
Hearing the man's words, Sriyanka looks at Shuvra. Sriyanka turns to the other side as she meets the eyes of the two.
What's up grandpa, here it is. - The man
The man passes the bowl of betel leaves towards Shuvra. Shuvra doesn't do it anymore. The man keeps puffing. Shubhra realizes after taking one that it is very difficult for him to take a second puff on his cheek. But Sriyanka keeps saying more jhal jhal. And Shuvra takes one puff. Smoke starts coming out of his ears. But what will he say in front of everyone. He won't eat jhal! He can't speak clearly. After taking a few puffs, his condition is bad. He just keeps looking at Sriyanka as if there is no puff in the puff.
He gave another puff on his cheek and it was so hot that he said - I won't eat anymore. Give it to him.
Why grandfather? - The man
No, no, your phuchka is good to eat. I can't eat anymore
Meanwhile, Sriyanka also says that she will not eat anymore. Both of them are leaving with the money. Suddenly Shubhra steps loudly and comes to the bike and starts looking for a water bottle. But does not find it. Sriyanka sees that Shubhra's eyes are red. Meanwhile, Shubhra starts touching the things kept inside the bike.
Sriyanka just says - let's go.
Shubhra just hums in her mouth. But she keeps looking for a water bottle. Sriyanka realizes and puts the water bottle forward from her bag. Shubhra takes a gulp and eats it.
Sriyanka-When you can't eat Jhal, then what is the need to eat Fuchka.
Shubhra looks at Sriyanka and says - don't just call her Jhal.
Sriyanka-What Jhal doesn't say. So what does it say.
Shubhra says in her mind - He is angry at the tip of his nose, what is wrong with him in this situation.
What is Sriyanka?
White spots, no spots. Very sweet to eat.
Sriyanka narrowed her eyes and snatched the water bottle from Shuvra's hand and said - why do you drink water?
Shubhra - you don't know, only drink water when it stings. When the sweet is pierced in the chest, you still have to drink water.
Sriyanka is angry.
Shubhra realizes that the situation is bad.
Shubhra and Sriyanka went home. Seeing Srianka, his mother got tears in her eyes. Subrata babu started talking with Shubhra in the room. And Shatrupa Devi had already prepared food for daughter-in-law. Shatrupa Devi brought Shubhra on a plate of luchi, potato dum.
So much! I can't eat
You can. - Subrata Babu
No, I really can't eat. Besides, time to come------ Good
Saying this he looks at Sriyanka.
What time to come - Subrata Babu
Meanwhile, Srirupa says, Didi and Subhrada have eaten fuchka when they came.
Fuchka! How did you know? - Shatrupa Devi
Hey, didi came and said, "You know, what a wonderful dish Kaku Fuchkata has made today. So I thought, Shubhradao----Srirupa."
Oo, but Mr. Tui kire brought the boy to eat phuchka. And now he can eat something.-Subrata Babu
Meanwhile, Sriyanka is getting angry. She keeps saying in her mind - as if I had talked about eating her. What a danger. All the blame is mine now!
Shubhra says no, it's fine. Not for that. I can't eat so much.
Sriyanka goes to Shubhra's room. When Shubhra finishes eating, Srirupa brings Shubhra to Sriyanka's room. Sriyanka has changed her dress and goes to say something when Shubhra sees that Srirupa is there.
Hey sister, what a beautiful breeze it is outside. Let's go to the roof. - Srirupa
No, I won't go. - Sriyanka
Subhrada will you go?-Srirupa
Why don't you go? I'm going to change the dress
Saying ok, Srirupa leaves.
Sriyanka is also sitting silently. Shubhra changes and leaves the washroom without saying anything. Sriyanka is very angry. She didn't want to go but Srirupa told Shubhra to leave and she thinks to leave Didi and take care of others now. Time will come, I will tell you fun.
Srirupa and Shubhra come and sit on the terrace. Srirupa talks a lot. Shubhra smiles and nods. Meanwhile Sriyanka goes to her father.
Subrata Babu saw Sriyanka and called to her - Shri sit here.
Sriyanka says arrogantly - I remembered. I thought you forgot me.
Subrata Babu laughed at the girl's words. He put his hand on the girl's head and said - the little boy is very good sir. I knew his parents would raise him well.
Sriyanka remains silent.
What are you happy Mr. Subrata Babu
Yes, father I am happy.- Saying this he put his head on his father's lap.
Meanwhile, the night falls. Shatrupa Devi arranges dinner and calls everyone. Sitting at the dinner table, Srirupa says - Well, Subhrada, who cooks in your house?
Subrata Babu - why do you know what to do?
Look, father, my sister can cook very well, so I want to know what she cooked for Subhrada.-Srirupa
Subrata Babu and Shatarupa Devi kept laughing at Srirupa's words.
Sriyanka- it's yours. And dad you are also smiling.
Shubhra started looking at Sriyanka.
Subrata Babu-No, I didn't laugh. Saying this he laughed again
Everyone is done eating. Sriyanka and Shubhra come to the house.
Sriyanka says you lie on the bed. I am lying on the sofa.
There is a small sofa in the room. But you cannot sleep on the sofa. The sofa is very small.
White-can you sleep there?
Sriyanka lies down without saying anything. Shubhra also lies down on the bed. But he keeps looking at Sriyanka and can't sleep properly. But he doesn't say anything. Shubhra falls asleep while looking at Sriyanka.
In the morning, Shuvra woke up. But he didn't see Sriyanka. No one woke up after leaving the house. Shuvra thought, where did Sriyanka go? When she searched, she found Sriyanka standing on the roof. Shuvra thought maybe she couldn't sleep the whole night. So----. Shuvra It's very sad to see. She slowly stands next to Sriyanka. Sriyanka didn't know. Suddenly, while putting her hand on the railing, Shuvra's hand falls. Srianka looks at Shuvra. Shuvra sees that Sriyanka is wearing a purple saree. A light sheet is wrapped around her. It is clear from his eyes that he could not sleep all night. Meanwhile, Sriyanka is looking at Shuvra.
When Sriyanka regains consciousness after Shubhra's words, she quickly moves her hand away. Then Shubhra says from behind - I know I have wronged you. But why do you hate standing next to me?
Sriyanka does not look back.
What happened. I am so angry. - Shuvra
Sriyanka turns to Shuvra and says - Please don't feel good. Keep these words.
Shubhra comes to Sriyanka and says - why Sri. Why are these things going on. Why don't you want to listen to me. Why say Sri. I also have something to say.
Sriyanka realizes Shuvra is calling her Sri.
What is ball-white?
Sriyanka smiles a little. Shubhra looks on.
What will I hear? You will say one thing that you love me. So---- Sriyanka
White is silent.
Believe me. I don't believe in love anymore. It hurts to hear the name of this love. - Sriyanka
Shubhra-I know Shri but----
Sriyanka doesn't let Shuvra finish. Says-don't call me Sri. I don't like it. You don't have right to call me by that name.
Shubhra says - one day you said to call me by that name. What didn't you say?
I made a mistake. And I will not do that mistake. I can't bear the hurt anymore. That one mistake in life that changed my life. You were right that day - Sriyanka 
Shubhra sees tears in Sriyanka's eyes. Shubhra goes to say something and Sriyanka leaves. Shubhra looks away. After a while she comes down. She has an office. But Sriyanka will be here tomorrow and will go home. When Shubhra tells her to come to fetch Sriyanka, Sriyanka refuses.
Shubhra will leave but sees Sriyanka very quiet.
Shubhra goes out to the office. And Sriyanka comes home and sits quietly. Even though Shubhra goes to the office, her mind seems to be restless. Every time she remembers the words of the morning and Sriyanka's face, she feels pain in her chest. Meanwhile, Sriyanka remains silent even though she is at home. Does not talk to him. At night he cannot sleep properly. Next evening he comes to Shuvra's house.
Sriyanka comes to see what Shubhra is doing in the kitchen. She is very happy to see Sriyanka. Sriyanka meets Shubhra's eyes and comes home.
In the night, Shubhra came to call Sriyanka after making dinner and saw Sriyanka standing near the window. Shubhra was leaving without saying anything, then Sriyanka said - I won't eat anything. You eat.
Shubhra leaves without saying anything. Sriyanka sleeps on the same bed as herself. Shubhra also sleeps without eating that night.
Sriyanka wakes up late in the morning. She is going to come to the kitchen to freshen up and prepare food for herself. Then she hears Shuvra talking to someone.
Coming in front of the kitchen and seeing what Shubhra was saying to a bride. Sriyanka stood and watched.
Daughter-in-law says - Well grandpa, I will call you if I don't find anything.
White is fine.
Daughter-in-law goes to the kitchen. Sriyanka is standing when she sees Shuvra. She comes and says - she will do the cooking and other housework from now on. You can tell her what you want to eat today.
Saying this, Shubhra leaves. Sriyanka goes to the kitchen. Bauti sees Sriyanka and says - Hey Baudi Moni, you have come.
Sriyanka smiles a little.
Well, Baudi Moni, what will you eat? - Bauti
Whatever you make.-Sriyanka
I will make what! But Dadababu said that he will eat what you want to eat. He did not say anything different for himself. - Daughter-in-law
Sriyanka is surprised but doesn't say anything.
Mother-in-law, you are newly married, aren't you?
Sriyanka turns around and says - well, what is your name?
Daughter-in-law laughs and says - what about the name?
I will call you by some name. If you don't tell me the name, what will I call you? - Sriyanka
You call me Rama di.- said daughter-in-law.
Well, did he bring you Rama di?-Sriyanka asked the question with a lot of hesitation.
Yes, Boudimani. I work next door. Boudi there said that this grandpa is looking for someone. Kal told him. So I heard---Rama 
Sriyanka thinks that Shubhra has brought Rama for him. Or so. Meanwhile Shubhra realized that Sriyanka will not eat the food from his hand. So he returns home and makes this arrangement.
Meanwhile, Rama's food is ready. Both Shuvra and Sriyanka get ready for the bar. Rama leaves. Sriyanka has to go to college a little before the bar is early today. The bar is rushed but does not get any car. Shuvra also leaves. Seeing Sriyanka. Standing and repeatedly looking at the watch.

Emotional love story episode 20

Sriyanka stands and looks at her watch again and again. Shuvra also stands. She is also getting late. Meanwhile Sriyanka stands and can't go. Seeing Sriyanka, she realizes that she has to leave early today. But no car is coming. Shuvra doesn't know what to do. He thinks that his class will start. After a long time, when the car does not come, Shubhra comes forward.
I'm telling you that you're getting late
When Sriyanka turns to Shuvhra on Shuvra's words, Shuvra doesn't finish the conversation. Shuvra is getting late. So she has nothing to do. She decides to go. Sriyanka takes one look at Shubhra and then looks at the road. Really she is getting late. But what to do. Today's class is very important. If not, she will be in trouble. So she turns back to Shubhra after thinking of all directions. Sriyanka sees Shubhra and is ready to go. Start on the bike. Deve. Sriyanka walks slowly.
I have an important class. If not----.So what am I saying----.-Sriyanka lowers her head and speaks cutly.
Shuvra finds it hard to believe. He stares at Sriyanka for a while.
Sit up. - White
Sriyanka sits up without delaying Shubhra's words. She is getting late. So she doesn't stand anymore. When Srianka sits down, Shubhra starts the bike and goes out.
Both of them are silent. After a long journey, Sriyanka suddenly says - Why is Rama suddenly employed like this?
Shubhra is shocked by Sriyanka's words but he has no difficulty in understanding what Sriyanka is trying to say. So Shubhra does not say anything.
What happened, you are not saying anything?-Sriyanka 
Shubhra does not say anything. Meanwhile Shubhra stops the car as the university has arrived. Sriyanka did not realize that he has come.
Why did you stop?-Sriyanka
Your university has arrived
Sriyanka sees it really. She gets down. But as she leaves she says again - you didn't answer my question.
Shubhra looks into Sriyanka's eyes and says - some things have to be understood. Not everything can be said by mouth.
Sriyanka is surprised by Shuvra's words and looks at Shuvra. Meanwhile, Shubra turns away from Sriyanka and starts the bike. Sriyanka also stands. She watches Shuvra go.
Why are you standing here like this?-Moni says to Sriyanka.
Sriyanka regained consciousness at Moni's words.
Oh you. - Sriyanka
Yes, come on, it's getting late. - Money
Yes come on.-Sriyanka
Both of them go to the class. It's an off class. So everyone starts talking like everyone else. But Sriyanka sits silently. The class she came to do doesn't even enter her mind. All the time Shubhra's words are going through her mind. Still she Thinking about that.
Sriyanka is thinking what was said. What is the meaning of the words. I don't like it. I can't bear to talk so much. Meanwhile, Sriyanka's head hurts. The body feels bad. It seems that fever will come.
It was bound to happen. If he sleeps on the floor for a few days, his body will deteriorate. Because he has no habit. Meanwhile, if his body deteriorates, he returns home. When he arrives, he sees a doctor and buys medicine. After coming home, he falls asleep after taking the medicine. Shuvra returns home. Sriyanka came home and found her sleeping. She didn't call and left.
Meanwhile, after a long time Sriyanka doesn't respond, he comes home. He comes to Sriyanka. Sriyanka is still sleeping. Suddenly he sees the medicine on the table next to the bed. He picks up the medicine. He understands everything by seeing the prescription. Shuvra thinks. She is Sriyanka. He goes to try to put his hand on her. But she does not give her hand.
Sriyanka, are you ok?
But Sriyanka does not wake up. She is afraid of Shuvra.
What is this Sriyanka why are you not talking?-Shuvra
Sriyanka wakes up. She looks. Seeing Shuvra, she slowly sits up. She holds her head a little.
Your body is bad. Why didn't you tell me?
Sriyanka looks towards Shuvra.
I am fine.-Sriyanka pressed her forehead saying this.
Shubhra says - are you okay?
Hmm, I'm fine. You go. -Sriyanka speaks without turning to Shuvra. She has a headache and doesn't want to talk.
Shubhra understands and leaves. Meanwhile, Rama has also come to cook for the night.
Shubhra goes and says - Make a cup of Ramadi tea with ginger.
Rama-Ok Dada Babu. I will give it to you.
Shuvra-No, not me. Give it to Sriyanka. She is in this room too.
Rama - Well
Shubhra leaves. Shubhra goes to the study room and while leaving she looks at Sriyanka from outside the door. Sriyanka is sitting with her hands on her head.
Rama came to give tea to Sriyanka. Sriyanka was sitting with her hands on her head.
Sriyanka looks at Rama's words.
Rama di say something?-Sriyanka
Your tea.-Rama
Hm-saying this, Rama offers the cup of tea. Sriyanka thinks maybe Rama has done it for everyone. She takes the cup of tea.
He took a sip and felt a fever in his mouth. He also had a headache.
Ramadi is very good. Feels better with ginger.-Sriyanka
Rama laughs and says- I like you Boudimani. And Aada is Dada----
Rama is talking meanwhile Sriyanka's phone rings. Sriyanka takes the phone and says Ramadi is my phone----
Yes, yes Boudimani you speak. I did not cook.-Rama
Sriyanka picked up the phone. Rama was leaving and came back and said - what do you want to eat Boudimini?
Sriyanka holds the phone to her ear and says, Ramadi, you will make some soup.
Saying this, Rama leaves.
Sriyanka continued talking on the phone.
Yes, Ray Ball-Sriyanka
How are you? - Suparna
It's good. The head was hurting but it's getting less now - Sriyanka 
Well, be careful. - Suparna
Sriyanka puts the phone down. When the body is a little better, she sits down to read her own books. After reading for a while, she doesn't like it. She puts it down and says - now it's too late for the exam. What will happen if she reads so much. So she starts reading the book brought by Shubhra over and over again. Meanwhile, Rama also left.
Late at night. Sriyanka gets hungry. She hasn't eaten anything for a long time. So she goes to the kitchen to eat. Meanwhile, Shuvra also comes. Srianka takes soup and eats. Shuvra watches. She also eats.
After eating, Sriyanka comes to the house and starts to lie down. She sees Shubhra in the room and takes the pillow from Sriyanka's hand. Sriyanka is surprised by Shubhra's behavior.
Do you have a bad head? -Shubra says angrily.
What are you saying? I have a headache! What did you see in the headache? - Sriyanka
You don't have a fever, the body is bad. And you are sleeping downstairs. - White
Nothing will happen to me.- Saying this he took away the pillow from Shubhra.
Shubhra gets angry and says - I want to die. Why don't you listen to me? Why don't you listen to me?
Sriyanka looks at Shubhra and leaves. She doesn't say anything. Shubhra stands in the way.
Today you will sleep in bed
Saying that I am right.-Sriyanka
No, you don't sleep down
Don't say a single word. You're just talking. - Good
Meanwhile, Sriyanka is getting sleepy. She is not feeling well. She is leaving Shuvra's side.
You can't sleep downstairs today. I won't let you sleep today if you're not upstairs
Hmm, think about what to do? - Good
Sriyanka doesn't know what to do. So she decides to stay upstairs. But she goes and comes back.
I will sleep on top. And you will not say anything later?-Sriyanka
Do you still think so?
No, I mean you can say.-Sriyanka 
Well, if your body is fine, you will sleep below
That's right. - Saying this Sriyanka went and lay down. And Shubhra lay down.
In the morning Sriyanka gets up first. But Shubhra gets up late. Today his body starts to feel bad. Meanwhile Sriyanka gets up and leaves the room fresh. Rama also comes later. She starts talking with Rama. She likes talking with Rama very much.
Shubhra wakes up and sees that it is late. But his body is so bad that he sits quietly. He starts coughing again and again. But he will be late for office so he comes ready.
Shubhra comes and sees Sriyanka smiling and talking to Rama. Rama is the first to see Shubhra.
Hey grandpa you are ready. I am also done.-Rama 
Sriyanka looks at Shuvra.
Boudimani, you let grandpa eat. I will do it. -Rama
Shubhra looks at Sriyanka. Meanwhile Sriyanka doesn't know what to do. But Rama is there. He brings the plate and lets Shubhra eat. Shubhra sits down. She goes to say that she will take it herself. But before that Sriyanka comes.
Sriyanka is raising the food. And seeing Shubhra is going away. Meanwhile Rama leaves. Shubhra starts eating. But suddenly Ashish calls her and she picks up the phone.
Yes, thank you
After hearing what he said from that side, Shubhra stopped eating and got up.
What are you saying? We!
Yes, you and us. - Ashish 
Shubhra doesn't know what to say.
But----. This and that won't happen. I don't have time off. - Good
Here you give the phone to Sriyanka.-Ashis
But---- good 
Give him the phone. - Ashish 
Shubhra moves the phone towards Sriyanka.
Sriyanka takes the phone
Yes, say Ashish Da. How are you? - Sriyanka
Yes, I am fine. And listen, we are going to Darjeeling. Train after two days. - Ashish Da
Saying this, Sriyanka looks at Shuvra.

Emotional love story episode 21

Yes, listen we are fine. And listen you and we are going to Darjeeling. Two days later by train. - Ashish 
Saying this, Sriyanka looks at Shuvra.
Hmm, I say we are going to your place tomorrow. From there we will go together. Ask Shuvra to take leave from office. - Ashish 
Sriyanka's mouth is lost for words. She is silent.
Hello, hello - Ashish 
Sriyanka is silent. Shuvra goes to her and says - give me the phone.
Sriyanka looks at Shubhra and hands over the phone. And Sriyanka sits on the chair. Shubhra sees that the phone has been disconnected.
Shubhra picks up the phone and says yes, tell Ashish da 
Tomorrow we are going there. You take it quickly. - Ashish 
I will not have a holiday
Why won't there be a holiday? You have taken five days off for the wedding. Everything will be fine. - Ashish 
No, Ashish Da will not be true. - Shubhru
I didn't ask you to go. You are going, so start packing. Saying this, Ashish hung up the phone.
Ashish Da, Ashish Da-Shuvro
Ashish sees Shubhra and hangs up the phone. She calls Ashish but Ashish doesn't pick up. Shubhra sees Sriyanka. She is silently looking down.
Shubhra goes near and says - Sriyanka
Sriyanka raised her head and looked at Shuvra. Then she got up and said - I will not go.
White-I know. But----
Sriyanka-What but. You knew everything.
Shubhra-what are you talking about! How can I know?
Sriyanka- I don't know that. I won't go.
Shubhra- ok. But Ashish da is not picking up the phone.
Sriyanka-Don't tell lies at all.
Shubhra says angrily-Sriyanka please stop always doubting.
Sriyanka remains silent.
Meanwhile, Shubhra calls Ashish again. Ashish does not pick up.
Shubhra-Ashis is not picking up. And my office is getting late. I will call at night and tell.
Sriyanka doesn't say anything.
No pretense. You don't have to go anywhere with me. I will never force anything with you.
On Shuvra's words, Sriyanka looks at Shuvra. Meanwhile, Shuvra says that she will go to office with a bike. She never once asked whether Sriyanka will go to university. In fact, Shuvra is angry at Sriyanka's words. Meanwhile, Sriyanka decides not to go to work today. He eats and comes home. But he doesn't know what to do alone at home. So he goes to the study room. He looks at the books. Then he takes a book and sits on the chair. He sits comfortably on the chair and starts reading the book.
Suddenly I remembered the good morning saying.
"Don't worry. You don't have to go anywhere with me. I will never force you."
Sriyanka thinks about Shubhra. The book is open in front of her. The fan keeps flipping the pages of the book. But she has no idea. Suddenly the sound of the phone brings her back to her senses. The phone rings. To know why she didn't go today.
Sriyanka-body is not very good so did not go.
Suparna-be careful.
The phone hangs up. This time Sriyanka keeps her eyes on the pages of the book. But she finds the page where she was reading.
Saying this, he shuts down the fan. The fan laughs at Sriyanka's words and says - you fool, your mind is not on the book. And all the blame is on me!
On the other hand Shubhra goes to office but calls Ashishada when he has time. After many times, Ashish calls but Shubhra doesn't listen to anything. He said that he didn't take leave for marriage. So leave will be over. Saying this he hangs up. Shubhra's phone. Can't take anymore. Meanwhile, Shuvra's body is bad. He buys medicine when he comes home.
Meanwhile, Sriyanka spends the day reading books, watching TV. And when she remembers the morning, she says to herself - I will not go.
The evening comes. Sriyanka sees through the window that the sky is very bad. She is afraid to be alone. Meanwhile, she keeps saying to herself - there is still no name to come. Another day comes. Today she knows that I am alone at home. That is why I am afraid. are late
Meanwhile, Shubhra is slowly late. Meanwhile, Rama has also come. Sriyanka has a talk with her. Shubhra comes to the house. Sriyanka sees it. Meanwhile Shubhra gets changed and asks Rama to make tea with ginger. Shubhra goes to the room. Seeing Srianka, Shubhra is not looking at her. Meanwhile, Rama makes tea and says - Come and lick Boudimani.
Sriyanka later in great danger. In the morning food increased and now tea.
Rama-What is Boodimani? Take a lick.
What will Sriyanka do. Says yes, give it.
Sriyanka walks towards the room with a cup of tea. She comes near the house and hears Shuvra's voice - Yes, I went to the doctor. But he still didn't sit down. I bought the medicine because it was getting late.
Shut up. Perhaps he is saying something from that side.
Again Shubhra says - no, nothing happened. I said no, my body is a little bad at the office. Hmm, I am coughing a little. And the fever is like a fever. It will be fine.
Shubhra-okay, keeping it.
Shubhra puts down the phone. Sriyanka peeks and sees Shubhra playing with the medicine from the medicine leaf. And indeed he is coughing a lot.
Sriyanka enters the room.
Your tea.-Sriyanka
Shubhra looked and said - why did you go to fetch it? I was going.
Sriyanka passes the cup of tea. She takes Shubhra and looks at a paper from the office. But Sriyanka stands there. Shubhra notices and says - I called Ashishda. But Ashish da is not listening on the phone. They will come here tomorrow. I will say something then she agrees. will give
Sriyanka remains silent. She wasn't standing to hear it. She had some other bowler. But she doesn't remember what to say.
Shubhra looks at Sriyanka and says - it's okay.
Sriyanka shakes her head and leaves. She comes out and wonders why I was standing like that. Just to hear that.
He kept silent for a while and said - What will I have to say to him again? That is what I wanted to ask.
Meanwhile, Rama leaves. Shubhra is in another room and Sriyanka is in another room. Sriyanka is studying herself. At night, Sriyanka goes and eats first. After a while Shubhra comes. But he cannot sit and eat anything. He cannot eat because of his bad body. .Gets up.Sriyanka sees Shuvra but doesn't say anything. Sriyanka sees Shubhra that his body is bad.
Shubhra has already come to the house. Sriyanka comes and sees Shubhra sleeping on the floor. Srianka comes forward and says - you stay upstairs today. I am sleeping downstairs.
Sriyanka turns to the other side and says - I am saying the same reason you said yesterday.
Shubhra understands and says no it's fine. No need. I'm fine. You lie on top.
Sriyanka-body is bad for you so you will be on top.
Shubhra pretends not to hear and leaves.
He did not hear what happened. What will happen if the body is bad? Then it is my fault. -Sriyanka
Shubhra looks at Sriyanka and says to herself - You don't understand anything Sri. You don't know how much I love you. I don't know when you will understand.
Sriyanka-What happened?
Sriyanka's words, Shubhra regained consciousness and said - nothing will happen to me. Your body is bad, you should sleep upstairs.
Sriyanka- I am fine. You stay upstairs.
Shubhra is in great danger. She knows that Sriyanka's body is still not so well. If she is down, it will be worse. But this girl is not listening.
Shubhra-Okay. Let's do one thing. Your body is bad and you can't sleep on the floor. And you don't let me either, so you stay in this room and I'm in another room.
Sriyanka-What! No this won't happen. I am alone.
Saying this he looked around and entered.
Then he said - nothing will happen to me. I will stay below.
White-but I won't be above.
Sriyanka-Why are you acting so careful about me?
Shubhra doesn't say anything. He starts to lie down. Sriyanka suddenly says- Well, you can do one thing. When both of them are sick. Then both of them stay in bed. I am on one side and you are on the other side.
Shubhra was lying down. After hearing Sriyanka's words, she stood up. She looked at Sriyanka.
Sriyanka-What are you looking at? Are you thinking of something else or not. Don't think of the opposite. I said it for your own good. And the pillow will be left in the middle. You will not come here and I will not go either.
Shubhra listens silently.
Sriyanka - What agree?
Shubhra thinks in his mind that he wants to fix their relationship. And where Sriyanka has unknowingly advanced a little, how can he say no.
Sriyanka-What happened?
White - hmm, ok.
Sriyanka- But one thing----
Shubhra Sriyanka does not let her finish and says - I know, don't worry. I will never go to you. I have gained this much faith in these few days. What is it?
Saying this Shubha started to lift the bottom bed.
Sriyanka stands silently. Now she thinks about what Shuvra said. Then she goes to the bed and lies down with one side pillow in the middle. Shuvra keeps watching. She also comes back and lies down on the other side. There is no sleep in both of their eyes. Stays. Sriyanka doesn't understand why. He gets up and drinks water. Lies down again.
Shubhra sleeps quietly and thinks - who knows what will happen tomorrow?
Both of them fall asleep. In the morning Shuvra wakes up before she sees Sriyanka. The two are side by side. Shuvra stares at Sriyanka's sleeping face for a while. Suddenly she feels something on her hand and looks to see her hand on the pillow and Sriyanka's hand on her hand. Shuvra looks at her. Seeing. Suddenly he sees a ring in Sriyanka's hand. The ring looks familiar to him. Shubhra remembers that this ring was given to Sriyanka as a blessing from Shubhra's house. Although Shubhra did not want to see, Mamata Devi forced Shubhra to show it. Say that. Shuvra reluctantly took it in hand and said good.
I will see this ring on your finger how will I know by looking at white.
Shubhra slowly took Sriyanka's hand and removed her own hand again leaving Sriyanka's hand on the pillow. After freshening up she came downstairs and made tea for herself. She took the newspaper and started reading. Today Rama has not come yet. Shubhra watches the clock. Meanwhile from the next house. A person comes. In whose house Rama works. He comes and says that he will not come today due to difficulties in Rama's house.
So Shuvra went to the kitchen and started cooking. Meanwhile, Sriyanka woke up fresh from sleep. She sat on the chair without looking at the kitchen and asked Ramadi to make a cup of tea please.
Shubhra sees Sriyanka. She doesn't say anything. Meanwhile, Sriyanka takes the paper and keeps looking at it. And she says to herself - what's the news, only murders. Phew, this is good. You know the state of the country in Ramadi is not good at all.
Meanwhile, Shubhra starts to see Sriyanka talking openly. At this time, the tea is ready. She comes forward with a spoon and says - your tea.
Sriyanka looked at Shuvra and jumped out of the chair.
Today, Ramadi will not come. Saying this, Shubhra left the lick on the table.
Sriyanka stands silently. Then says - Why did you go to do it? I would have done it myself.
Shubhra looked at Sriyanka once again and started doing his own thing and said - if you don't like it, don't eat it.
Sriyanka doesn't say anything more. She comes towards the kitchen and says - I will cook my food. I will stay at home. So----
Sriyanka takes the cup of tea and goes to the house. She goes to the house and keeps saying to herself - all the time she thinks that she can do everything. So much.
He can't say anymore. He remembers the words said by Shubhra. It still rings in his ears. His eyes fill with water.
No, no, what am I thinking. He can't love anyone. - Saying this he puts the cup of tea from her hand. He shows his anger on white on white tea.
Sriyanka doesn't leave the house. Meanwhile, Shubhra goes to the office. Sriyanka sits quietly in her room. She cooks for herself in the morning. Which is very difficult to eat. But she eats it.
Meanwhile, Shubhra comes to the office and calls Ashish. But he doesn't get on the phone. He doesn't know what to do. Meanwhile, the office is closed. Shubhra leaves for home. When he comes home, he sees Ashish and Neelima standing.
Seeing Shubhra, Ashish says - what the hell, I was asking about you.
Are you white?
Ashish-I came now.
Shubhra had forgotten that Ashish will come today. He sees Sriyanka talking to Neelima.
Why did you start packing?-Ashish 
No, I mean---- white
What are you doing? - Ashish 
I don't have a holiday. You come around. We won't go. - Good
Neelima hears and comes forward and says - why are you doing this Shubrada. Just work work. It will happen later.
Sriyanka looked at Shubhra.
But---- good
Saying this, Ashish went towards Sriyanka and said, "Do you agree? I will see what's next." He saw nothing but work, study in life and career.
Sriyanka is silent. Neelima comes to Sriyanka and says - Dadai may not go, so Boudi can't say anything.
Ashish-this matter.
Ashish says to Shubhra - go and take leave tomorrow. Today we will go shopping.
Ashish-please don't do it again.
Shubhra goes silent.
Ashish-Ja come fresh. We are waiting.
Shubhra-I won't buy anything.
Ashish - One more thing.
Shubhra doesn't say anything more. Shubhra looks at Sriyanka once and leaves. Shubhra goes to get ready. Sriyanka also comes home. Ashish and Neelima are allowed to stay in the other room. Shubhra comes out of the washroom and sees Sriyanka in the room. Before Shubhra can say anything, Sriyanka goes to the washroom. .
Shubhra gets ready. And starts thinking about what to say to Sriyanka. And what is she thinking. Meanwhile, Ashish keeps calling them from outside. Shubhra hears it and comes out of the room.
Ashish and Neelima are ready.
Neelima-Sriyanka where?
Shubhra sees Sriyanka coming. She is wearing a white and blue saree.
Neelima sees Sriyanka and says you are looking very beautiful.
Sriyanka smiles and says - you too
Neelima smiles.
Everyone goes out. Shopping to go to Darjeeling. Meanwhile Ashish and Neelima are shopping but Shubhra and Sriyanka are standing silently.
Neelima-You won't buy anything.
Sriyanka-No I won't take anything.
Sriyanka- Nothing like that. I don't need to buy anything.
Ashish comes forward and says - what happened, you stand up.
Neelima-don't see Sriyanka doesn't want to buy anything. We are shopping and they are just standing there.
I feel very bad.
Sriyanka- No, you go shopping. I will see.
Ashish hears and goes to Shuvra and says - you have never understood anything.
Ashish-Well, what will he say and he wants to buy? What are you doing? It's been a few days since the wedding, and you are still so ashamed.
What are you talking about?
Ashish-That's right. We are that's why you are standing at such a distance.
Not so white.
Ashish-so you saved money?
Meanwhile Neelima comes to them with Sriyanka.
Neelima suddenly shows a red sweater and says - Boudi will suit you well.
Sriyanka smiles.
Ashish- now pay the money. You are so tight.
When Shubhra looked at Sriyanka, the eyes of both of them fell.
Shubhra does not understand what to say.
Shubhra looks at Sriyanka and says-what do you like then----
Neelima and Ashish laugh hearing Shuvra's words.
Sriyanka realizes that if she doesn't say anything, everyone will think badly.
Sriyanka- Hmm
Shubhra is surprised. Then he buys the sweater. And Neelima goes around the shopping mall pulling Sriyanka. And she chooses one for Sriyanka too. Sriyanka doesn't listen even if she doesn't. Meanwhile, Sriyanka likes to talk to Neelima.
Neelima is really good. Like Sriyanka she can blend in with everyone.
Meanwhile, after shopping, they return home early. Because Akash's condition is not good. On returning home, Shubhra says - when did you come and nothing has been eaten yet. I am doing something right now.
Ashish says no, no, why are you going alone?
Neelima-Yes, let's go
Sriyanka was listening to them. She says-why are you? I am going. You take rest. When did you leave the house.
Shubhra is surprised by Sriyanka's words.
Neelima-We will have no problem.
Sriyanka-No, Nilimadi you sit.
Shubhra says yes, sit down.
Saying this Sriyanka comes out first and Shubhra behind.

Emotional love story episode 22

Sriyanka comes out first and Shubhra follows behind.
Sriyanka enters the kitchen and says, "What will be cooked, I mean----"
Sriyanka's but Shubhra says - there is chicken in the fridge. So I think they have come with fried rice and chili chicken. It is better.
Both of them are thinking. Both of them are asking both of them.
Sriyanka nods her head. Shuvra brings everything from the fridge. Vegetables, chicken everything. She brings vegetables and starts cutting.
Sriyanka-Can I?
Shubhra Sriyanka takes a look and says - you can?
Sriyanka- Hmm
White is fine.
Saying this, he forwards vegetables and sticks to her. Sriyanka has just cut a bean. Shubhru says - he is big!
Sriyanka-Why? That's right.
White-No, I mean it's a little bigger.
Sriyanka doesn't say anything.
Shubhra-I will show you.
Sriyanka passes the vegetables. Shubhra starts cutting and Sriyanka watches. Shubhra keeps watching.
Sriyanka-I can.
Shubhra is shocked by Sriyanka's words and says - Yes, yes, take it.
Shubhra gives it to Sriyanka. Sriyanka starts cutting. Shubhra sees that the thick one is cutting properly. So Shubhra starts doing other things. He puts the rice down. And cuts other things with another stick.
Shubhra kept wondering what Sriyanka was thinking. About going for a walk. I couldn't do anything.
Shubhra goes to say something. Suddenly her phone comes. She leaves. After a long time when she goes to enter the kitchen, she sees Sriyanka putting the vegetables in a pot of boiling rice.
Seeing white - what are you doing?
Why are you pouring white vegetables into it?
Sriyanka- why? Fried rice has vegetables in the rice.
White-so say that way?
Sriyanka-Why did it go wrong?
Shubhra says in her mind - Eto doesn't know the 'F' of fried rice. What a girl, father.
White - nothing wrong. But it would be better to do it differently.
Sriyanka understands. She has done something wrong. So she keeps silent.
White - I am doing it, you see.
Sriyanka nods. Shubhra starts cooking. And Sriyanka looks at Shubhra. Shubhra sweats a little on her face. And she wears a blue gingham. Fair face turns slightly red. Sriyanka keeps looking at Shubhra.
In the meantime, Shubhrar is also cooked.
turned white
Saying this he looks at Sriyanka. He sees Sriyanka looking at him strangely.
White - what happened?
Sriyanka regained consciousness at Shubhra's words.
Sriyanka-Yes, are you saying something?
The whites are cooked. They must be summoned.
Sriyanka- I am bringing.
Saying this Sriyanka left. She kept thinking what happened to me then. And I was like that...
Thinking about all this, he comes to their house and calls them and leaves.
Sitting down to eat, Ashish says - aunty told you to return from Darjeeling and go straight home. You have established Radha Krishna puja at home.
Absolutely white!
Ashish-hmm one day after our return.
White too
Everyone finished eating. They went to their rooms. And Sriyanka Shubhra also went to their rooms
Today they don't sleep on the bottom. Both of them sleep on the top. They don't think about sleeping on the bottom.
The two turn to face each other. Shvra must ask Sriyanka what she is thinking. Will she go? Or----
Shubhra said with great difficulty, I could not help them. I mean----
Sriyanka doesn't say anything.
White-I tried a lot but----
Sriyanka-thak those things. What has happened.
Shubhra is surprised to hear this. But he doesn't say anything. On the other hand, he doesn't understand why Sriyanka wants to go.
Ashish gets up in the morning and asks Shubhra to take leave from office. Shubhra does the same. Ashish doesn't listen even if he doesn't do it first. And Sriyanka stays at home with them that day. Shubhra takes leave from office. Night train. Srianka does her packing. Shubhra does her own packing.
Train at 8:00 p.m. Everyone got on the train and started talking. Sriyanka talked more with Neelima. At night they ate the food brought from home and slept like everyone else. At 8:00 a.m. they got off the train at New Jalpaiguri station. reach
Ashish didn't book a hotel. He thought he would come here. But he got into trouble. There is no hotel available. Finally he got a hotel but only one room. Then the hotel manager said that they have a hotel some distance away and there is one room available. There is nothing to do. So Ashish decides that they will stay in both hotels. Meanwhile, Sriyanka gets upset. Shuvra understands.
Ashish and Neelima are left by a man from the hotel. Shuvra and Sriyanka stay here.
Sriyanka comes home and goes to the washroom. Shuvra talks to Ashish if they have reached right. They say they have reached right. And Ashish says they will freshen up. Shuvra and Sriyanka should be ready. Because they will eat outside.
When Sriyanka comes, Shubhra says - you get ready. Ashish da says it will happen after a while.
Sriyanka doesn't say anything. Just shakes her head. Shuvra looks at Sriyanka and goes to the washroom. Sriyanka wears a purple saree. And looks out through the window. Darjeeling can be seen beautifully from her room.
Meanwhile, Sriyanka continues to look at the nature outside. She feels very beautiful. She gets lost in herself after seeing that wonderful scene. The mountains are visible in the distance. Meanwhile, Shuvra's phone rings. Sriyanka is startled. But Shuvra is not there. She does not pick up the phone. The phone rings once. Goes. When it rings again, Sriyanka holds it - hello
You from the other side. Tell Shuvra that we are out of the hotel. Let her come forward.
The phone hangs up. Meanwhile, Shubhra comes out of the washroom. He sees his phone in Sriyanka's hand. Srianka sees Shubhra and puts the phone down and says - Ashish Dada did it. They went out.
Go ahead, I'm ready too.
Shubhra and Sriyanka go out. Ashish calls Shubhra and asks where to stand. Shubhra goes there. Then they have lunch in a restaurant. Meanwhile, Sriyanka is very happy to see Neelima. But on the way back to the hotel, she gets upset again. Neelima realizes and Says how fun it would be if we were together.
Sriyanka-You are right Nilimadi.
Then Ashish decides that they will go for a walk in the afternoon. Similarly, everyone comes back. And Sriyanka comes and sits quietly in the house. Shubhra is also silent. There is no talk between them. When Shubhra gets a call, he starts talking on the phone. And Sriyanka falls asleep while sitting. Shubhra. He comes and sees Sriyanka. He comes to Sriyanka and looks at her and says - I have to understand you. And I----
Shubhra doesn't say anything else. He lays down with a pillow next to Sriyanka. In the afternoon, they wake up on Ashish's call.
Hey, how long will I sleep. - Ashish 
No, don't say. When will it be? - Good
You are ready. We are going there. - Ashish
Sriyanka understands and leaves to get ready. Meanwhile, Ashish and Neelima come in a while.
Where is Neelima?
Shubhra is getting ready.
Sriyanka comes and is happy to see Neelima. Then when Shubhra is ready they go out. First they go to Mahakal temple. A beautiful place surrounded by pine trees. Darjeeling city looks amazing from there. Ashish and Neelima stand side by side and experience the scene. And Sriyanka What a wonderful scene!
Ashish and Neelima say yes, true.
Shubhra looks at Sriyanka. Shubhra says to herself - you also look very beautiful.
In the evening they return to the hotel. At night they order food in the hotel and eat.
Later that day they go to Batasia Loap, Darjeeling Zoo and Sriyanka and Neelima are afraid to go near the cage. Ashish laughs at this and Shubhra too. Sriyanka looks at Shubhra. Suddenly Sriyanka started looking here and there without seeing Shubhra without her knowledge.
Neelima-who are you looking for?
Sriyanka-No, I mean----
Who are Neelima-Shuvrada? They are there.
Saying this Neelima shows her hand.
Sriyanka-No, no I am not looking for anyone.
Saying this, he stood a little away from Neelima. And I thought, why was I looking for her! Sriyanka then looks at Shuvra. Shuvra is laughing at Ashish's words. Srianka looks at Shuvra's smiling face.
Then they visit guru sakya monastery, botanical garden. Then at Neelima's wish, everyone steps on the ropeway. Everyone is enthralled by the beauty of Darjeeling from above. Meanwhile, Sriyanka gets scared. She closes her eyes. The higher she climbs, the more scared she gets. And Shubhra's jacket is tightly held on the side. Shubhra sees Sriyanka holding it firmly in place above her arm. And a button on the sleeve of the jacket breaks under the pressure of Sriyanka's hand. Meanwhile, it is time to get down.
Neelima and Ashish laugh at Sriyanka. When it's time to get down, Neelima says - open your eyes, you miss everything.
Sriyanka opens her eyes. She sees him holding Shuvra's hand. Another button is in her hand. Which is cut. Sriyanka sits back. Holds the button firmly in her hand. Since the button is designed, it is not of Kaz. So there is no problem. Meanwhile, the button is her own. Put it in the bag.
After visiting all places, they had dinner outside and returned home.
The next morning they went to see Kanchenjunga. Kanchenjunga is like a beautiful woman in the golden sun. Sriyanka and Neelima don't want to move after seeing that look. While coming from there, they went around the tea plantations and hilly roads on the toy train and returned. Shuvra sees and understands. Meanwhile, Ashish and Neelima keep talking to each other. Because they are also newly married. They also want to spend time together. Sriyanka understands and moves away. She sits next to Shuvra.
Meanwhile, they eat outside and explore the green tea garden. Sriyanka keeps stroking the tea leaves. Meanwhile, when evening comes, they want to go back to the hotel. But Neelima is reluctant to go. She wants to visit the Darjeeling market. Ashish too. But Sriyanka feels bad. She says she won't go. Neelima also says she will go another day. They return to the hotel.
Sriyanka came and looked through the window at the silent form of the hilly nature. Shubhra saw Sriyanka but could not say anything.
After a lot of hesitation, he said - what's wrong with your body?
Sriyanka turns back and says - I am fine.
Shubhra - What do you want to eat?
Sriyanka-No, I won't eat anything.
Shubhra doesn't say anything else. There is no word between the two of them in the house. Both of them sit on the opposite sides of the bed. Sriyanka keeps looking at her mobile. Shubhra looks at Sriyanka for a while and closes her eyes. Slowly she falls asleep. Sriyanka sees Shubhra after a while. But She did not open the glasses. Sriyanka did not know what to do. Once she opened the glasses, she came back. Then she tried to open them again, but she could not open them. She went to bed without turning off the light.
Meanwhile at night Shuvra woke up. He saw Sriyanka asleep. He also fell asleep.
Then in the morning Sriyanka wakes up earlier. But she is shocked by the way she finds herself. Her hand on Shubhra's body. And Shubhra also has his hand on her hand. Sriyanka doesn't try to leave herself. She looks at Shubhra silently.
Tears came to Sriyanka's eyes. She said in her mind - why did you do this. I loved you so much, you could say no to me like that. Why, why did you do that. And why I don't understand why I am with you. Why, what for. I love you. I don't want to look forward. But why do two eyes look for you again and again. Looking at your face, I can't say anything more. I want to hurt you. But why can't I.
Saying this he looks at Shubhra's face. So close that they can hear Sriyanka Shubhra's breathing. Suddenly Shubhra wakes up and sees Sriyanka very close to him. The two look at each other. Suddenly Sriyanka quickly gets up and goes to the washroom. Shubhra realizes what happened. Couldn't. Meanwhile, Sriyanka went to the washroom and stood silently. And said to herself - What was I looking at like that? And what did she think?
Meanwhile, Shubhra remembers Sriyanka's face in her mind. And says - what was she doing.
After a while Sriyanka comes back. But she doesn't look at Shuvhra. She keeps her head down all the time. She starts feeling uncomfortable. Shubhra tries to look at Sriyanka. But she can't see Sriyanka's face properly.
Meanwhile Shubhra will order breakfast. Shubhra asks Sriyanka but does not get any answer. So Shubhra does not order.
In the evening, Ashish calls and tells about their meeting. Shuvra tells Sriyanka. Sriyanka is ready. She is speechless. Shubru wonders what happened. Meanwhile, they all eat together and go to see the rock garden. The rock garden decorated with various flowers is charming. Sriyanka is a waterfall. On seeing him, he goes to her. Meanwhile, Ashish and Neelima also separate while talking to each other. Srianka is looking at the fountain. Shuvra comes near.
Shuvra-I have something to tell you.
Sriyanka looked at Shuvra once and turned away.
Please listen to me once.
Sriyanka doesn't say anything. She gets up and sits at a place and looks away. Shuvra also comes and sits next to her.
Shuvra-I have something to tell you.
Sriyanka keep quiet and talk.
Shubhra-I know you don't believe anything I say. But how can I convince you that I really loved you. After seeing you in college, I slowly became weak towards you. But I used to keep you away to fulfill my goals. And that night It was really my fault. I don't know why I---- that day. Believe me, I had no bad intentions. You were just scared, so I----. Then when you left, I realized that I would be without you. can't
Sriyanka looks at Shubhra and says - So I understand if you insult me ​​like that. What is it?
Sriyanka's eyes are teary seeing Shubhra.
Sriyanka-You said that day and left and I was going to take the exam----.Everyone looked at me----
Sriyanka can't say anything else.
Shubra-I knew about my childhood that day. So the next day you----.
Sriyanka- You could have said it differently. Me differently.
Shubhra-Jani I could have told you. But I know that day you don't listen. Even if I tell you, you don't understand.
Sriyanka laughs a little and says - that's what was left to hear. I didn't want to understand!
Sriyanka-Please stay no longer. I don't feel well.
Shubhra does not say anything more. Gets up and leaves.
Meanwhile, Sriyanka kept thinking that I really didn't understand.
Suddenly Neelima says - what happened you here, where is Shuvrada?
Sriyanka's thoughts are interrupted by Neelima's words. She looks at Neelima.
What happened, where is Subhrada?-Neelima
Ashish sees Shuvra. He is standing far away.
Hey, that's it. You guys come-saying Ashish walks towards Shuvra.
Sriyanka and Neelima also go. Ashish says - now go back, I will come again in the evening.
Shubhra shakes her head. They come back in the afternoon. But after a while it starts raining. It doesn't stop. Ashish calls and says it's not possible to go to the bar today. Meanwhile, Sriyanka's body starts feeling bad. She sleeps silently.
Shubhra doesn't even ask once. Even though it's evening, Sriyanka doesn't get up. Shubhra is sitting on a chair. Meanwhile, it's raining heavily. The rain is increasing as the night progresses. Suddenly Shubhra hears Sriyanka's voice. She is talking indistinctly.
Shubhra doesn't understand. Goes to Sriyanka. Sriyanka is trying to say something. Meanwhile Sriyanka's eyes are closed. Shubhra doesn't understand at first.
Shubhra-what happened Sriyanka?
Sriyanka closes her eyes for once. She is afraid of Shuvra. She hurriedly calls Sriyanka. But Sriyanka does not respond.
Shuvra gets suspicious. He puts his hand on Sriyanka's forehead. He sees that Sriyanka's body is burning with fever.
Shuvra-Hey Sriyanka talk.
Shubhra gets scared. He doesn't know what to do. He arranges a water bath in a hurry. Meanwhile, Sriyanka continues to complain of fever. Shubhra's eyes water. He thinks he will bring medicine. But how can he leave Sriyanka. It is raining here. He calls. But the phone does not answer. And it is night. He has Neelima's number but Shubhra does not call anymore. He leaves it thinking that he cannot call at night.
Shubhra starts giving jalpatti. After giving jalpatti for a long time, the fever subsides a little. Sriyanka also realizes that Shubhra is beside her. But she has no strength to open her eyes. Meanwhile, Sriyanka's lips are dry due to fever. Sriyanka tries to wet it with her tongue. Shuvra understands and slowly gives some water from the glass to Sriyanka's lips. Sriyanka feels it too.
Many nights Shubhra Sriyanka's fever reduced. So she stopped giving jalpatti. And when the fever subsided Sriyanka fell asleep. Shubhra also leaned on the bed and looked at Sriyanka. Slowly she also fell asleep.
Both of them don't sleep. Sriyanka wakes up many times. She sees Shubhra next to her. She remembers her night. She realizes that Shubhra gave her jalpatti all night. She looks at Shubhra's face. Then she removes Shubhra's eye glasses. Today she But he did not hesitate. Then he put the light balanket on Shubhra's body.
Then he suddenly remembered what Shubhra had said - "I know, I could have told you. But I know that day you didn't listen. Even if I told you, you didn't understand."
Sriyanka looks at Shuvra and says - I really didn't understand? But----
Suddenly Sriyanka is startled by the sound of the phone. She sees Ashishda's phone on Shubhra's phone. She thinks what to do if Shubhra will call her. Then she picks up the phone.
Hello, Ashish
No, grandpa, I am Sriyanka-Sriyanka
He called in the good night. My phone had no charge. So I called in the morning. Where is he? - Ashish
Sriyanka takes one look at Shuvra and says-sleeping.
And we are going to your place. Tonight is the train. I will come here and there. - Ashish
Sriyanka put the phone down. Then she looked at Shubhra and went to the washroom. Meanwhile Shubhra also woke up. He didn't realize that he was asleep. He looked for his glasses. And Bhabhi opened the glasses. He read the glasses.
Sriyanka then comes out of the washroom ready. Seeing Sriyanka, Shubhra comes forward. But he can't say. What will Sriyanka say. If she gets angry, she says, how is the body?
Sriyanka looks at Shuvra and says - good.
Sriyanka is very calm today seeing Shubhra. Sriyanka then turned away from Shubhra and looked in the other direction and said - Ashishdada called. He is coming now.
Saying this, Shubhra also leaves to get ready. Sriyanka looks at Shubhra's departure. Meanwhile, Neelima and Ashish wait outside for them. As soon as Shubhra calls, both of them come out. Everyone goes around the Darjeeling market all day. Sriyanka notices Shubhra repeatedly Looking at. And Shuvra is afraid that he will get sick again from walking around so much. Finally, they started walking in front of various food shops.
Ashish and Neelima talk about eating momos.
Shubhra gets scared and says no, no, Sriyanka will not eat.
Sriyanka is surprised by Shuvra's words. Neelima and Ashish also look on.
Neelima-Why is Boudi's body bad?
White-no, ma-ne----
Sriyanka looks at Shuvra.
Shubhra-No, I am saying that we have been walking around in the sun a lot. And it is already late. So if eating momo makes the body worse, then I am saying that you should not eat anything else.
Ashish- tell me what else to eat.
Shubhra-chal did not sit anywhere and eat rice. It will not be eaten in return.
Ashish-hmm, you are right. I have to stay in the train at night.
Sriyanka is surprised. She is suspicious. But doesn't ask anything to Shubhra. Everyone eats. Then comes to hotel around afternoon. Packs. Meanwhile Sriyanka keeps seeing Shubhra. Evening train. They get out. Ashish and Neelima also come. after
Everyone left for the station. The train was standing still. Everyone boarded the train. Everyone was tired from roaming around all day so no one could sit for a long time. Just sitting or whatever. Ashish and Neelima were talking. Shuvra and Sriyanka were silent. Both of them just nodded. moving
The next day they got off the train. They left for the country house. At home, Mamata Devi saw them and hugged them. She welcomed Sriyanka and brought her home. Because Sriyanka came first. That day Mamata Devi took care of Sriyanka. Sriyanka was very happy with them. Around the house. Everyone comes to see her. Everyone says - your grandmother looks like the entire Lakshmi statue.
Sriyanka keeps her head down and keeps quiet. Meanwhile, Shubhra goes back home to meet his friends. Ashish and Neelima also stay there on the occasion of Puja. The house is full of people. At night, Neelima and Sriyanka stay in one room.
The next day is Puja. Everyone is busy since morning. Mamata Devi gives Sriyanka a saree and some jewelry and says - take a quick bath and wear it.
Sriyanka shakes her head.
Sriyanka takes a bath and wears the saree. Seeing Neelima, she says - you look very beautiful.
The two go towards the puja. Meanwhile, Shubhra can't turn her eyes away from Sriyanka. She is wearing a red and white saree, light jewelry and a wide vermilion skirt. Shubhra was arranging flowers outside the temple. But her arrangement stopped. She kept looking.
Meanwhile Shubrar's uncle's younger son was standing below. He said - what happened to this grandfather. Take this flower.
Shubhra gets up and says - what happened?
Since when am I holding the flower. You are looking in any direction.----
The boy didn't understand anything. He was just a boy.
Shubhra started looking at Sriyanka while putting the garland of white flowers. Meanwhile, seeing Sriyanka, Mamata Devi kissed Sriyanka's forehead and bit her finger and said - Don't let my chute be noticed.
Saying this he calls Shubhra. Shubhra doesn't understand. She will call him now. But she feels happy. Because she will be able to see Sriyanka up close.
When Shubhra comes, Mamata Devi says - before the priest comes, you and Chutki will decorate Radha Krishna. What do you understand? This is the rule of this house. The new grandmother has to do it. And the son of the house.
Shubhra shakes his head. Mamata Devi tells Shubhra - take him.
Saying this he leaves. Neelima too. Shuvra moves towards the temple. Sriyanka follows back.
Shubhra entered the temple first. Then Sriyanka. Shubhra and Sriyanka both decorated Radha Krishna with flowers. And Sriyanka looked at Shubhra sometimes. How beautiful Shubhra looked in white Punjabi. She remembered the first day she saw Shubhra. And sometimes Shubhra's hand was Sriyanka's. Hands are touching. Sriyanka is getting excited.
Shubhra can't find the silver flute in Krishna's hand. He keeps looking here and there.
Sriyanka says - What are you looking for?
Where did the white-Krishna's flute go?
Saying this he kept looking around.
Sriyanka also started searching. Suddenly his eyes closed beside him. He picked up the flute and said - this is it.
Seeing white is reassuring.
White - you give it.
Sriyanka goes to give it. But even after giving it, it suddenly goes away. Then Sriyanka goes to catch it and Shubhra along with it. Fingers of both hands are touching both of them. And both of them are looking at each other.
Suddenly from outside - this grandfather, Jethima said to light the panch lamp.
This is the boy. The words of the boy made both of them panic.
Meanwhile, a boy from the neighborhood comes and says - Shubhra, hurry up. Nogen is giving his cousin's daughter in marriage. It has not been 12 years yet.
yes, ray---
White - come on, come on.
Shubhra leaves. And while leaving says - you can light the five lamps.
Sriyanka shakes her head. Shuvra rushes out. Meanwhile Sriyanka starts lighting five lamps. But Shuvra 
The face started coming to his mind. Suddenly he remembered the words - "I know, I could have told you. But I know that day you don't listen. Even if I tell you, you don't understand."
Sriyanka kept on lighting the lamp and kept thinking - I really didn't listen. Why didn't I understand. I am such a boy. What am I----. 
Saying this, she looks at Tagore's face. Suddenly Sriyanka remembers her father. She says to herself - knowing that my marriage was fixed, I went to tell him about my heart. talk
Sriyanka says vaguely - I might not have heard. Because at that time I didn't think about father's honor to get her. So----
While lighting the lamp in his mind, he felt a small amount of desalai in his hand. He threw away the desalai stick. Both eyes were full of fire. Meanwhile, Sriyanka was looking for Shubhra. She understood. Wants to overcome all obstacles.
Meanwhile Shubhra doesn't return. Pooja starts. Sriyanka gets restless.

Emotional love story episode 23

Shubhra does not return. Meanwhile, the puja begins. And Sriyanka becomes restless.
Coming out of the temple, his eyes were only looking for Shubhra. His mind did not understand anything.
Meanwhile, Mamata Devi asks Sriyanka - where is Shuvra?
Sriyanka can't say anything. There is unbearable pain in her mind.
Mamata Devi says again - Shuvra does not do that. He is not a boy who stays outside knowing that there will be a puja.
He tells Ashish to go and look for Shubhra. Ashish looks around and comes back. Sriyanka's head starts spinning. She can't find the words to say anything. She starts to feel that she has done something wrong. But there is no one to tell.
Sriyanka says after a long time - someone came to the doctor so----
At that time uncle's son Rick was next to him.
He says yes, Jethima, Sandipada came to call. Nogen is marrying uncle's younger daughter so----
Mamata Devi-Nagen's younger daughter! She is just in school.
Mamata Devi says to Rik - Take Rik Ashishada there with you. The boy leaves without doing anything.
Ashish-Yes, you are right, he cannot tolerate injustice at all.
Mamta Devi-go, go quickly.
Hearing Sriyanka's hands and feet tremble. Once he wants to talk to Shubhra. He has a lot to say. But he is not in front now. This is what I understand. Life is very strange. When someone is pushed away, he comes closer. When he wants someone closer, he comes closer. Goes away again. It becomes difficult to find him.
Ashish and Rick are about to leave when they hear shouting outside.
Mamata Devi - what happened?
Ashish-Yes, someone's voice is heard outside. Let's go outside.
Everyone comes out. But Sriyanka's hands don't want to move. She stands near the door and keeps her eyes outside.
Meanwhile, Shubhra and some boys from the neighborhood entered the house. A little girl was with them.
Mamata Devi saw Shubhra - what happened?
Then Sandeep said - Kakim Nagen was marrying off his uncle's daughter.
Mamata Devi - What did they say?
Sandeep-what will he say, he is just quarreling. My daughter says I will understand.
Mamata Devi-his mother?
Sandeep's mother is silent. Nagin doesn't get along with uncle.
Meanwhile, Sriyanka sees Shubhra from behind the door. He is talking to someone. His face and eyes are red.
Mamata Devi went forward to Shubhra and said - what did you shout?
What's with the white-crying mother. They are doing wrong and I won't say anything.
Sandeep-No, Kakima didn't say anything like that. She only forbade Mita's marriage. And then---
What is Mamata Devi?
Sandeep-tate Nagen Kaka goes to beat Shubhra.
Kalyan Babu also came then. He said - what did Nagin say he went to beat him.
Shubhra-Baba you calm down. Nothing like that happened.
Mamata came with Devi-Mita. Now what to do with her?
Sandeep's sister lives in Kolkata. We had a video call. She does not know anything. She is not at home. She has gone to the groom's friend's wedding.
Shubhra then says - So I will take Mita to her sister. She is Mita's elder sister. Mita will stay with her.
Didi of Kalyan Babu said so?
Sandeep-Yes, his sister said they will come back in few days. So Shubhra to take Mita to Kolkata.
Mamata Devi - but her sister could have come here. And Mita would not have stayed with us.
Sandeep - We also thought about it. But Nagen Kaka is not a good person. Those who keep the boys. If they are here, they will take them by force.
Mamata Devi - you brought Mita. And they didn't say anything?
Sandip-means, Shuvra forcefully brought Mita.
Kalyan babu-what!
Meanwhile from outside
Hiding my daughter. Studying in Calcutta doesn't think too big----
Shubhra says to Mamata Devi - O mother, you take Mita home.
Mamata Devi fear-this is the voice of so many people.
Shuvra-you go home mom I am watching.
Other boys also say - yes, we are all with Shubhra. Don't worry.
Mamata Devi takes Mita inside the house.
Meanwhile, Sriyanka is watching everything and looking at Shuvra.
Where is this Shubhra my daughter?
Shuvra-Nagen Kaka Mita is young. She should not be married at such a young age.
You are teaching me what to do. Do you consider yourself very educated?
A boy then says - what is the need of education Ngenka. Now everyone knows that it is not right to marry at a young age.
Sandeep-Yes, you are right. We would not have allowed your daughter to get married even if she was not fair.
Nagen-you have a lot of courage.
Don't see the courage in this.----Another boy.
Shut up all of you.
Saying this, he comes to Nagin uncle and says - you should calm down and think.
What is there to think about it? I will marry my daughter today.
Shubhra's face hardened.
Shubhra says - then it's okay, uncle. I will give Mita to your elder daughter. She will understand what to do.
Nagen-tora did not do well to inform him.
Sandeep - Then, why don't we inform the police? What do you say?
Nagin comes running to beat Sandeep. Everyone stops him.
No, you didn't do it well. You know me. It's not like I can't do anything.
Sandeep- ok we will see.
Don't rush to see what.
Everyone grabs Nagen and takes him out of the house.
Nagin kept shouting and Shubhra quietly went inside the room.
Sriyanka then sits next to Mita inside the room. Mita is silent. Sriyanka keeps looking at Mita. Little girl. Face eyes dry with fear. Sits silently looking down.
Sriyanka doesn't understand what to say. Shubhra comes home. Sriyanka sees Shubhra and goes to say something but Shubhra leaves. Once he sees Mita, he leaves.
Sriyanka is going to leave the house. Then Mita says - I am very afraid.
Sriyanka comes back and says - why what happened?
Mita- I will not marry. I want to study.
Sriyanka comes to Mita and holds her hand and says - Yes, of course you will. You don't have to get married.
Mita's eyes and face become bright - there will be no real marriage. Father will not marry me.
Sriyanka-No, won't.
Mita happily hugs Sriyanka.
On the other hand, Shubhra went to Mamata Devi and said - Mother, we will leave today.
Mamata Devi-Today!
Shubhra-Yes, if Nagin uncle comes again, then there will be no more trouble if he leaves with Mita.
Mamata devi - you are talking about trouble. I am afraid of Nagen. What did Mita's sister say?
Shubhra-Mita's sister said she doesn't know about all this. She asked to take Mita with me to Kolkata. Sandeep Bhidi also called.
Mamata Devi - If you are in danger later.
The video call was made in front of Shubhra-village people. Everyone is watching. I thought of reporting to the police but her sister said her sister will stay with her. No need to report to the police.
Mamata Devi-then that's a good thing. But won't you be in danger if I take him to you?
What is the danger of Shubhra. Uncle does not know my house. And how easy is it to find a house in such a big city of Calcutta.
Mamata Devi-but---
Shubhra - It's a matter of few days mother. Then I will give Mita to her sister.
Mamata devi- I am very scared. You two are alone there----
Shubhra-Mama, if I do not act like a human being, then it is useless to be a human being. Besides, mother says that the one who does injustice and the one who tolerates injustice are both equally guilty. You have been saying that since childhood.
Mamata Devi-Yes, you did right. But afraid. Give him carefully to his didi.
Shubhra's sister is very good.
Mamata Devi-Yes, good. But you will not go today. I will go tomorrow. Chutki has not eaten anything since morning. Puja at home today and you will leave.
Shubhra-but mother did not come when uncle came again.
Mamata Devi-You fought for good. Everyone will be by your side. Also there is a good or bad thing in the house. The new bride of the house will leave the house on the day of Puja.
At this time, Kalyan Babu comes home and says - Nogen has been forcibly sent home by your friends. And he says that if he sees him in front of this house, he will not leave him again.
Mamata Devi - Then there is nothing to fear. You will go tomorrow.
White - good.
Mamata Devi-Come on, go to Mita. The girl is scared.
Shubhra, Mamata Devi and Kalyan Babu move towards the room where Sriyanka and Mita are staying.
Mamta Devi and Kalyan Babu enter the house first. Seeing Mamta Devi, Sriyanka says - Mani, her father will not come again.
Shubhra did not enter the house then. Sriyanka could not see Shubhra.
Mamata Devi says why are you afraid?
Sriyanka-No, I mean----
Mamata devi-I know mother, I am afraid of being a mother and you are---
Saying this he sat next to Mita.
Shubhra hears everything. Meanwhile Sriyanka sees Shubhra and looks at Shubhra. Shubhra sees Sriyanka once and moves towards Mita.
Go to Mita and say - are you okay?
Mita shook her head.
Shubhra - You are happy. We have done this for your good.
Mita-Jani Dada. And I am very happy. I didn't want to get married. Dad forced----
Saying this Mita cried.
Mamata Devi-Shut up Mita don't cry. You will be brought to your sister.
White, yes, Ray.
Meanwhile Sriyanka keeps looking at Shubhra. The man she loves. She starts thinking that she has not done anything wrong in her life. Her life is truly complete with such a person near her. But Sriyanka is unable to talk to Shubhra separately. What will she say in such a situation. And realize her mistake. He is not able to look into Shuvhra's eyes. He does not understand how he can apologize to Shubhra for his mistake, how he can look at Shubhra's eyes.
Mamata Devi- Come on, Puja seems to have ended. What happened was that I could not stay near Puja.
Everyone goes to Pooja. Pooja is over. Neelima, Ashish and some people from the house were near Pooja.
Sriyanka and Shubhra are asked by Mamata Devi to bow together. Both bow together.
Sriyanka I don't know how to thank you. Today I realized all my mistakes in front of you. Please bless me so that I don't do any wrong again.
When the pranam is done, Mamata Devi- Come on, eat something.
Shubhra-ma I am eating a little later. Looking outside a little -----
Mamata Devi - Do not go out at all. Eat and stay at home.
Shubhra goes silent.
Mamata Devi-Chutki Chal.
Sriyanka- Hmm
Mamata Devi, Sriyanka and Mita leave. Sriyanka's Shubhra is not told anything.
Kalyan Babu-What are you going to do?
White-hmm, let's go.
Everyone is sitting down to eat. Then Chellamilli's voice is heard from outside again. Shubhra is going to get up from eating, Mamata Devi holds Shubhra's hand and says - I will never get up from eating. I am watching.
Then Sriyanka did not sit down to eat. She will eat with Mamata Devi. And when Mita was asked to sit, she said that she will sit with Sriyanka.
Mamata Devi goes out.
Sriyanka also came outside and Mita stood behind Sriyanka.

Emotional love story episode 24

Sriyanka came outside and Mita stood behind Sriyanka.
And Nogen is back again. Shuvra had no friends. Nogen has drawn three or four people from the village to his party. And with him some of his associates.
Mamata Devi - what are you saying, we have kept your daughter by force.
Nagen pointed his finger at Mamatadevi and said to the people of the village - look how she taught her son. How she brought up the girl from the next house.
Meanwhile, Kalyan Babu came out and said, "What are you talking about, Nagin. Your head is fine."
Nagen - I am fine. Your head is gone. And with your son. Son has learned stupidity by studying in Calcutta.
Mamata Devi - Don't say anything wrong about my son.
On the other hand, Ashish stops Shubhra from coming out with a shout. He says that aunt has forbidden him to go. Do not go at all. Shut up and eat.
Shuvra-I will come and see.
Ashish-Absolutely not.
Meanwhile, Sriyanka continues to watch everything. She gets angry after hearing Shubhra's name being contradicted.
A man in the village - his daughter will understand. Go and get Mita out.
Mamata Devi-Mita will not go.
No, my daughter will go with me.
A group of Nagen came forward and took away Nagen's daughter.
Kalyan Babu - What will you do if you don't bar?
Then the boy said- he will go to raise his hands on Kalyan Babu saying-what will I do and then Sriyanka comes forward. She can't stand any longer.
Sriyanka - What are you doing?
The boy put down his hand at Sriyanka's words.
You have entered the house like Sriyanka. You are raising your hands again. Your courage is not less.
What about naked-courage? And who are you to turn your nose about these things?
Sriyanka gets angry and says - I am the wife of this house. I am the wife of the one who brought your daughter here.
Nagen-O you are that girl from Calcutta. I heard that Shubhra got married in Calcutta. You are also looking at her without any intention. Like a bridegroom.
Kalyan Babu - What did you say in the name of my grandmother?
Saying this, he is going towards Nagin. Then Mamata Devi stops him.
Mamata devi says nothing will happen. Mita will stay here. Go home.
Nagen-I will take my daughter.
All of Nogen's side—yes, yes, let Mita go.
Sriyanka then says if Mita doesn't want to go.
Nagen will go too.
Sriyanka- Well, let's see.
Saying this Sriyanka goes inside the house and Mita is shaking with fear.
Sriyanka-Come on, Mita come out. You say what you want to do.
Mita-I won't go baudi.
Sriyanka-I know and you will tell it in front of them.
Mita has to fight Sriyanka-self.
Mita remains silent.
Sriyanka-will you go?
Mita shook her head.
Two come out of the house.
Nagen sees Mita and says - Mita mother come.
Mita doesn't say anything.
Nagen comes and holds Mita's hand. Mita takes her hand away and says - I will not go and I will not get married. You go. I will go to Didi.
Sriyanka doesn't let Nagen's words finish. He says that he can come now. He understands that we didn't force Mita.
Sriyanka told the people who came with Nagin- You heard too.
Everyone goes silent. The villagers don't say anything, they slowly leave.
Nogen says while leaving - I will see you.
Mamata Devi - I have no faith in Nagin. I am very scared.
Sriyanka holds Mamata Devi's hand and says - Mani, don't be afraid. Nothing will happen.
Kalyan Babu-chutki is right. What will happen if people like him are scared.
Mamata Devi took a breath and said - Let's eat and drink.
As soon as they come in, Shubhra says - what happened mother. Who came.
Mamata Devi-Mita's father brought people along.
White said what?
Mamata Devi - that one thing. Wants to take Mita.
White-what did you say?
Mamata devi said what she said. She made Mita stand in front of her father and asked what she wanted. And Mita said she won't go. So they left.
Ashish was next to him.
Shubhra looks at Sriyanka. Sriyanka is talking to Neelima. Mita is standing next to her.
Mamata Devi - Today you will not be anywhere. Tomorrow morning you will go to Kolkata.
Mamata Devi's words made Shuvra's senses come back.
White is fine.
Saying this he looks at Sriyanka and leaves.
That night, Sriyanka, Neelima and Mita stay together. Sriyanka does not sleep. She thinks how to talk to Shubhra. She decides to go to Kolkata and talk to Shubhra.
The next morning Shubhra, Sriyanka and Mita leave to go to Kolkata. Mamata Devi is upset. Sriyanka understands and forbids her to be afraid. That day they come home in Kolkata. Shuvra takes Mita's sister's phone number. She calls her when she comes home. She says - she is coming the day after tomorrow.
Mita comes very quietly. Shuvra needs something in the office so she will be there. Sriyanka was in another room with Mita.
Shubhra enters and looks at Mita once and then says to Sriyanka - I have some work in my office. I am going for a while. And Ramadi seems to be in the house next door.
Sriyanka goes to say something then Shubhra says to Mita - I have called your sister and she will come in two days.
Shubhra is going out when Sriyanka comes back and says - you don't eat anything.
Shubhra looks at Sriyanka at Sriyanka's words. Sriyanka cannot look into Shubhra's eyes. She lowers her head.
Shubhra-I will have something to eat in the office.
Saying this, Shubhra leaves. And Sriyanka looks at Shubhra's departure. Meanwhile, Rama comes and cooks. Shubhra comes back in the evening. He changes and goes to his study room. Sriyanka comes to the study room once and leaves. Shubhra comes at night. Mita then Was watching TV. And Sriyanka was studying in her room. Suparna called and said that she has given exam routine in university. But while reading, her mind was just going in other direction.
Shubhra saw Mita and started looking for Sriyanka. She came home and saw Sriyanka sitting silently looking at the book. It is understood that she is not reading the book.
It's night. Let's eat. Mita is sitting there - Shuvra
Sriyanka is shocked by Shuvra's words and says yes, yes I am going.
Shubhra doesn't say anything more. Goes away.
Sriyanka comes up. Everyone eats together. Sriyanka and Mita sleep in another room. And Shubhra in another room. Sriyanka can't connect her eyes. She can't talk to Shubhra. And Sriyanka is thinking about what Shubhra says before going to office. And tears are rolling down his eyes.
The next day, before going to office, Shubhra is sitting and calling Mita's sister while eating. Sriyanka is standing a little far away and listening. She does not pick up the phone. Sriyanka comes forward. Mita was not there then.
Sriyanka comes forward and says - when will Mita's sister come?
Shubhra says to eat and eat - Tomorrow will come the day after tomorrow.
Sriyanka- I mean, when you call her sister, record all the calls----
Shubhra looks at Sriyanka.
Both are looking at each other.
Sriyanka-Mita's father is not good. I said that when danger comes from any direction.
Shubhra doesn't say anything. He eats silently and leaves the office. When leaving, he just says - will you be here today?
Sriyanka- No, exam before me so----
Shubhra doesn't stand anymore and goes out. He says to go - he won't leave the house at all.
Sriyanka is very sad. She realizes that Shubhra is angry. Shubhra does not want to listen to her again and again to convince him about that day. Sriyanka decides that when these things are settled, she will tell Shubhra everything.
Sriyanka goes to the house. Giving food to Mita, she sits to read herself. But while reading, she gets up again and goes to Mita. Seeing Sriyanka, Mita sits quietly.
Sriyanka goes to the side and says - do you like to read books?
Mita shook her head.
Sriyanka-Come with me.
Saying this he takes Mita to Shuvra's study room.
Say-look, which book you want to read.
Mita was surprised - so many books!
Sriyanka laughs and says - you see which book you will read.
Mita started to look. Looking at it, she went to the other side and said - this book.
Sriyanka also goes. Sriyanka sees that the books here are a little small. She came here once. Then she didn't come again.
Sriyanka gives the book to Mita. But while taking the book, a key falls down. She gives the book to Mita and picks up the thing she is wearing underneath. But she is stunned when she sees the thing.
Packing a pen. The writing on top is white sir. Sriyanka sees that it is their pen given to the college. And on top is Moni's handwriting. Sriyanka sees that the pen is as given. The packing is not opened. And it does not look like it was careless. Sriyanka has two eyes. Filled with water.
What happened to Mita and Boudi?
Sriyanka hides her tears and says no, nothing. Let's go.
Saying this he left the pen and came out.
Sriyanka does her reading all day long and Mita sometimes reads books and sometimes sits quietly.
Sriyanka realizes Mita is running out of time.
Sriyanka said to Mita before the evening - let Mita go to eat Fuchka?
Mita nodded happily.
The two went out. The nearby Fuchka shop was not sitting. So they went a little far.
Fry Sriyanka-Kaku well.
Mita-You eat jhal baudi.
It is futile to feed phuchka without Sriyanka-jhal.
Mita smiles.
Both of them started eating fuchka. Sriyanka while eating fuchka noticed a boy on the other side. At first she didn't understand. Then after looking closely she understood that boy who went to kill Shubhra's father.
Sriyanka sees three others with her. She is looking at them. Sriyanka does not understand what to do. Her hands and feet are shaking with fear. Meanwhile, Fuchkar tells the shopkeeper that he will not eat again. He pays the money. Seeing this, an auto stops in front of them. The people go down. And Sriyanka then gets up without delay and says - Grandpa will go?
Auto man - I will go. But where will you go?
Sriyanka tells the address. The man starts the auto. Meanwhile the boys behind come running. The auto goes out in between.
Mita - What happened to Boudi?
Sriyanka tells Mita
Sriyanka comes to the front of the house and settles the money for auto and enters the house when she sees Shubhra has come. Sriyanka quickly closes the outer door of the house.
Sriyanka started panting.
Where did you go?
Meanwhile Mita tells everything.
Shubhra gets very angry after hearing this. He tells Mita to go home. Mita leaves.
Sriyanka is drinking water. Shuvra comes and says - why did you go outside?
Sriyanka-No, I mean Mita is upset so----
Shubhra-that's why Mita had to go out to heal her mind. She couldn't heal her mind from home.
Shubhra is angry seeing Sriyanka. So he doesn't talk anymore. Because he doesn't want to fight anymore.
Sriyanka is leaving so Shubhra suddenly pulls Sriyanka's hand. And Sriyanka suddenly comes close to Shubhra.
Shubhra - What do you think of yourself? Don't listen to anyone. Do whatever you want.
Sriyanka looks into Shuvra's eyes.
Why are you silent? You don't know what will happen if you go out.
Sriyanka doesn't say anything either. Shubhra also goes silent. Both look at each other. Shubhra suddenly leaves Sriyanka. Sriyanka sits down. Shubhra goes to the study room. She also sits silently.
Sriyanka comes into the room. She stands silently by the window. She remembers Shuvra's face. And she remembers what Shuvra said. Really, how did she go out with Mita. If anything happened to Mita, then Shubra-----
Sriyanka says no, nothing will happen to her. I will not let it happen.
Meanwhile, Sriyanka Shubhra does not talk to anyone that night. Sriyanka does not eat at night. She feeds Mita and comes home. Shubhra sees it and does not eat herself.
The next day Shubhra is getting ready to go to the office suddenly from outside - what is Shubhra's house.
Shubhra comes out. Hearing Sriyanka she also comes out.
Shubhra saw the police. Nagen Kaka with him.
White - I am white.
And you. Let's go to the police station.
Why? - White
For the crime of holding back his daughter.----
Sriyankar got scared after hearing this.
But I didn't force Mita to hold her 
Nagin doesn't let Shuvra finish.
Nagen is lying. Now he will make everything up and say it.
Let's go to the police station.
Sriyanka doesn't understand what to do. Sriyanka goes to Shuvra and says - I am telling you what is her sister's phone record----
Saying this he looks at Shuvra.
Shubhra remained silent for a while and said.
Sriyanka's eyes lit up.
In the white house.
Sriyanka rushes to the house. Takes the phone and opens the recorder. By then they are ready to take Shubhra to the police station. And Mita stands silent. The police question her. But Nagen stands in front of her. Mita repeatedly looks at her father. And Nagen signals her to speak. Forbidden to say.
Sriyanka shows the phone to the police. Everyone stands and listens. On the other hand Sriyanka keeps watching. She is telling everything to the police.
But he has to go to the police station. Until his sister comes---the police
Meanwhile Mita's sister-in-law Babu just came to Shuvra's house. Shuvra told her house address earlier.
Mita rushes to see her didi - Didi see father handing over Subhrada to the police.
Mita didi - why?
The police came forward - you are Mita's sister.
Yes-Mita's sister.
Police alleges that your father forced Enna to bring your sister
No, no one forced me.-Mita said screaming.
Mita's sister-No, Shuvra did not force my sister.
By saying this he tells everything about his father. He tells the police how he stopped Shubhra from marrying Mita. And says that Shubhra has no fault. That's why my sister is alive today.
Police hears everything and releases Shubhra. And tells Nagin that if he does this next time, he won't get any exemption. And Mita's responsibility goes to his sister. Nagin leaves in fear. Where his daughters can do anything against him. 
Mita's sister apologizes to Shubhra for her father. Then Mita leaves with her sister.
Shubhra and Sriyanka stand silently for a while. As if a storm passed over them. Meanwhile Shubhra looks at the clock and says - I am late. I have to go to office today so----
Saying this he looks at Sriyanka. Shubhra sees Sriyanka looking at him.
Shubhra looks at Sriyanka. Suddenly a call comes on Shubhra's phone. He regains consciousness. It is Mamata Devi's phone. He tells his mother that Mita's sister has taken him. But does not talk about the police. His mother will worry if she hears.
Shubhra is leaving to go to the office. Then Sriyanka says - I have to go to the university today. I need a little exam ahead of me----
Sriyanka can't say anything else. Shuvra then turns to look at her.
Sriyanka interrupts and says - so I am saying if you would have delivered it today. No I mean if you don't have any problem.
Shubhra remained silent for a while and said, "Hmm, let's go."
Both go out on bikes. Both are silent. Shubhra wants to thank Sriyanka for the phone records. But can't say anything. Shubhra didn't think Sriyanka would stand by her like this. She also remembers Mamata Devi's words. How she returned Nagin in front of everyone. Shubhra thinks Sriyanka may be saying she doesn't love him on her face. But maybe in her mind---. Shubhra's incident evokes this thought in Mita's mind. Meanwhile Sriyanka is eager to speak her mind. But she can't say anything.
When Sriyanka comes to the university, she gets down. Sriyanka stands silently. Shubhra also stands. Shubhra says - about that phone record---
Sriyanka looks at Shubhra. Shubhra goes silent. Sriyanka looks at Shubhra and slowly says - Mom had something to say---
What is white?
Sriyanka goes to say but looking into Shuvra's eyes she can't say anything more. She remembers how she insulted Shuvra again and again. No more words come out of her mouth.
White - what happened?
Sriyanka-No, I mean----
Shubhra looks at the clock and says - I am getting late, so I will hear back from office.
Sriyanka is silent.
Shubhra- you are also getting late so I said----
Saying this he leaves. Sriyanka has a strange smile on Shubhra's face. She looks at Sriyanka's departure for a while and leaves.
Meanwhile, Sriyanka's mind is full of happiness all day long. She will go home and tell everything to Shubhra. And thinking about what will happen, he himself starts doing wrong things in his mind. Like hugging Suparna from time to time, pressing Moni's cheek. They are surprised.
Suparna-Today I see Sri's mind very well.
Moni-Yes Ray.
Sriyanka keeps smiling.
Moni-Hey, let's go somewhere after the holiday today. We don't go anywhere for many days.
Sriyanka-Yes, yes come on.
Suparna can also be called.
They came out after the holiday and started roaming around.
Moni is going first. Sriyanka and Suparna are going back and forth. Suddenly Kaushik appears in front of them. Both of them are shocked to see him. Seeing Kaushik after such a long time, Sriyanka says - How are you?
Kaushik - Leave me alone. How are you?
Kaushik laughs and says - good or bad?
Kaushik takes a good look at Sriyanka and says - you are married. Who is the groom? Not good sir.
Suparna is surprised by Kaushik's words. Sriyanka remains silent.
Kaushik- I have heard everything about that day. How did you feel the insult sir. I was following you for so long. And you----
Saying this, Kaushik started laughing.
Sriyanka started burning her eyes. Suparna then could not bear the insult of her friend anymore. She heard something. But she did not believe. Later on Sriyanka's marriage, she heard that Sriyanka's marriage was fixed when she was young. So she did not want to know anything else. Because she did not want to hurt Sriyanka.
Suparna-What are you talking about? Your head is right. That means you were talking in these colleges that Sriyanka was insulted by sir.
Kaushik - what are you talking about?
Suparna - You are right.
Saying this, he takes out the photo of Sriyanka and Shubhra's wedding from his phone and shows it to Kaushik and says-look who Sri got married to. You have seen and you are talking about someone. Who said all these wrong things.
Everything goes over Kaushik's head. He doesn't understand anything.
Suparna-why should I go from here?
Kaushik leaves. And thinks that what he heard is wrong. Meanwhile Sriyanka says - I am going home.
Suparna-listen to this Sri.
But Sriyanka leaves. She is in a lot of pain. Anyhow she returns home. Once home she breaks down. Tears roll down her eyes. She stands by the window and just wipes her tears.
Meanwhile it is evening. Shuvra comes back. All day she thinks about what Sriyanka will say to her today.
After returning home, he started looking for Sriyanka. On seeing Sriyanka, he went forward and said, "What did you want to say in the morning?"
Sriyanka turns to Shubhra on Shubhra's words. Sriyanka's eyes turn red when Shubhra sees her.
white-what about you---
Sriyanka doesn't hear anything. She leaves the room and goes to another room. And goes out with her bag.
Shubhra doesn't understand. What happened to Sriyanka. And Shubhra understands that Sriyanka was crying but why. So he also goes to talk to Sriyanka.
Sriyanka is leaving after coming out.
Seeing Shubhra says - now where are you going?
Sriyanka doesn't say anything.
Tell me what is white.
Sriyanka is leaving without saying anything. Then Shubhra blocks the way and says - what happened, where are you going this time?
Sriyanka-Aunt's house.
Saying this he started to leave.
Shubhra-but what happened now? Shall I go with you?
Sriyanka stands up and says no, nothing happened. And you don't have to think about me.
Saying this Sriyanka goes out. Shubhra doesn't think anything. Sriyanka leaves. Shubhra thinks what happened, who spoke so well in the morning. She thinks like----. Shubhra doesn't understand anything. She sits down. Near her. Everything is getting messed up.
Meanwhile, Sriyanka comes to aunt's house. When aunt asks, she says that she remembers aunt very much. His aunt believes him. Because he was at aunt's house for a few days before. And Sriyanka loves his aunt very much. And aunt too. When his aunt asks him why Shubhra doesn't come, he says he has work. Aunt knows Shubhra is a bit crazy. She heard that he went to her house with Sriyanka. He went to the office. Sriyanka goes home. Meanwhile Shubhra starts thinking. So he calls Sriyanka on the phone. But Sriyanka doesn't pay any attention.
Sriyanka comes home and sits in a dark room. She keeps thinking about Kaushik's words. When night falls, aunty calls her and comes to eat something. But she can't sleep. She falls asleep at the end of the night. But when she wakes up in the morning, she remembers the previous day. And She remembers how Shuvra left there. Feeling that she made a mistake again. Showing her anger on Kaushik, she misbehaves with Shuvra.
Actually Sriyanka was not conscious then. Kaushik's words reminded her of old times. So she comes away in anger. But when she calms down she realizes that she has done a mistake.
Sriyanka's eyes filled with tears. She kept saying in her mind - How could I hurt her again? Why did I get hurt by Kaushik's words and left her? What will I do now? How will I stand in front of her? I was waiting for. But why did I come here. Why, why.
Sriyanka grabs the pillow. The pillow gets wet with tears.

Emotional Love Story Episode 25 - Last Episode 

Sriyanka grabs the pillow. The pillow gets wet with tears.
Meanwhile, Shubhra could not sleep the whole night. She called Sriyanka but couldn't get her on the phone. Shubhra's mind is only wondering what Sriyanka wanted to say. And why did she leave yesterday. Shubhra spent the whole night thinking about Sriyanka. In the morning, she left the office with a tired body. Didn't forget to call Sriyanka's phone earlier.
Sriyanka didn't pick up the phone. Because the phone remained there in the bag she kept it in. In the morning Sriyanka realized her mistake and started blaming herself. Aunt called her to have breakfast but she refused. But aunt called again. Sriyanka went to eat. But the food Wastes more than eating. She sits quietly at home. Then she thinks she will call Shubhra. So she looks for the phone. Takes out the phone from her bag. Sriyanka sees that Shubhra has called her many times. Her eyes fill with water. She rushes to call. .But thinks maybe she has gone to the office. She looks at the clock and sees that it is already morning. So Sriyanka hangs up the phone. She will go home right now. So she starts wearing the dress.
Sriyanka's aunt Annapurna Devi came home and saw Sriyanka - what the hell, where have you gone?
I came yesterday and will leave this morning - Annapurna Devi.
Sriyanka kept getting ready.
What has happened to you with Shubhra? -Annapurna Devi.
She was a little surprised by aunt's words. Then she smiled and said - what will happen aunt. Nothing happened. I was thinking about you yesterday so I left.
Annapurna Devi - Then, when you remember, stay with aunt for two days.
Sriyanka-two days!
Sriyanka thinks she will go now. And aunty says two days.
Sriyanka-No, aunty. I will come later.
Annapurna Devi - Well, I will cook this afternoon and eat.
Sriyanka no longer does.
Meanwhile, aunty leaves. She quietly stands by the window. Suddenly she is startled by the sound of the phone. And thinks maybe Shubhra has called. So she happily picks up the phone without seeing the name.
Sriyanka - Hello
From the other side - Hello, what the hell, how are you. Yesterday went like that. And how many times I called you, why didn't you pick up the phone?----
Sriyanka gets frustrated hearing the voice on the other side of the phone.
Yes, Ball-Sriyanka
Called Kal and Sriyanka but didn't pick up the phone.
Here I am coming to you.-Suparna
No, I'm fine.-Sriyanka
You shut up. I and Moni are going to your house. - Suparna
I am at my aunt's house.-Sriyanka
Aunty's house!-Suparna
Well ok. We are going to aunt's house.-Suparna
They came to Sriyanka's aunt's house many times. So they are not mistaken. They come easily. Annapurna Devi is very happy to see them. They go to Sriyanka. Mani doesn't know anything about Kalk. You came. How are you now?
Sriyanka looks at Suparna. Suparna points.
Hmm, I'm fine. - Sriyanka 
How is your exam preparation?-Moni
Suparna starts to see Sriyanka upset. She doesn't want to talk.
So he says to Moni-Uff, shut up. Only test and test and nothing else.
Moni gets a little nervous. Then says - then let's talk about something else.
Saying this he says to Sriyanka - Tell me the story of your marriage. How did you get married with Shuvra Da? 
Saying this he started laughing.
Suparna thinks what danger I am in. I refrained from saying one thing and it caught another word. She looks at Sriyanka. Sriyanka does not say anything to Moni's words.
Suparna says - you don't know. Their marriage was fixed in childhood.
Moni-yes, I heard. But----
Suparna-this but what again?
Honey, you know, when the final exam was held in our college, Sri did not go to college before the exam. When you and I used to go, Shubhra asked several times why Sri was not going to college, whether his body was bad, and how he was studying. I didn't understand that then. Because she got good marks in college. So if she didn't go to college, many sir madam would look for her. That's why I thought the same. But after getting married to Subhrada, I thought maybe they had known each other. So ----
Sriyanka feels pain in her chest hearing Moni's words. She thinks you are really me----. Why did I come here yesterday. Why didn't I believe you from the beginning. I can't stay here anymore. I want to stand in front of you once. want
On the other hand, Suparna scolds Moni and says, "You will keep quiet. All the opposites. I am thinking about these things now during the exam."
Moni frowns at Suparna's words and says - You told me to speak something else. That's why I----. You always scold me.
Moni is sad to see Sriyanka. She says - why are you beating her Suparna? How many good girls like her are there?
Moni laughs. And so does Sriyanka. Suparna is relieved to see Sriyanka's smile. Meanwhile, Moni gets a call from her house and goes to speak.
Then Suparna says - what Moni said is true.
Sriyanka looks at Suparna at Suparna's words.
Suparna starts again -Shuvrada also asked me about you in college.I too thought like Moni.But----.You understand what I mean sir.I will never ask you to know what happened that day.But this is exactly what happened that day. Are you still with Shubrada?
Sriyanka-No I may have been hurt by those words that day, then I saw him at the wedding hall and I----.
Sriyanka doesn't say anything more. Goes silent. Suparna understands everything. Sri doesn't know that Subhradha is getting married.
Sriyanka starts again - I am very happy Suparna. To have found someone like him. I am very lucky indeed.
Sriyanka's eyes are teary seeing Suparna.
Suparna-all of you----
Sriyanka-everything is fine. I am very happy. And what is wrong with having friends like you. Like you Kal Kaushik----
Suparna - Drop those words.
Saying this, Suparna held Sriyanka's hand tightly. Sriyanka also held Suparna's hand. Meanwhile Moni came and said - Father! What are you swearing?
Sriyanka and Suparna started laughing at Moni's words.
Meanwhile, it is noon. Annapurna Devi calls them. But Sriyanka's mind is not among them. She wonders when it will be time. Food is eaten. Sriyanka scatters and eats any way she can. Annapurna Devi keeps grumbling. When Suparna is done eating. And Moni leaves. And Sriyanka also leaves.
She decides not to go home after leaving her aunt's house. She goes to meet Shuvra at the office. Because she wants to talk to Shuvra right now. She goes to get in the car and suddenly her phone gets a call. She sees Shuvra's phone. She picks up the phone happily.
Says from the other side - Hello, I am Shubhra's friend.
Sriyanka doesn't understand.
Yes, say-Sriyanka
Shubhra came to the office today and fell ill. So we brought her to the doctor----
Sriyanka doesn't hear anything else.
How are you, where is Sriyanka now?
We are taking him home after seeing the doctor. I saw your last call on his phone so I did----
Yes, I am his wife.-Sriyanka
Oh, well. We're taking him home---
The phone hangs up. Sriyanka's head starts spinning. She wobbles to hold the car somehow. Unbearable pain starts inside the chest. Eyes start burning. After a while she comes near the house. Two people leave the house when they see Sriyanka about to enter the house. Can recognize because they went to Shuvra's wedding.
One says - are you Shubhra's wife?
Sriyanka-Yes, what happened, how are you now?
He continued to say the words.
She is fine now. She suddenly felt dizzy in the office. Then she regained consciousness with water in her eyes and mouth, but she could not stand up properly. So I took her to the doctor-----
What did the doctor say?-Sriyanka
Not much. Low pressure so the body becomes weak----
Oh, there is no problem - Sriyanka
No, no, nothing like that. We bought the medicine. We left it all in the house. We didn't want to go. But Shubhra insists that she is fine. So we----. You have left now we are coming.--- --
Sriyanka nods. As soon as they leave, Sriyanka rushes into the house.
Seeing Sriyanka, Shubhra will sit up.
Why did you come? What do you want?
Saying this, Shubhra left Sriyanka's hand and went up.
Sriyanka- Your body is bad. In this way----
Why did you come here again? Why did you come back after you left?
When Shubhra gets up, he can't handle the weight and hits the table next to him, which breaks the glass. And Shubhra goes to step on it, Sriyanka pulls Shubhra away.
I'm sorry. If you left without hearing me tomorrow. You didn't even pick up my phone. I understand that you don't want to be with me. You really don't love me. That's why you don't have to be with me. I you---
On this side, Sriyanka's eyes started to fill with water at Shubhra's words. She did not leave Shubhra's hand.
Shubhra screams and says-go away from here.
Sriyanka suddenly hugs Shubhra and says-No I won't go. Who said I don't love you. Who said I will leave you. I love you. I love only you. Only you----saying Sriyanka starts crying.
Suvhra feels the sound of Sriyanka crying inside his chest. Because Sriyanka is holding Shuvhra. And Sriyanka is crying in such a way that the sound of that cry is also reaching Shuvhra's chest.
Shubhra doesn't understand. Sriyanka hugs him like that and tells him you.
Sriyanka keeps crying and says - I love you. I made a mistake understanding your mistake. But when I found out about the mistake I couldn't tell you. But kaushik brought up that day so I am angry like that----. I will not go anywhere. Anywhere else. won't go
Sriyanka goes silent. Shubhru can't say anything. Her mouth is lost in language. She can't speak herself hearing the words she has waited so long to hear. But Sriyanka keeps on crying. All her values ​​go out with water.
Sriyanka goes to hold Shubhra's feet. Shubhra-what are you doing?
Sriyanka-please don't drive me away.
Shubhra captures Sriyanka.
Shubhra understands. Slowly pulls herself away from Sriyanka, Sriyanka takes her face in both hands. Sriyanka is crying silently. Both face each other. Shubhra wipes Sriyanka's tears.
Sriyanka continues to say- I have made a big mistake. Misunderstanding you I---
Can't say anymore. Crying.
Shriyanka's cry started to hurt Shubhra. Tears came to his eyes too.
White-shut up. Please don't cry like that.
Sriyanka's throat starts getting blocked. Due to so much crying, she can't speak properly anymore. Shubhra puts Sriyanka on the bed. Shubhra holds the glass of water towards Sriyanka.
Eat it - white
Sriyanka takes the glass. Drinks the water. Then puts the glass down.
Then he looked at Shubhra. He saw Shubhra also looking at him.
Sriyanka-Kal I wanted to tell you everything but all----.Don't drive me away.I can't live without you.I want you---
Saying this he kept his head down.
Shuvra understands everything. This is what Sriyanka wanted to say yesterday.
Sriyanka raises her face and says - how can I drive you away. How. I too can't live without you. I also love you very much. I love only you. And I will love you for the rest of my life. I love only you Sriyanka.
Sriyanka looks at Shuvra's eyes and says - not Sriyanka, Sri.
Shubhra says in Sriyanka's words - Sri----
Shubhra's eyes started to fill with tears again. Shubhra wiped Sriyanka's tears and hugged her.
Shubhra-no more Sri. Now calm down.
But Sriyanka continues to cry. Many times Sriyanka calms down. Both of them are silent. Both of them are hugging each other. Shubhra is holding Sriyanka tightly. And Sriyanka is calmly holding Shubhra's chest and closing her eyes.
Shubhra looks at Sriyanka once. Then pats her head. Sriyanka looks once again and closes her eyes. Then says - what happened?
Sriyanka is silent.
Shubhra-I haven't eaten anything since yesterday sir. I am very hungry.
Sriyanka gets up and says what!
Shubhra-hmm, so in the morning like that----
Sriyanka's eyes get teary. She says - well you sit down. I am bringing something.
Shubhra is surprised and says - you!
Sriyanka-Why can't I do anything.
Shubhra laughs a little and says - you can. But I can eat it.
Sriyanka is not angry. Let's see.
Saying this she starts to leave. Shuvra grabs Sriyanka's hand and pulls her very close. Both are very close to each other. Sriyanka bows her head.
Shubhra-What is it Sri?
Sriyanka did not understand Shubhra and said what?
This is what you said to me a little while ago, and now why are you Mr.?-Shuvra
Sriyanka realizes. She cries and tells Shubhra what she is thinking.
White - what happened?
Sriyanka-No, I mean----
Shubhra- You are that far away Mr. When you say it, it seems that you go away again----
Sriyanka puts her finger on Shuvra's lips and says - I will not go anywhere. I will not go anywhere without you.
Shubhra removes Sriyanka's finger from his lips. Shubhra looks into Sriyanka's eyes. When Sriyanka lowers her head, Shubhra picks up Sriyanka's muzzle again. Suddenly the sound of Shuvra's phone comes to both of them. Sriyanka gets shy and leaves.
Shubhra picks up the phone. Call from office. To know how she is. Shubhra speaks and gets up to go to Sriyanka. Vanga cleans up the broken world. She is afraid if Sriyanka comes.
Sriyanka goes to the kitchen. But she doesn't understand what to do. Meanwhile Shuvra has come to the kitchen.
Seeing Shuvra, Sriyanka says - why did you come, your body is not well.
Shuvra-I am fine. I have recovered by having you.
Sriyanka lowered her head in shame. Then she looked around the kitchen. She opened the fridge and looked.
What are you looking for?
Sriyanka-What did Ramadi cook today?
Today I returned Shubra-Ramadi.
Sriyanka looks at Shuvra. Then says - what to eat now?
White-what do you eat?
Sriyanka doesn't know anything about cooking. She doesn't know what to do.
Shubhra understands and says - now make pasta for now and then we will see when Ramadi comes at night.
Sriyanka shakes her head. Shuvra starts watching. Sriyanka puts the pasta in water and starts cutting the vegetables. Shuvra sees that the vegetables are being cut properly. While cutting the vegetables, she suddenly goes to take down the pasta.
Why are you coming down now?
Sriyanka looks at Shuvra.
White - I am doing it, you see.
Sriyanka-No, I will.
White - very quiet.
But Sriyanka says she won't let Shubhra do it. Then Shubhra grabs Sriyanka's waist and makes her sit on the slab where the gas oven is. Sriyanka is surprised by Shubhra's behavior.
Be quiet.
Shubhra starts cooking. Sriyanka keeps watching. Shubhra keeps watching. Sriyanka is looking at her. When Shubhra sees her eyes, she lowers her head. Shubhra's pasta is ready. She comes to Sriyanka with the pasta and spoons the pasta into Sriyanka's mouth, then Sriyanka takes the spoon. Shubhra gives it to the mouth.
White-I gave you and you---
Sriyanka-You haven't eaten since time.
Shubhra looks at Sriyanka and then puts another spoonful of pasta to Sriyanka's mouth. Sriyanka eats it and says - there is no comparison to the cooking of your hands.
So white?
Sriyanka nods her head and says yes.
Shubhra put down the bowl of pasta and came close to Sriyanka and held Sriyanka's waist with both hands. Srianka trembled at Shubhra's touch. Srianka started breathing heavily. Shubhra brought her closer. Srianka closed her eyes. Suddenly Shubhra lowered her down. He looks at Shuvra. He doesn't understand what happened.
Sriyanka is surprised and says - where?
Shubhra - you have an exam in front of you. Go sit and study.
White-hmm, go.
Shubhra-go. If I get bad marks in the exam, I will be very angry.
Sriyanka leaves grumbling. Shubhra realizes Sriyanka wants to be with her. Shubhra wants the same. But---
Shubhra looks at Sriyanka's departure and says to herself - I know you want to stay with me now. I also don't want to keep you away. But your exam is ahead. ---
Shubhra goes silent. By this time evening comes. Rama comes. Then he goes to the study room. But Sriyanka's reading doesn't stop him. He sits for a while and then gets up. He starts looking for Shubhra. He sees Shubhra in the study room. Shubhra sees Sriyanka and says something. need
Sriyanka is silent.
Why come up? - Good
Sriyanka doesn't understand what to say. She came to see Shuvra. So she says intelligently - I can't understand a reading. So----
Shubhra looked at Sriyanka. Sriyanka bowed her head and thought, I'm gone.
Shubhra - Well, let's see what you read.
Sriyanka-I am bringing it now.
Sriyanka ran and brought a book of hers. She opened a page in front of Shuvra and said - this.
Shubhra sees and says, sit down.
Sriyanka sits on the next chair. Shubhra continues to explain. And Sriyanka looks at Shubhra. Shubhra always reads well. But Sriyanka watches Shubhra more than listens.
What do you understand?
Sriyanka is shocked and says, I understand, but it is better to write it down.
Shubhra-Ok write it down.
Saying this he advanced a pen and notebook towards Sriyanka.
Sriyanka said that she wanted to write. She says - not with this pen.
Shubhra doesn't understand. Sriyanka gets up and brings that pen. Shubhra is surprised-you---
Sriyanka: That day, while giving the pen, you didn't even look at me.
Sriyanka can't say anything more. Shuvra makes her sit on his lap at once. Sriyanka never thought that Shuvra would do this. She looks at Shuvra.
Shubhra-Why didn't you look, I told you earlier that you can't write with that pen.
Shubhra - That pen will remain like that. Because if you misunderstand me again and leave because of fear of me, then the pen is your memory----
Sriyanka screams and says - No, never. I will never go.
Shubhra looks at Sriyanka.
Sriyanka kept saying - I know I didn't want to listen to you. I know I am a big fool. You are right that I didn't listen to you that day. Because I also knew the day before. I also told you---
Shubhra-I saw something else in your eyes that day. I thought you wouldn't listen when I told you. That's how----. I put you through a lot of trouble.
Sriyanka-Kastha I have insulted you by not listening to you. And if ever I don't listen to you you will make me listen to you. Even if I do not understand you will make me understand.
If you don't want to understand white.
Sriyanka-Then you will scold me and beat me.
Shubhra is surprised by Sriyanka's words and says - I will scold you! I will beat you!
Sriyanka shakes her head and says - Hmm, Hmm
Shubhra laughs and says - a crazy one.
Then he looks at Sriyanka in one way. He slowly goes into a daze. He touches his lips gently on Sriyanka's forehead. Sriyanka holds the white dress tightly and closes her eyes.
Then removing the lips from the forehead Shubhra said - I will never be able to bend or beat you. I can only love you.
Shriyanka opens her eyes and looks at Shubhra. Meanwhile, Sriyanka's chest starts pounding. She is unable to say anything. Shubhra puts her face near Sriyanka's ear and says, "What happened, Shri?"
Shreyanka jumps on Shubhra's chest in shame. Shubhra laughs and holds Sriyanka tightly. The two are speechless.
Shubhra suddenly takes Sriyanka away from her and says - It's been a long time, now go sit and read. I know very well that you used the excuse of not understanding reading to come to me.
Sriyanka gets shy and says no, ma-no. It's nothing like that.
Saying this he gets up from Shuvra's lap.
Shubhra - So then I misunderstood.
Sriyanka kept silent and left.
Shubhra mischievously laughs and says - what happened, I didn't understand wrong, right?
Sriyanka looks around and says - none.
Saying this, he runs away. He goes to another room. His chest starts to rumble. He sits on the bed. Meanwhile Shubhra comes home to need something. He comes to the house and sees Sriyanka sitting quietly with her eyes closed.
Shubhra comes to Sriyanka and says my wife will get low marks in the exam, I won't like it.
Sriyanka is shocked by Shuvra's words.
What are you doing while reading? Tomorrow I will come from office and read. So be ready
What! You will catch my reading. Why do I not study. - Sriyanka
What do I know? Tomorrow I will understand. - Shuvra
Sriyanka is a bad guy.
Saying this, he sat down to read. Meanwhile, Shubhra also left the room. When night came, Shubhra called him and went to eat. Then both of them came home. But when Sriyanka came home, she felt uncomfortable. Sleeping next to Shubhra, how did she feel today? White understands that.
White-key will not sleep.
Sriyanka lay down without saying anything. And Shubhra also turned off the light and lay down next to him. Today there is no pillow. Both of them are back to each other.
Sriyanka spoke first - how is the body now?
You have taken Sriyanka medicines.
This is the end. There is nothing more to say. Then both of them sleep. When Sriyanka wakes up in the morning, she sees Shubhra face to face. Sriyanka looks at Shubhra. Meanwhile Shubhra also wakes up. Sriyanka sees Shubhra looking at him. When Shubhra looks at him, Sriyanka goes to get up. Shubhra puts her hand on Sriyanka's hand which is beside her. Sriyanka does not get up. The two look at each other. Suddenly the sound of the calling bell brings back their senses. Sriyanka runs away from Shubhra's hand.
In a while Shubhra also wakes up. She will go to office today. So she starts getting ready. Meanwhile Sriyanka also sits reading. Meanwhile Shubhra also leaves the washroom. Srianka looks at Shubhra. But when Shubhra's eyes meet, she looks at the book. Shubhra's eyes do not avoid it. She Laughs. Then he left the room and got ready from another room and came back to this room to get the office papers. He opened the drawer and started packing his bag. Meanwhile, Sriyanka was looking at Shubhra. And seeing Shubhra's eyes, she was looking at the book.
Sriyanka cleverly held the book in front of her face. And peeped and looked at Shubhra. She kept doing this many times. Suddenly Shubhra came in front of her and took the book away and said - what is going on Shri?
Sriyanka swallows and says what is being read again.
White - I've seen it all.
Sriyanka-what did you see, yes what did you see?
Shubhra-Hey don't you read----
Sriyanka- Look, you think me wrong, besides, you know that I never skip studying. You have seen it in college.
Shubhra-he is in college, now I don't know what is your situation.
Sriyanka-What do you say I am a cheater.
White - whatever you think.
Sriyanka gets angry and says what did you say.
On the other hand, Shubhura asked to go out of the house - come eat. Then he will sit to read.
Sriyanka- how about yourself. I will show in the exam.
Saying this she also comes out of the room. Shubhra is sitting down to eat. And Rama is gone. Sriyanka goes to the kitchen and takes her food and sits on the table. Shubhra understands that Sriyanka is angry. She gets up after eating and washes her hands and brings the chair to Sriyanka and sits next to Sriyanka. - What happened, angry?
Sriyanka doesn't say anything.
Shubhra- I know I may have rant a lot. But you know who will suffer more if you get low marks?
Sriyanka looks at Shuvra and says - who?
Shubhra-you because you never got low marks. So you can't bear it. And you have to go far sir.
Saying this, she silently looks into Sriyanka's eyes. Sriyanka understands what Shubhra is trying to say. She lowers her head and says - you are getting late for office.
Shubhra looks at Sriyanka and leaves the office. All day Sriyanka does her studies and calls in the middle to disturb Shubhra. Shubhra comes back in the evening. Despite seeing Shubhra, Sriyanka pretends not to see him. Shubhra changes but Sriyanka says - what's wrong, she won't start studying.
Shubhra laughs and says - I said that on purpose. I know you have read.
Saying this Shubhra leaves. Sriyanka looks like a fool.
The day goes on like this. In the meantime, one day they come back from Sriyanka's house. Sriyanka's exam day also approaches. She takes the exam with her heart. Shuvra also stays up with her for a few nights of the exam. And takes leave during the exam days.
Today is the last day of Sriyanka's exam. Sriyanka comes out of the exam with a smile on her face.
Sriyanka comes out and says- know today exam----
Without telling Sriyanka, Shubhra says - it's very good.
Sriyanka laughs and says-Khu-B
Shubhra - so you will go home today?
Sriyanka-Yes, today mom wants to see dad and sister.
Sriyanka said this to Shubhra this morning. So Shubhra asked.
Shubhra-Then I will deliver it to you. You tell me after a few days and I will bring it.
Sriyanka-A few days! You and I will go today. Then we will meet and come back.
Sriyanka doesn't want to leave Shubhra.
Shubhra-you for a few days----
Sriyanka- That is another time. Today we will come back again.
White is fine.
Both go to Sriyanka's house on the bike. Everyone is happy to see Sriyanka and Shubhra. But when they leave, they don't want to leave. Sriyanka says they came suddenly. They will come again. Shubhra also promises that they will go in a few days.
Both of them left for home. Suddenly Sriyanka saw a phuchka shop and said-Hey wait phuchka.
Shubhra stops the bike. Sriyanka gets down and says - let's go.
Shubhra-you eat. I won't eat. You eat too much Jhal Sri. I can't eat.
Sriyanka started laughing at Shuvra's words.
Shubhra-You are laughing. Laughing at me.
Sriyanka stops laughing and says - Well, I will stop you from slagging.
Saying this, he took Shuvra's hand and led him towards the fuchka shop.
Kaku will give more jhal at one place and less jhal at one place - Sriyanka points to Shubhra and asks if it is okay. But Shubhra's face is puffed up.
Sriyanka laughs at this and starts blowing.
Sriyanka-Jhal!Kaku are you Jhal on her----
Fuchkawala looks at her. Sriyanka says - I am wrong. I did not tell her. Kaku don't scold her.
Meanwhile Shubhra starts coughing. Sriyanka takes water from the bag. Shubhra drinks water and says - I won't eat anymore.
Sriyanka-why? Now eat it and you won't need jhal.
White - No, I won't eat.
Sriyanka - Then I will not eat either.
Shubhra-Ok ok. I will eat.
They started to eat fuchka again. They saw that there was no rust on the wire after eating white. They returned home after eating fuchka.
Sriyanka changed from the bathroom and Shubhra looked at Sriyanka. Her hair was tied up. Her face was a little wet. And Sriyanka was wiping her face with a towel. Then she went in front of the mirror and combed her hair again and pulled it loose. Suddenly a mischievous idea came to Shubhra's head. .He says - what if you eat fuchka. I still have smoke coming from my ears.
Sriyanka is surprised to hear Shubhra's words and sits next to Shubhra.
White - one and two. Which is Jhal.
Sriyanka - Really still feeling hot?
What am I lying about?
Sriyanka-No, I didn't say that. I am bringing water.
I will play with white water. Nothing will happen in the water.
It will be white-sweet.
Sriyanka thinks a little and says - sweet! But sweet is not at home.
Shubhra said no, he is at home.
Sriyanka-But as far as I know there is no sweets in the fridge.
Shubhra suddenly pulls Sriyanka close and says - who wanted the sweets from the fridge. I wanted other sweets.
Sriyanka looks at Shubhra's face. Shubhra's face is filled with a strange smile. The eyes seem to indicate something else. Sriyanka is left to understand what Shubhra is saying. She lowers her head.
Why can't you get sweets?
Shreyanka is going to run away shy of Shubhra's words, Shubhra grabs her from behind.
What is Sri?
Saying this he turns Sriyanka towards him. But Sriyanka shyly hides her face on Shuvhra's chest. Shubhra tries hard but can't lift her face. Then she laughs and hugs Sriyanka tightly.
Five days passed like this.
Today is Suparna's wedding. Sriyanka is very happy. She asked Shubhra to come from office early. And Shubhra did so. He came and went to the washroom. Meanwhile, Sriyanka is wearing her wedding banarasi today. And she stands near the mirror and wears the pendant. But she is not able to wear the pendant at all. Meanwhile, Shubhra comes from the washroom showing Sriyanka. Sriyanka is still wearing the saree and Shubhra can't take her eyes off it. Seeing Shubhra, Sriyanka is unable to wear the pendant. She stands near Sriyanka and extends her hand to give the pendant. Sriyanka says I can. .But Shubhra also held out his hand. He gave the pendant to Shubhra's hand.
Shubhra removes the hair from one side of Sriyanka's ear and drops a pendant. And that's why Sriyanka's condition is bad. Shubhra's touch makes her shiver. Shubhra wants another earring.
Sriyanka says I am doing it. But Shubhra doesn't listen. He finds the pendant himself. Then he drops that too. This time he drops Sriyanka's necklace. He moves Sriyanka's back hair and stops the necklace. Meanwhile Sriyanka holds her saree tightly in her hand.
Shubhra stands in front of Sriyanka. Sriyanka closes her eyes. Shubhra lifts Sriyanka's face and looks for something in the mirror. Then she puts a red tip on Sriyanka's forehead and says - You look wonderful Sri.
Sriyanka opens her eyes. Both of them are looking at Apal. On the other hand, Sriyanka gets shy and moves Shubhra to leave, suddenly she can't handle it and starts falling behind.
Sriyanka surpasses Shubhra and says - what?
Shubhra-I caught you from falling four times with this.
Saying this he started moving towards Sriyanka. And Sriyanka was behind. Sriyanka saw a mischievous smile on Shuvra's face.
Sriyanka suddenly comes to Shubhra and holds Shubhra's hand and says - You go out now. I will be ready. It is getting late for Suparna's wedding.
Shubhra-hmm, you are right. Let's get ready together. I get you ready and you get me ready.
Sriyanka looks surprised at Shuvra's words. Then takes Shuvra's hand and brings her out of the room.
What are you doing?
Sriyanka stands in front of the door of the room and says - you will be ready in that room.
Sriyanka- Hmm
Saying this he shuts the door.
Meanwhile, how will Shubhra get ready, his clothes are in the room. He could not say anything. Meanwhile, Sriyanka closed the door and stood in front of the mirror. She closed her eyes and felt Shubhra's touch. Then she opened her eyes and began to shake her hand as Shubhra fell down and herself was ashamed. started getting
In a while Sriyanka comes ready. Surprised to see white. Red Benarasi eight-paw dress, gold shell in hand, full of bangles, necklace and locket in her neck, small chain in her neck, jhumka in her ear, light make-up, red tip on her forehead. , Sinthi is vermilion, and her hair is neatly tied. Shubhra's heart starts to beat when she sees Sriyanka.
Meanwhile, Sriyanka sees Shuvra and says - You are not ready yet?
Shriyanka's words got Shubhra's senses back. He says-how will I be ready. My clothes are kept in that room.
Sriyanka-O. has gone wrong.
When the white and gray are done, then you will do the ready.
Shubhra leaves smiling. When Shubhra gets ready, the two go out to Suparna's wedding.
Rahul then comes.Sriyanka and Shubhra keep talking to Rahul.But Sriyanka keeps looking at Shubhra while talking.She looks very cute in blue punjabi and Shubhra's smile drives Sriyanka crazy.
Meanwhile, Moni and Mampi come and call Sriyanka and take her to Suparna. She doesn't get a chance to say anything to Shubhra. When Suparna goes to meet Suparna, Suparna says - this Sri looks like a complete bride to you.
Sriyanka laughs and says - she means like you.
The three started laughing at Sriyanka's words. Suparna says - Where is Shubhradha?
Sriyanka-Rahul had it.
Sriyanka calls Shubhra but can't find him. She keeps searching. But unable to find him, she calls Shubhra. But Shubhra doesn't pick up the phone. Sriyanka starts thinking. She calls again and again but doesn't get on the phone. After a long time, she sees Shubhra. On seeing Shubhra, she goes near him. Where did you go?
Sriyanka's words make Shubhra feel shocked.
Shubhra - It seems that the marriage has started. And you are standing here. Let's go.
Both of them leave. The marriage has just started. Both of them stay in the marriage until the end. Then after nightfall, they return home after eating and drinking.
Sriyanka keeps talking about marriage all the way. But Shubhra is silent. Just keeps humming. This thought is swirling in his mind. What will Sri think when he goes home.
Meanwhile they come home. Sriyanka enters the room. But when she enters she is surprised. A small light is on in the room. And the bed is beautifully decorated with flowers. Sriyanka goes to the bed. Shuvra also comes to the room. She closes the door and walks towards Sriyanka. Sriyanka looks at Shubhra. Shubhra holds Sriyanka's hand and sits on the bed. Shubhra also sits next to her. Meanwhile Sriyanka's hands and feet are getting cold. She doesn't understand what Shubhra is trying to do.
Shubhra holds Sriyanka's hand and looks at her. Then she takes something from her pocket. Sriyanka looks on. Shubhra puts a ring on Sriyanka's ring finger. Seeing Sriyanka's ring, she says - What is the need for this?
Shubhra puts her fingers on Sriyanka's lips and asks her to shut up. Sriyanka keeps looking at Shubhra.
Shubhra continued to say - On that day, our dignity was lost in misunderstanding. And tears came to your eyes because of the trouble I gave you. I only gave you trouble.
Saying this, Shuvra becomes silent. Sriyanka keeps her head down.
Shubhra - I love you Shri. You are my first love. I love only you. And will love you for the rest of my life.
Sriyanka can't say anything.
Sriyanka doesn't let Shubhra say anything. Hugs Shubhra and says - I love you very much, I love only you. And I will live.
Saying this he hugs Shubhra tightly. Shubhra also holds Sriyanka in his chest with both hands. Sriyanka holds her close to Shubhra. Shubhra fills Sriyanka with his love. Two hearts forget pride and become one. Both hearts are filled with love today.
Six years later
Get up sweet
A little girl opened her small eyes and looked.
Dad, I won't go to school today.
No, Mishtu can't say that. - Good
The girl sat up. Then Sriyanka entered the room - this is why you called her now. You could have called her a little later.
Mamni, I will not go today.----
No, Sona can't say that - Sriyanka
The girl then stood up on the bed and said - Uff, I have a name. My name is Shubhangi. And what names do you call me?
Saying this Shubhangi left the room.
Shubhra-dile is angry with my daughter in the morning.
Shubhangi is the daughter of Shubhra and Sriyanka. They named their daughter after matching their names.
Sriyanka- I made him angry? It was you who woke up early and upset his mood.
Where is the good morning. And his morning school.
Sriyanka- You should have called a little late. Really, study and study all your life. There is nothing in you. Never was. I know that.
White-what is not in me, and what was not?
Sriyanka-What again, nothing else but this study. There was no romance----
Sriyanka keeps smiling to herself. She realizes Shubhra is getting angry but she doesn't stop.
Shubhra gets angry and says that I don't have romance? And you are talking about your studies, forgetting that you are a teacher.
Yes, you heard right. Sriyanka is a Bengali teacher in a high school. And it became successful with Sriyanka's efforts and Shubhra's inspiration. And with Shubhra's initiative, Sriyanka opened a children's dance school. Srianka used to teach dance earlier. Sriyanka teaches dance one day a week. And Shubhra still watches Sriyanka's dance from behind because Sriyanka's dance is still scarred in his mind.
Sriyanka- Why should I forget? That's why I have to study all the time.
white-here you are---
At this time Shubhangi comes to the house. And back comes Mamata Devi- Shubha don't do that. Eat the milk.
Sriyanka brought Mamata Devi and Kalyan Babu to her. They didn't want to come. But Sriyanka didn't listen. Mamata Devi didn't want to leave her Radha Krishna. Sriyanka asked Shubhra to bring Radha Krishna to their house. Again, they worshiped him and established him.
Mamata Devi - Eat the auspicious milk.
Shubha then hides behind Sriyanka. Sriyanka holds Shubangi's hand and gives it to Mamata Devi and says - listen to Didun.
Shubhangi-No, I won't listen.
Shubhra-why mother, what happened?
Shubhangi - I have a name again. Why don't you call me by that name?
Everyone laughs at Shubhangi's words. Little Shubhangi is the apple of everyone's eyes. So whenever he can, he calls him by his affectionate name.
Sriyanka comes to her and says - Well, my daughter has a name. Why don't you call her by that name. Not Shubhangi.
Shubhangi happily shakes her head. The two jhutis tied on either side of her start moving.
When Mamata Devi offered a glass of milk, she took the milk and said, "Come on, Bapi. It's getting late."
White-eyed girl is mine.
Shubhangi goes to school with Shubhra. Mamata Devi asks Sriyanka - when will you be back today?
Sriyanka-Mani is late. Where is Mani's father?
Mamata Devi is having tea. I am going to Rama. Tell him what to cook.
Sriyanka- Ok Mani.
Mamata Devi leaves. Sriyanka starts cleaning her house. Meanwhile, Shubhra comes back after taking Shubhangi to school. She closes the door when she comes to the house. Sriyanka looks at Shubhra at the sound of the door being closed.
Why did you close the door?-Sriyanka
Shubhra came forward and said - what were you talking about then?
Sriyanka asks to lift the bed - what?
White - I have nothing in me, romance----
Sriyanka looks back and says - where and when did I say this. Don't disturb. It's getting late. Both of them have to go.
Sriyanka says willingly.
White-you didn't say?
Sriyanka says with a smile on her face - no, I didn't say that.
So white
Saying this, when he goes to catch Sriyanka, Sriyanka stands on the bed and says - this will not come.
Shubhra also goes to get on the bed when Sriyanka falls down. The two start running. Finally Shubhra catches Sriyanka and falls on the bed. Shubhra on Sriyanka's body. Shubhra holds Sriyanka's hands tightly.
White-what did not say?
Sriyanka starts trying to release from Shubhra and says-Hmm, I told you. Move now.
Shubhra too. I haven't had any romance in these few years. So let's arrange that night again. And so again the house----
Sriyanka pushes Shubhra away and says - just the opposite.
Saying this Sriyanka gets up when Shubhra grabs Sriyanka's hand again. Sriyanka goes on Shubhra's body. Sriyanka gets loose. As Sriyanka gets up Shubhra grabs Sriyanka's waist and pulls her to him. Both of them look at each other. He hums. Then he brings Sriyanka's face close and kisses her on the forehead. Sriyanka is holding Shubhra's shirt tightly. Shubhra softly says in Sriyanka's ear - Will you give me my sweet?
At Shuvra's words, Sriyanka hides her face in Shubra's chest and says - rude.
Shubhra laughs and runs her hand through Sriyanka's hair and says - something crazy.
This is their nest of love filled with pride. Years of small pet peeves make their love nest stronger. The bond of love is strengthened. Sriyanka falls in love with Shubhra again and again. And Shubhra pours out her love to Sriyanka. Their lives are now full of love. .The two started to walk the path as companions in danger. Where no one can separate them. But their pride will continue. And that pride will increase the strength of the relationship. Again, Sriyanka will throw away the pride and jump on Shuvra's chest. And Shuvra will hold her Sriyanka hard This is how their love nest will develop. This is how they will become partners in each other's happiness and sorrow. And only one word will be heard in their mouths - I love only you.

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